Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the premier adult leader training program in Scouting. The program highlights personal and unit level leadership development with courses in team building, problem solving, communication, conflict resolution and many other useful skills. These skills can be taken directly back to packs, troops, ships, crews and teams to help leaders guide youth in dynamic Scouting programs. Wood Badge is a fun, challenging and inspirational Scouting experience for all leaders who wish to improve their leadership skills.

Wood Badge is a six-day advanced training program which gives participants a greater understanding of Scouting aims and methods, while developing true Scout spirit. It is anticipated that all people who complete Wood Badge training will continue to work actively in the Scouting program to further the aims and methods of Scouting.

Wood Badge provides participants with firsthand knowledge regarding how teams develop and achieve excellence. Participants take part in an active learning process through involvement in planning, development, presentation and assessment. Participants will enjoy a world-class learning experience that will strengthen their long-term commitment to Scouting.


Who may attend?

All registered adult Scouters from Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Sea Scouts, and Venturers and Sea Scouts over age 18, who meet the following eligibility requirements may attend Wood Badge:

  1. Be registered adults of the Boy Scouts of America (there is no minimum tenure requirements).
  2. Have not previously attended a Wood Badge course.
  3. Have completed the basic training courses for their Scouting position. (see FAQs)
  4. Have completed the outdoor skills training programs appropriate for their Scouting positions. (see FAQs)
  5. Be capable of functioning safely in an outdoor environment. A BSA Annual Health & Medical Record (Parts A, B, C) is required for all participants.
  6. Attend all sessions. There are no make-up opportunities. If an attendee has to miss any of the sessions they will be dropped from the course and will be asked to return another course to attend the entire program. This includes attendance at any patrol meetings during the intervening week between the two weekends.