Mustang District Calendar

10/6/14 update:

Classroom Youth Protection Training will be offered: (this is the course required for an adult to attend a resident camp in the State of Texas, it is also valid for satisfying the requirement for Boy Scouts of America adult registration.

Thursday October 9, 7pm – 8pm

Thursday November 13, 7pm – 8pm

Both classes will be at:

Memorial Drive United Methodist Church 12955 Memorial Dr, Houston TX 77079 In Boy Scout Hut (map)


Download the PDF 2014-2015 Mustang District calendar

October 2014


2-SBISD backup rally night

2-District Committee

2-Commissioner Staff meeting

9-Roundtable; Recharter workshop # 1

11-Mustang Merit Badge Fair-CANCELLED

16-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

17-19 Fun with Son

24-26 Cuboree (25=Cub events, unit camping optional)

29-Recharter Workshop # 2

31-November 2 OA Fall Pow Wow

November 2014

5-IOLS Training Patrol Meeting

6-District Committee

6-Annual Business Meeting

6-Commissioner meeting

8-SHAC Cub Leader Pow Wow


15 Land Stewardship Day

15-16 IOLS and OLSWL Training

20-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

December 2014

4-District Committee

4-Commissioner meeting and Recharter turn-in

6-College of Commissioner Science


13 Mustang OA Arrow of Light Ceremony

18-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

19-SBISD/HISD students' last day

January 2015

6-SBISD/HISD students return to school

8-District Committee

8-District Commissioner Staff


10-SHAC Key Leaders Conference

10 Mustang District Retreat

15-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

17 Mustang OA Arrow of Light Ceremony

17 OA LLD & Banquet

16-18 Webelos Woods

24-Scouting for Food Door Hanger Distribution Day

31-Scouting for Food Collection Day

February 2015

5-District Committee

5-District Commissioner Staff

6-District Dinner

7-University of Scouting


14 Mustang OA Arrow of Light Ceremony

19-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

21-Ten Commandments Hike

March 2015

5-District Committee

and Commissioner meetings

7 Mustang OA Arrow of Light Ceremony

7 Mustang District First Aid Meet (Troops)


16-20-SBISD, HISD Spring Break

19-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting


3/29/15-Pine Wood Derby

April 2015

2-Committee and Commissioner meetings


11-SHAC Scout Fair

16-Mustang Chapter OA Meeting            

May 2015

1-3 OA Arrowmen Bash

7-Committee and Commissioner meetings

14-Program Preview (Roundtable)

21 Mustang Chapter OA Meeting

28HISD Last day for students

June 2015

3-SBISD Last day of school for students

4-Committee and Commissioner meetings

8-12 Day Camp