Council Recognition Reception

October 25, 2016, 7:00 pm
Chapelwood United Methodist Church
11140 Greenbay St., Houston TX 77024

The Council Recognition Reception is held annually to honor the recipients of the Silver Beaver Award and Heroism Awards. Join your fellow Scouters in recognizing the recipients of the Silver Beaver Award, the highest award a council can bestow on a volunteer Scouter.

Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest form of recognition that a local council can bestow on a volunteer. In 1931, BSA President Mortimer L. Schiff recommended to the national board that an award be devised for recognition of distinguished service to youth in the area of a local council, and the concept of the Silver Beaver Award recognition was established.

The Sam Houston Area Council has participated in this recognition program since its inception, presenting Silver Beaver Awards in 1931 to W. A. Childress and to E. A. Hudson. Beginning with those first two awards, more than 1500 adult leaders in our council have been recognized in this manner. Nominations for the Silver Beaver Award are due annually on May 1st.

Silver Beaver Nomination Form                Complete list of Silver Beaver Recipients

2015 Silver Beaver Recipients

Recipient District
James Beesley Raven
Brian Bernelle Raven
Sgt. Joseph Blendermann Exploring
Andy Clark Thunder Wolf
Johnny Danesi David Crockett
Mark Dieckmann Aquila
Jose Duarte Raven
Alan El- Lahham Skyline
Chris Green Big Cypress
Sandra Green Raven
Steve Greenlee Council
William Griffin North Star
Kim Groce San Jacinto
Kenneth Groue Aquila
Charlotte Heki Copperhead
David Krusleski Brazos
Terry (Lynn) McKee Phoenix
Richard Merz, Jr. Soaring Eagle
Jeffrey Minson Raven
Vickie Oehring Soaring Eagle
Wanda Rauscher Twin Bayou
Harriet Robinson Skyline
Alicia Rodenberger Big Cypress
Elizabeth Scherer Texas Skies
David Sweeney Arrowmoon
William Wescott Mustang
Zachary Whitehurst Texas Skies
Ward (Pat) Whitnel Mustang
James Woods Orion
Robert Zetelski George Strake



For more information, contact the council recognition committee.