Big Cypress

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About Big Cypress District

The Big Cypress District serves Scouting units in the northwest area of the Cy-Fair ISD attendance zones of Harris County, including Cypress, Bridgeland and Fairfield. 

Big Cypress District Activities

Big Cypress District offers a variety of activity in which packs, troops, teams, crews and ships are invited to participate including the adult recognition event, camp-o-ree, Cy-Fest, district picnic, first aid meet, Tiger Day, Webelos to Scout Expo, Webelos Woods and camporee.

Big Cypress District Packs


Location of Meetings

Feeder School(s) / Church

Pack 3 Robinson Elementary PTO Robinson Elementary
Pack 15 Ravensway HOA Millsap Elementary
Pack 28 Cypress Home School Association Homeschool
Pack 33 Good Shepard United Methodist Church Swenke Elementary, Good Shepard United Methodist Church
Pack 156 Warner Elementary PTO Warner Elementary
Pack 271 LDS - Bridgeland Ward - Cypress Stake LDS - Bridgeland Ward - Cypress Stake
Pack 329 Bridgeland HOA Pope Elementary
Pack 438 Rennell Elementary PTO Rennell Elementary
Pack 533 Keith Elementary PTO Keith Elementary, 
Pack 537 Lamkin Elementary PTO Lamkin Elementary
Pack 573 Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
Pack 831 Black Elementary PTO Black Elementary
Pack 978 Farney Elementary PTO Farney Elementary 
Pack 1100 Hamilton Elementary PTO Hamilton Elementary
Pack 1179 Coles Crossing HOA Sampson Elementary
Pack 1212 Lasan Foundation  
Pack 1478 LDS - Fairfield Ward - Cypress Stake LDS - Fairfield Ward - Cypress Stake
Pack 1533 Ault Elementary PTO Ault Elementary
Pack 1537 Adam Elementary PTO Adam Elementary
Pack 1847 LDS - Cypress Lakes Ward - Cypress Stake LDS - Cypress Lakes Ward - Cypress Stake

Big Cypress District Troops


Location of Meetings

Troop 10 West Houston Church of Christ
Troop 44 Ravensway HOA
Troop 179 St. Aidan's Episcopal
Troop 246 Coles Crossing HOA
Troop 271 LDS - Bridgeland Ward - Cypress Stake
Troop 519 Stone Gate Community
Troop 533 Good Shepard UMC
Troop 573 Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
Troop 658 Messiah Lutheran Church
Troop 846 Cypress United Methodist Church
Troop 901 St. John Lutheran Church
Troop 939 St. John Lutheran Church
Troop 1014 Christ United Church of Cypress
Troop 1102 St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church
Troop 1212 La San Foundation
Troop 1478 LDS - Fairfield Ward - Cypress Stake
Troop 1791 B Ellen
Troop 1847 LDS-Cypress Lakes Ware-Cypress Stake
Troop 1907 Fairfield Baptist Church

Big Cypress District Venturing Crews


Location of Meetings

Crew 28 Cypress Home School Association
Crew 32 Belding Enterprises
Crew 271 LDS - Bridgeland Ward - Cypress Stake
Crew 451 Christ United Church
Crew 901 St. John Lutheran Church
Crew 1212 La San Foundation
Crew 1478 LDS - Fairfield Ward - Cypress Stake
Crew 1847 LDS-Cypress Lakes Ward-Cypress Stake

Big Cypress District Ships


Location of Meetings

Ship 846 Cypress United Methodist Church