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This page is a resource for district volunteers. For questions and comments, email: DistrictOps@SHAC.org.


Council Coordinated

Council Coordinated is a triannual meeting for district leadership to receive the updates from the council and is held at the Cockrell Scout Center at 7:00 pm.  

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Key Leaders Conference

Key Leaders Conference is an annual half-day meeting for district leadership at the Cockrell Scout Center on January 9, 2016 at 8:00 am. District Journey to Excellence recognitions are awarded at Key Leaders Conference.


  • The SHAC Toolkit has great resources to provide to units including the SHAC Scoop, Hot Sheet and The Scouting Trail.
  • The SHAC Program Guide is provided annually to units at May Roundtable. The Program Guide contains the council and district calendars and a CD of council and district flyers.

District Committee Resources


District Activities Committee Resources

  • Activities Work Plan is the monthly report that the district activities chair provides to the district committee.
  • Event Chairs Guide to Planning an Event is a tool for district activities chairs, district event chairs and includes information on council budget procedures.
  • Event Close Out Meeting is a required meeting that is held 2 weeks after every district event with the district activities chair, event chair, and district executive.
  • Check Request should be submitted to the district executive for budgeted supplies to obtain a check request directly to a vendor (attach a quote or PO), request a cash advance (attach a quote or PO) or to request reimbursement (original receipts must be attached and PO number noted in description).
  • Purchase Order Requisition. Purchase orders are the preferred method for obtaining supplies for district events. Submit this form to the district executive at least 30 days before supplies are needed along with a bid (quote).
  • Activities and Civic Service Committee Guide (No 33082) Activities and civic service are important responsibilities of the program function--one of the four major functions that every district and council must fulfill.
  • National Shooting Sports Manual (No 30931) contains information relevant to all individuals involved in shooting sports programs, including merit badge counselors, range masters, and others involved in organizing and assisting in the delivery of shooting programs.
  • Scouting Safely and BSA's Commitment to Safety
  • Service Project Guidelines contains age guidelines for tool use and work at elevations or excavations.
  • Service Project Planning Guidelines should be utilized for all Scouting service projects.
  • SHAC Activities Site
  • Quartermaster Request Form for council and event chairs to request quartermaster supplies for council and district events. The request form is currently being updated and will be available soon.
  • Shooting Sports Request Form for council and district event chairs and/or certified range master to request BB, archery, tomahawks and wrist rockets for council and district events. Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts cannot use tomahawks. The request form is currently being updated and will be available soon. National Shooting Sports Manual (Changes to shooting sports manual, effective Jan 2014.)
  • Vendor Letter should be sent with every purchase order.
  • Website and Social Media Guidelines


District Advancement Committee Resources

  • Advancement Work Plan is the monthly report that the district advancement chair provides to the district committee.
  • Advancement Educational Programs has several presentations that will enhance the Scouting advancement program.
  • BSA Advancement Resources
  • BSA Advancement News
  • Calendar of New Merit Badges
  • Guide to Advancement 2015 helps council and district advancement committees understand and implement the advancement programs and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America. This replaces the previous Advancement Committee: Policies and Procedures.
  • Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application (page 17 of the Eagle Scout service project workbook) must be used by Scouts to obtain approval for Eagle Scout project fundraising or securing donations of materials for their Eagle projects. This is necessary in all circumstances except when all contributions are from the candidate, his parents or relatives, unit or chartering organization, parents or other members of his unit, or the beneficiary of the project. Scouts should submit the fillable form to the council for consideration. The Scout should also print a copy and include it with his project plan. Within two business days, the Scout will receive an e-mail response either seeking additional information or providing project funding approval. When approved, a copy of the approval email is to be included with the fundraising application as a part of the Scout's project plan. Save the application to your computer before emailing to the application to eagleprojects@shac.org.
  • Service Project Guidelines contains age guidelines for tool use and work at elevations or excavations.
  • Service Project Planning Guidelines can be utilized for all Scouting service projects including Eagle Scout service projects. The guidelines must not be construed to be additional requirements for an Eagle Scout service project, but they do represent elements that should appear on the Eagle Scout candidate’s final project plan from the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927. The next revision of the workbook will incorporate these guidelines.     
  • SHAC Advancement Site

District Camping Committee Resources

The camping and outdoor program committee (COPC) is a critical leadership group entrusted with safely delivering the outdoor adventure that youth and adults expect and that lead to self-discovery and character development. The committee plans and oversees the council outdoor program and the facilities that are needed to support the program. Under the COPC’s leadership, all elements of the Scouting outdoor program collaborate to understand the market needs, develop relevant programs, and deploy facilities and resources to most effectively meet demands of increasingly diverse youth and adult populations. 

The COPC is responsible for one of the most important and visible council operations. It oversees the success of the outdoor program, large property investments, significant annual operating expenditures and revenue opportunities, and quality components that attract youth and adult involvement. The council camping committee typically meets the second Tuesday of the month. See the council calendar for specific dates.

  • Camping Committee Work Plan is the monthly report that the district camping chair provides to the district committee.
  • Camping and Outdoor Program Committee Guide is designed to help districts offer a balanced outdoor program that delivers the promise of Scouting—from Cub Scouting to Venturing and Sea Scouting. The new publication emphasizes integration of partner committees (conservation, COPE/climbing, aquatics, shooting, properties, maintenance, risk management, and health and safety) to achieve the program goals of the council.
  • Scouting Safely and BSA's Commitment to Safety       


Day Camp Committee

The district day camp chairs and day camp program chairs meet several times per year at the Cockrell Scout Center.  See the day camp calendar for specific dates.



District Finance Committee Resources


District Membership Committee Resources



District Training Committee Resources

  • BSA Training page provides current resources, forms and courses available and the latest BSA updates.
  • Guide to Leader Training (511-028) outlines basic council and district responsibilities for leader training and was revised in 2012.
  • SHAC Training Site
  • Training Records. Check out your training records at MyScouting.org under Training Validation. If you notice any discrepancies, report them here. MyScouting.org has recently added a new feature to its menu – “Training Validation.” Through this feature, Scouters are able to view a list of all training records in their member ID that have been entered into ScoutNet. As you view this list, you may find that courses you have completed are missing. There are many reasons why this could have happened – multiple member IDs, illegible training reports, district training reports not being turned in, or simply human error. Whatever the reason, you now have an opportunity to help us update your records. Please visit the training page to report trainings that are NOT showing on your MyScouting.org account.
  • Training Committee Work Plan is the monthly report that the district training chair provides to the district committee.
  • District Training Chairs Contact Information
  • Council Training Schedule
  • Submit a course to be added to the council training schedule