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Every December, all units (packs, troops, teams, crews, posts) are required to renew their affiliation with Scouting. The BSA issues charters to community organizations to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Re-chartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. 

Rechartering on time is critical. It is required for Journey to Excellence. It is required for units to continue registration without interruption. It is required to ensure Scouts are registered, critical for receiving rank advancement and other awards, and for insurance coverage.

A representative of each unit completes the paperwork for renewing a charter online. Through the process, chartered (sponsoring) organizations, youth member and adult leader information is updated as well as registration fees and Boys' Life subscriptions are collected/paid.

If this is your first time to be involved with recharter, or if you need to brush up on how recharter is done, please read "How Recharter is Done" before continuing. Doing so will help make the pointers to resources below more useful! 

For questions about recharter, please contact your unit commissioner or district commissioner

Rechartering Resources

2016 Recent Changes

We have been told to expect minor changes to Internet Rechartering on October 1, 2016, that improve its usability and performance.  We will update this website as we have more information about these changes.

The recharter checklist in the recharter packet has been extensively revised.  The checklist is to be attached in front of the entire printout from Internet Rechartering prior to turning in paperwork.

Don't forget the important continuing requirements for recharter that were made adopted in prior years:

  • All unit and district recharters ARE DUE NO LATER THAN December 15, 2016.  See schedule for key dates for unit rechartering.  Use the enclosed checklist to avoid recharter errors.  We urge all units to BE PREPARED with an ON-TIME ERROR-FREE recharter!
  • The BSA membership fee for all youth and all adults is $24/yr.  Boys Life subscription fee is still $12/yr.  The council insurance fee is $1/person (except members of units chartered by the LDS Church).
  • Venturing youth, aged 18 and up, must generally meet adult membership requirements, including completing an adult application as a "Venturer" and completing Youth Protection Training Y02. Existing Youth Members, aged 18 and up, must be "updated" to "Venturing Participant" in Internet Rechartering.  New Venturing youth, aged 18 and up, must be "added" as "Venturing Participants" in Internet Rechartering. Failure to register youth, aged 18 and up, will delay crew/ship recharters. More information here.
  • No membership fees are collected for LDS units.  The LDS Church pays membership fees to BSA directly on behalf of its wards.  Units must pay Boys Life fees!
  • All registered adults must have completed the Youth Protection Training for the unit’s program within two years of the renewal date. To avoid further delays in the event of rechartering erros, we strongly recommend that units ask adults to retake YPT if the most recent date completed is earlier than March 1, 2015 (that is, "YPT expires before March 1, 2017"). The YPT course retaken must be Y02 for crews and ships, Y03 for posts, and Y01 for all other unit types and district and council positions.
  • SHAC requires all top unit leaders (CM, SM, VC, NL, SK, EA) to have completed BSA required training for their position, in addition to the required Youth Protection Training for the type of unit, prior to recharter. See www.shac.org/training for required courses.
  • All recharters must use Internet Rechartering (IR).  Units, other than posts, will use the version available through my.scouting.org under "Legacy Web Tools".  Exploring posts with access to version of IR on lfl.myparticipation.org (the Exploring support site) are expected to use that version.  Otherwise, the post will do a manual recharter.
  • Internet Rechartering now supports the most current versions of the following web browsers under Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.  (IE10 requires the use of "compatibility mode".)  All other browsers  and operating systems are not supported and should not be used. This includes EDGE (Windows 10 default browser), Safari, Opera, Macintosh OSX, Linux, and Unix.
  • Units should print the "Recharter Renewal Application" when completing Internet Rechartering rather than the "Renewal Report E-Z" introduced in 2015. "E-Z" contains a truncated member list that cannot be updated manually if the unit missed change(s) during Internet Rechartering.

2016 Schedule

Units are expected to follow this schedule which will enable them to turn in recharters by the due date of December 15.

October      - Attend recharter training,
- Conduct a unit membership inventory,
- Ensure all register adults complete YPT (if expires before March 2016)
- Ensure the top unit leader training
- Encourage all leaders to take training
11/1/16 Internet Rechartering available   
11/7/16 Internet Rechartering stage 1 complete
11/18/16 Internet Rechartering stage 2 complete
11/21/16 Internet Rechartering stage 3 complete
11/24/16 Internet Rechartering stage 4 complete
11/27/16 Internet Rechartering stage 5 complete
12/1/16 District turn-in #1 (1st Thursday)
12/3/16 Saturday turn-in at council from 9 am - noon
12/8/16 District turn-in #2 (2nd Thursday)
12/10/16 Saturday turn-in at council from 9 am - noon
12/15/16 All recharters due

Cockrell Scout Center registration hours are 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Please arrive before 4:00 P.M.; the office closes at 4:30 sharp. Recharter turn-in also will be available the first two Saturdays in December from 9:00 A.M. - noon at the same location.  We encourage you to use recharter turn-in opportunities provided by your district to save yourself a trip to the council office.   

Internet Rechartering

This web-based system provided by the BSA National Council helps you update your unit’s roster to correct errors for existing members, add new members, and remove members who are no longer in your unit. IR is available to you starting November 1. Attend your district’s Recharter Workshop or see the Recharter Workshop PowerPoint tutorial linked in the "Resources" section of the recharter website for detailed information.

Access Code

The access code required to use internet recharter is available on a brightly colored label attached to the instructions in your recharter packet. The access code changes every year - do not use last year’s code because it will attempt (and fail) to access last year’s information. Remember:  You are a "first-time user" when you begin your first session for each unit every year! If you misplace your access code, contact your District Commissioner.

Recharter Help

Your district’s commissioner team is your first point of contact if you need help. If they don’t already know the answer to your question, they will help find it. Contact your unit commissioner or, if you do not know who your unit commissioner is, contact your district commissioner or district director or executive.

Please be "ON TIME - ERROR FREE." Every hour spent by volunteers and council staff chasing down late recharters and fixing errors is one that can’t be spent helping youth. Thank You in advance for making good use of our limited resources!   

How Recharter is done

If you are reading this, you probably have just been asked to "recharter" your "unit" and are full of questions. You also may be a little anxious, wondering "what in the world have I gotten myself into?" because everyone else was so relieved when you agreed to do it.  Relax. Unit recharter has earned a reputation as being difficult when, in fact, it is pretty easy. If there is a hard part, it’s that some rules have to be followed for each member and that you have to finish on time. So let’s start with some of those questions:

What is a unit?
A unit is a pack, troop, team, crew, or ship. Units in our area operate under the Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC), the local operating arm of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The council assigns each unit to a district, a geographic part of SHAC’s area of operations. A unit always has a unit leader who is responsible for seeing that a program is delivered to the youth members. The unit leader has a title like Advisor, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, or Skipper. A unit has at least three adults who serve as the unit committee that supports the unit leader.
What is recharter?
BSA issues a charter through the local council to a chartered organization, like the church or other organization that owns your unit, which allows it to use a BSA program to serve youth in its community. For example, a Cub Scout pack uses Cub Scouting to serve boys in the first through fifth grades. BSA requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. We call that annual renewal "recharter."
What else happens during recharter?
In addition to renewing the unit charter, recharter time is when all youth and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in BSA. Member renewals are most of the work. Your unit should also complete the application for the Journey To Excellence Award.

Recharter Process

1. Attend your District’s Recharter Workshop.  Each district is to hold one or more workshops to discuss recharter. Attending it also gives you a chance to meet your commissioner team, your first line of help in case you need it. You may have received your unit’s recharter packet at the workshop. The PowerPoint presentation used at the workshop is available on the recharter website via the "Resources" section.

2. Inventory your members and collect fees.  Collect BSA registration fee, Boys' Life subscription fee, and council accident insurance fee from each member that will be continuing membership. The unit’s treasurer or another leader may do the actual collection, but you must know who is renewing and any changes to their personal data (address, phone#, etc.) and, for adults, Scouting position. Involve the unit leader and committee in determining the status of those who do not respond about renewing. Get complete, new applications, including all required parts and signatures, for any new youth or adult members. All adult applications should include proof of having completed Youth Protection Training. This course is available online at the E-Learning Center at My.Scouting.org. If the course is not completed prior to turning in the application, it must be completed in the next 30 days to avoid cancellation of the new leader's membership! Attach a copy of the training certificate to the application and the criminal background check authorization before submitting the application. Your unit leader also must have completed BSA training for his or her position. Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships must assure that their youth, aged 18 and up, are properly registered as "Venturing Participants".  If youth are changed to "Venturing Participants" during recharter, the unit must submit completed adult applications and proof of Youth Protection Training course Y02 for each such youth.

3. Update the unit roster. The recharter process uses a unit roster in a special format to provide an updated list of members and to provide BSA with the signatures to approve the renewal. You create this roster using Internet Rechartering. The paper roster in your recharter packet is for reference only, is not in the correct format, and cannot be turned in. Internet Rechartering will import a current roster from BSA's registration system after you first access the system. It will record any changes you make - corrections, added or deleted members - and send them to the council registration staff so they will have exactly what you want them to have! At the end of the Internet Rechartering process, you will print out the paper roster to use for the rest of the process. More information about IR and how to get started are on page 1. Consider the tutorial if you have not used Internet Rechartering before.

Calculate insurance and new member fees. Complete the blue Accident Insurance Information form from the packet. The fee is $1 per person, including Tiger Cub adult partners for Cub Scout packs. If you added any new members and want them to be members before your new charter starts January 1, add a fee of $2/month/member. Use the worksheet in step 6 (page 4) to calculate the total payment due.

4. Obtain signatures on recharter roster. Before you turn-in your paperwork, you must get two signatures on the first page of the recharter roster. The person named as the executive officer on the roster must sign the top line for the chartered organization The person named as the unit leader (e.g., Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, Advisor, Skipper) must sign the bottom line as unit leader. The middle line, council representative, can be completed at turn-in and will be signed by a commissioner and/or the professional Scouter responsible for supporting your unit’s district.

5. Turn in all paperwork. Take the following to turn-in: signed, updated roster, complete applications for new members, completed Accident Insurance Information form, and Journey to Excellence application. Bring your unit’s check with you to turn-in; we suggest that the amount not be filled in until someone has checked the total calculated on page 4. When your district has a turn-in, district personnel will take the paperwork to the council office if it is complete. Otherwise, your unit must turn it in at Registration in the council office at 2225 North Loop W, between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Monday-Friday, on or before December 15th. Turn-in also will be available the first two Saturdays in December from 9:00 A.M. to noon at the council office registration area. Any errors found by the registration staff after turn-in must be corrected promptly or your unit will be dropped, losing its right to use Scouting's programs to serve its youth members.   

Unit Recharter Instructions/Checklist

The use of Internet Rechartering is required. Access it through the link on the rechartering website. Internet Rechartering checks the information you provide and prevents many common rechartering errors such as missing required information and missing required adult leaders. It also warns you about adult leaders who do not have the required Youth Protection Training on file with BSA.  We recommend you review the checklist contained in the recharter packet BEFORE you "submit" your changes in Internet Rechartering because you cannot make online changes after you do so.  After you submit your revised roster with Internet Rechartering, perform the following steps to complete your unit’s recharter:

1. Print Roster. Print the PDF file that Internet Rechartering downloads to the computer you are using. This PDF file contains the revised roster that you have created with IR. (If you are not on a public computer, we suggest that you save the PDF file for future use in case you want another copy of the roster).  After the printing completes, log off IR.  Place the recharter checklist from the recharter packet in front of all page printed by Internet Rechartering and fasten them together.

2. Corrections to Roster. After you complete Internet Rechartering and complete the recharter checklist, if you discover errors in the recharter printout, you must manually correct the printout and recalculate the BSA National Charter Fee on the signature page of the printout. Corrections to existing information must be made by drawing a fine-point straight line through information to be changed. The old information still must be readable so that it can be found and changed. Use a ruler and fine point pen to draw a single line through information to be corrected. Print new information as neatly as possible above the lined-out information. Do not use a highlighter to mark changes. If you add a new youth or adult member, to the roster, also be sure to add the new member to the new youth or new adult lists on the page preceding the signature page.

3. Applications for New Members. If you added new youth or adult members to your unit, the IR roster printout will be preceded by a list of new youth members, if any, and a list of new adult members, if any.

a. For each new youth member in the list:

i. Include a completely filled out youth application
ii. Be sure the application is signed by the unit leader (CM, SM, etc.), the parent, and, for a Venturer, the youth.

b. For each new adult member in the list, each new Venturing Participant in the list, and each existing Venturer updated to a "Venturing Participant" in Internet Rechartering:

i. Include a completely filled out adult application, including the references and answers to the questions.
ii. Include a completely filled out criminal background authorization form, signed by the member.
iii. Be sure the application is signed by the chartered organization head and the member. Your district executive will sign the form after you turn in your recharter.
iv. Attach proof of Youth Protection Training.

Note that, as of October 2015, Internet Rechartering did not provide a list of existing Venturers updated to "Venturing Participant"in Internet Rechartering.  Units with this youth must keep track of the youth they update so that they can assure the required paperwork is turned in.

4. Calculate Accident Insurance Fee. Use the blue Accident Insurance Information form in the recharter packet to calculate this fee. This fee is imposed by Sam Houston Area Council to fund the accident insurance policy that it is required to provide by the National Council. (Do not confuse this fee with the $40 Unit Liability Insurance Fee calculated by IR as part of the BSA National fees.) The accident insurance fee is $1 per person for all youth, all registered adult leaders, and all Tiger Cub Scouts adult partners. Be sure to count persons, not positions. An adult registered leader who is also a Tiger Cub Scout adult partner is charged the $1 ONCE even though he or she appears on the roster twice. The fee is not charged in the following cases:

a. to the executive officer/institution head unless he or she is also a registered leader (i.e., charter organization representative, committee chair, or committee member) or is a Tiger Cub adult partner.
b. to any member who is a "multiple registrant" in your unit. That is, he or she pays his or her BSA membership fee in another unit.
c. to any member of a unit chartered to the LDS church. The church has an agreement with BSA allowing the church to self-insure members of its units against accidents.

5. Calculate Total Amount Payable with Recharter. Calculate the total amount as follows:

BSA Charter Fee (from IR printout - as corrected, if manual corrections were needed) $________
Accident Insurance Fee (from blue Accident Insurance Information form) $________
New applications to be registered for month of December @ $2/month/member $________
Total Amount Payable (sum three lines above) $________


  • Do not write the total amount payable on the recharter printout!
  • We strongly recommend that you do not fill in the check amount until all calculations have been checked at your designated turn-in location.

6. Obtain the three required signatures on the recharter printout:

  • Executive officer (i.e, institution head)
  • Unit leader (i.e., Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity coach, Venturing advisor, Skipper, Explorer advisor)
  • Council representative (i.e., commissioner or district executive) - can be obtained at turn-in.

7. Bring the following documents with you to recharter turn-in:

  • Recharter checklist
  • All pages printed out by Internet Recharter with signatures on the first page of the roster
  • Completed adult and/or youth application, including all required signatures, for each new member added to roster
  • Completed "Accident Insurance Information" form
  • One or more blank checks (to be filled in by you after your paperwork is checked).
  • Journey to Excellence paperwork

Note: if you turn in your paperwork at the council office, the registration desk office hours are 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Please arrive before 4:00 P.M. because only limited personnel are available after 4:00 P.M. and registration closes at 4:30 P.M. sharp. We encourage you to use your district’s turn-in event(s) instead.

Rechartering Forms and Documents

On this page are links to all of the forms that may be needed to recharter a unit and to the informational documents that are provided in the recharter packet and additional resources that are provided online.
Recharter Packet Table of Contents:  The following printed items are included in your recharter packet:
1. Council Commissioner Letter:  Welcome letter from council commissioner, Forrest Bjerkaas.
2. Instructions for Rechartering Your Scouting Unit: Your Internet Rechartering access code is printed on a label attached to upper right hand corner of this document.  The document contains pointers to useful information such as the Council website, deadlines, and rechartering using the Internet, along with an overview of the recharter process for the first time recharter processors, and detailed instructions and checklist. Read this early, if not first!

3. Checklist: Use this list to double-check that you are ready to turn in your unit recharter

4. Unit Roster: This roster is your current membership as of the date at the top left of the roster. Because Sam Houston Area Council requires internet rechartering for all recharters, this is a regular unit roster. It cannot be turned in to recharter the unit. If your unit made a significant number of changes after the date on the printed roster, the unit's currently registered "Key 3" (chartered organization representative, committee chair, and top unit leader) can obtain a current roster through the "Member Manager" tool in My.Scouting.org, a separate web-based application. If your unit is unfamiliar with this tool, contact your commissioner.
5. Accident Insurance Information:  This form is used to calculate the council accident insurance fee. It is turned in with the recharter.
6. Mandatory Adult Leader Training: BSA now requires Youth Protection Training to recharter all existing adult leaders and to enroll all new leaders. Sam Houston Area Council requires that all top unit leaders (i.e., cubmaster, scoutmaster, coach, advisor, skipper) complete BSA required training for their positions prior to recharter. Read this document to be sure your leaders meet standards.
7. Insurance Papers:
a. Council Accident and Insurance Plan: (Brochure) Tells about insurance coverage
b. HSR Claim Form: Sample – can be used
To reduce wasted paper and to reduce the complexity of the recharter packet, the following resources are available online.
8. Your Pack/Troop/Crew:

9. The Facts About Applications:  Learn when and how to use member applications when Rechartering.

10. Extra Applications:  These are for new Scouts and Scouters. Make sure to have proper signatures both adults and youth.
a. Adult application ( English ) ( Spanish )
b. Youth application ( English ) ( Spanish )

11. Unit Budget Plan: Provides a basic budget for your unit. (English) (Spanish)

12. Membership Inventory:  Procedure for a membership check up.
13. Uniform Inspection:  PDF files containing the current adult and uniform inspection sheets are downloaded directly from the National Council forms page.
a. Tiger Cub/Wolf Cub Scout/Bear Cub Scout - this form has been discontinued
b. Webelos Scout - this form has been discontinued
14. Telephone Reference Check for New Volunteer Leaders:   Use this checklist to check references for volunteers that you are adding to your unit's roster.
15. Risk Management Checklist:  For unit program planning.
16. Journey To Excellence Scorecard is used to determine whether units meet Journey To Excellence requirements. Use forms for the 2016 year in the "Scorecards" section of this page. There is a separate form for each type of unit: pack, troop, team, crew, ship. There is a tracking workbook for each type of unit under "Tracking Workbooks" in the "Unit Tools" section of this page.

Hints for Internet Rechartering

  • Send in any membership applications you have immediately. Doing so will save you work. Allow at least a week, preferably two, for our registrars to receive them and enter them into the system.
  • The unit's currently registered "Key 3" (chartered organization representative, committee chair, and top unit leader) can always obtain a current roster through the "Member Manager" tool in My.Scouting.org, a separate web-based application. If your unit is unfamiliar with this tool, contact your commissioner.
  • Internet Rechartering is available two months before charter expiration (November 1st).  It remains available until two months after charter expiration (through the last day of February). After you complete Internet Rechartering by "submitting to council" in Stage 5, you will only be able to access the system to print another copy of your recharter roster.
  • Keep track of your access code. It is provided to you on a brightly colored label affixed to the upper right hand corner of the instructions document provided in the recharter packet. If you misplace it, contact your district commissioner.
  • If you enter your password incorrectly three times, you will have to wait 30 minutes before trying again. If you lose your password, you can recover it. If you change the recharter processor, contact your DE to arrange for a new password.
  • Help and Frequently Asked Questions are available in the upper right corner of all the Internet Rechartering screens.
  • Always enter unit numbers as 4 digits, using leading zeros, if needed.
  • You must meet the minimum adult required positions, or the program will not let you recharter. It shows the required positions for your unit.  You may change adult positions in ScoutNET as required.
  • If an ERROR is shown, you must correct it before you can submit the charter. If a WARNING is shown, you should check to be sure your information is correct, but the charter will process all right.
  • Make sure that all Webelos Scouts are rechartered with their pack unless they are being "Promoted" to a new troop (same expiration date) or have already submitted a transfer application to their new troop (later expiration date).
  • Ensure every boy who deserves Boys' Life gets it.
  • Internet Rechartering does not calculate fees for new persons you add to the charter in the final month. Those fees are $1.00 per person, and are added on the unit recharter instructions form. The insurance fees are calculated on the Accident Insurance Information form and added to the fees on the unit recharter instructions form.
  • Before you go final, print out a roster review copy. Look at it carefully on paper. This copy will not have a place for signatures and cannot be used to turn-in.
  • If you are the recharter processor for more than one unit, do not submit any of the charters until you have finished reviewing all the rosters.  It is common, on review, to find that positions or primary registrations may need to be adjusted.
  • When you are convinced the recharter is correct, and not before, press "submit to council." The information is now locked and you can make no further online changes.  You must print out your updated roster to use as your signature copy. Get the signature of your institution head and your unit leader. Be sure to keep a copy!
  • Turn in the entire recharter printout with the following papers:
  1. Recharter checklist from the recharter packet
  2. A check (bring two to turn-in), don't fill in the amount until your paperwork is approved.)
  3. All new adult applications (council copy plus background check authorization and YPT proof)
  4. All new youth applications (council copy)
  5. Accident Insurance Information form
  6. Journey to Excellence paperwork
  • Please bring the worksheet (unit recharter instructions form, item 6) filled out when you turn in your paperwork. It will help us check the work.
  • NOTE: Units should not make photocopies of the "council copy" of adult applications because it contains the applicant's social security number. It is a violation of BSA policy to copy this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. A Tiger Cub adult partner is not a registered adult leader even though it is listed as a position in the "add adult" and "update adult" screens in Internet Rechartering as a convenience.  However, they may be registered in any adult leader position in addition to being a Tiger Cub adult partner. They pay the $1 per person council insurance fee but do not pay a BSA membership fee.  They are encouraged, but not required, to complete Youth Protection Training (Y01).

Why is there an "Allow one week for your latest applications to be entered."?
This allows time for the council registration staff to enter the applications into ScoutNet and be available in Internet Rechartering
Does Internet Rechartering have a way to recognize bogus phone numbers, or other numbers?
What levels of encryption are deployed in Internet Rechartering?  How safe is our personal information?  The form contains Social Security numbers and driver license numbers.  This data must be protected to the highest level.
The Internet Rechartering web site uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology and the data to and from ScoutNet is secure.  As of Fall 2009, SSNs can no longer be entered in Internet Rechartering which further improves security.  No existing SSN or DL information in a person record is displayed on the site. Please see the Privacy Policy on the site (link) and also check the Confidentiality Statement.  The national site also employs various safeguards against hacking.
Does a leader need a new application for each time they change their job responsibility in the unit or when they gain a new job responsibility in another unit?
The unit should submit a new application immediately when the change is made so that the leader receives communications appropriate to his/her position and so that there is a record that the chartered organization has approved the change.   However, at recharter time only, the position may be changed in ScoutNet without an application because we have all the personal information, and the IH signature on the roster approves the position change.

For example:  when a change in a unit's top leadership positions occur, the unit should send in a new adult leader application(s) to record those changes immediately to SHAC.  Don't wait until recharter time.  In the case of an adult changing units (or staying in one unit and adding another job responsibility in another unit), an adult leader application is always required.  As a reminder, any new adult leader must fill out a BSA application and it is to be turned into SHAC, regardless of the timing of the unit's charter renewal date.

Don't forget that there are three parts to a complete adult application: (1) the application itself with signatures of the applicant, the committee chair, and the chartered organization, (2) the criminal background check authorization signed by the applicant, and (3) a copy of the applicant's Youth Protection Training course completion certificate.
Are Tiger Cub adult partners considered "adult members of the unit?"
Does the ScoutNet keep up with individuals who are in multiple units and as such are wearing multiple hats?
Does a person pay for primary membership in each unit or just once for being in BSA?
A person is only required to pay once for BSA membership. The unit through which the person pays BSA membership is called the "primary" membership.  All other, unpaid memberships are called "multiple" memberships.
When a youth reaches adult age, can the youth be moved to adult area without having to delete and reenter data?
Yes.  An adult application will be required.  If a unit has loaded the council information and has a youth member who is 18 (or 21 for Venturing) and cannot be renewed as a youth member, then that member may be "promoted" in the Promote screens.  This will save re-entering much data.  You must ensure the SSN is entered for the new adult because SSN is not required for youth members.  Then the roster will display that person as an adult (SA, VA, or NA [Venturing associate advisor]).

An alternate solution is for the unit to submit the adult application for the new leader prior to charter renewal (the loading of the roster) so that the council can make the change.  Then the roster will display that person as an adult without further effort on the unit's part.

Youth members who "age out" must submit a complete application (including background check release), pay the BSA membership fee, and complete Youth Protection Training..
What happens if I discover I don't have some information I need to complete the recharter?
You may continue to enter the information you do have.  You may close out and it will save the information you have entered.  Make notes of what you need, then go get it.  When you have more information, you can go back to the appropriate pages and enter the new information. You may stop and start as often as you need.
What happens if there is a change after I have printed out the recharter form?
Once you click the "Submit to Council" button in Stage 5, you cannot make any further changes online. If you need to make a correction or addition after this point, make the change manually on the updated recharter roster that you printed from Internet Rechartering.  Use black or blue ballpoint pen to draw a single line through information to be changed and, very neatly, write in the change.  Be careful not to obliterate the information that you are changing because registration personnel must be able to read what is being changed so that they can make the change. Be sure to attach complete applications for any new members that you add.  Write the names of added new members in the appropriate "new member" (adult or youth) list printed out by Internet Rechartering.
Can you pay insurance online with a credit card?
No.  you cannot pay any fees online (i.e. insurance, recharter fees, Boys' Life, etc.) via a credit card.  You can deposit the funds for recharter to your unit account at the council office and then check the box in Internet Rechartering to have fees taken out of the unit account.
When is the effective date of the recharter?  The date signed or the date/time submitted?
The effective date of the recharter is the day after the old charter expires.  Because charters expire on the last day of a month, the new charter will be effective on the first day of the following month. Because all Sam Houston Area Council charters expire on December 31, the effective date of all recharters is January 1 of the next year. The date that the recharter is "received" for on-time recharter purposes is the date when the signed paperwork and checks are received at the SHAC counter.
 If it is necessary to add a new youth/adult after Internet Rechartering has been "submitted to Council", how is the information added and how are fees handled?
For a new youth/adult, an application must be obtained.  Write it on the charter in the new youth or new adult sections of the printout. Include fees for both this year ($2.00) and next year ($24.00 + Boys' Life). Note that, if you have turned in the signed recharter, you submit the applications and fees to the council service center as you normally do.
Will we be moving towards a point where signatures can also be generated electronically?
No. We know of no plans at this time.
Are we allowed to make changes via Internet Rechartering throughout the year as new boys/adults are added or removed?
No, the Internet Rechartering process is just for the annual renewal.  Submission of the new youth and adult applications to the council service center will keep the charter information current.  New printouts may be requested from registration by the registered unit committee chair or the registered top unit leader (i.e., cubmaster, scoutmaster, coach, advisor, skipper) when needed.
Will we be able to prepare paperwork for new unit start-ups via the recharter process?
No. Internet Rechartering is only for charter renewal. New charters cannot be established through Internet Rechartering.  Internet Rechartering is for traditional units only - packs, troops, teams, crews and ships. You need the individual applications anyhow, so the council does all that work for you.
What is a UMS software package?
UMS means Unit Management System and is a software package used to manage the unit roster, member advancements, etc.  Three UMS packages have worked with BSA to be able to accept data from ScoutNet and to be able to upload UMS data into ScoutNet for recharter.  These are: TroopMaster (tm) and PackMaster (tm) from TroopMaster Software, Inc., and TroopSoft (tm) (formerly ScoutSoft (tm)) from SBF Publication Company. Two other UMS packages from different providers that were certified to work with ScoutNet are no longer available.
Will ScoutNet download information to a UMS software package?
Yes, have the registered committee chair or unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Venturing Advisor, or Skipper) send an email to margarita.bernal@shac.org requesting their Scoutnet data in order to upload into a UMS system.  However, this should only be done by units that are not currently using a UMS system. If a troop or pack has already been using a UMS software package to manage their unit's advancement/membership, downloading current ScoutNet data will create duplicate records in the UMS for all members already in the UMS or will have other undesirable side effects.  If a unit intends to begin using a UMS, the unit should purchase a brand new UMS software package and start with a ScoutNet download - it helps when going back into the Internet Rechartering program.
Why does the council recommend against uploading UMS data in Stage 1 of Internet Rechartering?
There are two reasons: accuracy of BSA registration data and extra effort for the unit and council / district volunteers and professionals supporting recharter.

Most units using UMS software begin using it without obtaining a download of ScoutNet data to initialize their new system. Also, many units use nicknames for Scouts and Scouters in the name fields rather than the full legal name and have had other errors accumulate in their UMS data.  When UMS data is uploaded into Internet Rechartering, the UMS data will completely replace the information contained in ScoutNet.  Any nicknames and other errors will be put into BSA's registration data. We feel that there is less chance of an error being inadvertently put into Internet Rechartering if someone is looking at each member and making any corrections.

The first time a unit attempts to upload UMS data is usually quite difficult and, if the unit has waited until the last minute to start trying to upload, quite stressful on the unit and supporting council / district personnel. Internet Rechartering attempts to match each member record from the UMS data with a member record in the unit's Scoutnet data. Internet Rechartering makes the match effortlessly when the name and birthdate match exactly. Otherwise, Internet Rechartering. goes through the entire set of unmatched records asking you to point out the corresponding ScoutNet record.  This can be a very time-consuming process for a large unit (we have seen 75 members fail to match in a first time "uploader").

In summary, UMS is a useful tool for managing a unit.  However, it is a useful tool for recharter if, and only if, the unit has an absolute commitment to maintaining its UMS data to a very high degree of accuracy.
Are there any other issues with using UMS for recharter?
These programs assume all current members will re-register.  You must remember to un-check any who will not re-register.  If you make a mistake and send the data through for a member that you didn't want to recharter, you can delete the member in Internet Rechartering after the upload process is completed.
How do I upload UMS data into Internet Rechartering?
PackMaster TM / TroopMaster TM - If you decide to use either of these software programs, you must run the Recharter report (found using the pathway REPORTS:SCOUT/UNIT GENERAL:COUNCIL RECHARTER:ANNUAL RECHARTER) in order to create the file necessary in Internet Rechartering. The programs may refer to it as the "diskette" because that was the way BSA intended to transfer the data when it redesigned ScoutNet in the late 1990's. Just create the file on your hard drive and remember where it is.  Then go to that location when Internet Rechartering asks you to locate your UMS data.

TroopSoft (tm) (formerly ScoutSoft (tm) - no information


For questions, contact your unit commissioner, district commissioner or district director or executive.