Conservation Contacts

The council conservation committee provides the council with all available expertise regarding matters of ecology, conservation, and resource management so as to guide policy making and operational decisions regarding the management of the councils’ natural and cultural resources, promotion of conservation-related training, and advancement of conservation programs. 



District Conservation Chair

Aldine Pathfinder  Caroline Rudisill
Aquila Richard Smith
Arrowmoon  Daniel Dean
Big Cypress Kirk Hooper
Big Cypress Paul Roberts
Brazos Susan Harrison
Copperhead Veronica Ramirez
Copperhead Tom Shaughnessy
David Crockett   
Flaming Arrow Tony Pagnotta
Flaming Arrow Alan Runion
George Strake Malcolm Paulk
Iron Horse Patrick Weisbrod
Mustang Bruce Handley
North Star  
Orion Zachary Toups
Phoenix Dennis Bassinger
Phoenix Kerin Farrell
Phoenix Robert White
Phoenix Van Harriman
Raven    Gina Hullum
San Jacinto Neil Buso
Skyline Jerrel Geisler
Skyline Chris Leavitt
Soaring Eagle Griff Danheim
Tall Timbers Jeff Neumann
Tall Timbers Glenn Buckley
Tall Timbers Dennett Hushka
Texas Skies Michael Scherer
Texas Skies Debbie Vaughn
Thunder Wolf  
Twin Bayou Janice Van Dyke Walden
Twin Bayou Gerry Ziemnicki
W.L. Davis        

Council Conservation Committee

Council Conservation Committee Chair Glenn Buckley
Council Professional Conservation Staff Vincent Manning
Aquatic Education - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Greg Akins
Area Ecosystems and Resources Deborah January-Bevers
Area Wildlife Management Program - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  
Birding Program Bob White
Camp Conservation Plans and Stewardship Frank Mund
Conservation Camp Merit Badge Programs Kirk Hooper
Conservation Merit Badge Programs Jeff Neuman
Conservation Awards John Paul Roberts
Council Leave No Trace Training Bruce Handley
Cub Scout Programs and Texas Parks and Wildlife Angler Education Area Chief Michael Scherer
Eagle Scout Association Liason Steve Taylor
Ecobot, NOVA, Hornaday Bridge Walter Hyde
Ecodoins Coordinator  
Environmental Planning Barbara Castille
Faith and Earth Stewardship Caroline Rudisill
Forestry Camp Stewardship Frank Mund
Hydrology Zachary Toups
Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) John Fancher
Order of the Arrow Liason Associate Lodge Adviser of Service  
Recycling / Waste Reduction Susan Harrison
Scout Fair Conservation Coordinator  
Spring Creek Greenway Faith and Stewardship Patrick Weisbrod
Texas Advocate for Leave No Trace (LNT) Griff Danheim
Texas Co-advocate for Leave No Trace (LNT) Andrew Howser
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Small Business Tom Collins
USA COE Bill Keienburg
Water Education Jerrel Geisler
Watershed Projects and Waste Management Steve Hupp