Pack Recruitment Resources

We want to reach out to each potential Cub Scout and his family with a personal invitation to join a pack within our council, where they will learn positive values, new skills and have fun with friends. This site will give you the resources that you need to ensure that you can reach every potential Scout and Scouting family and help to change even more lives. YOU are the driving force that can give every youth the opportunity to Be A Scout!

Sign Up Night Campaign

The council-wide sign up night campaign focuses on recruiting new families to the fun and adventures of Cub Scouting. Begin your planning by attending your district's sign up night training. Involve all your pack leaders in recruiting by inviting everyone to training! The council will provide support materials to your pack for sign up night.

Yard Sign

Sign Up Night Training

Each district will hold a sign up night training in August. Check your district website for the date and location. At the training, packs will receive Join Cub Scouting envelopes containing: New Parent Orientation Guide, flyer, promotional cards, Cub Scout applications and a Boys' Life Mini Magazine.

Boys who join Cub Scouts will receive a rocket patch for joining. Scouts who join in September will also receive a rocket that they will be able to design, build, and launch at a fall district event. Packs can pick these incentives up from their district membership chair.  .


2016 Incentive

Put your unit on the map

Calling all unit leaders: your unit is on the map at with a Google pin! Update your unit information and make it EASY for new Scouting families to find you.

  • Sign in to MyScouting
  • Under “Unit Tools” select BeAScout
  • Select “Unit Pin Management”
  • Update your unit information

If you are the current unit leader and are unable to update your unit pin, please contact your district executive and ensure that you are currently registered as the Cubmaster or committee chair.

Fall Recruiting Ideas

To ensure families get the message that it’s time to sign up, use various methods of communication throughout this playbook and be sure to have a plan. You should start to build the buzz at least six weeks out from your sign-up event(s). Your council or district will help get the word out, but the majority of your success will come from unit marketing.

How much access you have to promote Scouting in your schools will help you decide the best ways to market your sign-up event. Here are some suggestions – but these are just thought-starters. Don’t limit yourself. The more ways you reach parents, the more success you’ll have.

In-School Promotion

If you have full access to promoting your event at the schools, you can employ any of the following best practices.

  • Distribute sign-up event fliers the week before the sign-up event
  • Posters and yard signs around school
  • School rallies or boy talks at the school
  • Back-to-school open house events, school carnivals, and conferences
  • Electronic backpacks
  • Invite current youth and parents to attend lunch at school in uniform
  • ƒVideos on in-school video networks
  • School newsletter or website
  • School marquee signs


Boy Talks

Boy talks can make a huge difference when signing up new Cub Scouts! Schools that provide access to boy talks are the way to go. A Boy Talk is simply visiting each classroom and getting the boys excited about Scouting.

The boy talk is where youth excitement is created. The district’s Cub Scout sign-up training will help give you the skills to put on an effective boy talk. Boy talks work best by going class-to-class and giving a five-minute promotion on the fun that Scouting has to offer. If this scenario is not feasible then a school assembly will work; however, classroom talks are best. When speaking with the school, thank them for working with us in the development of youth and their community.

Helpful hint: Consult with your district executive if you should need assistance with your boy talks. These energetic in-school presentations will dramatically increase the success of your recruitment!

Out-of-School Promotion

Here are several ideas for promoting the event outside of the schools. These tactics can be done either in tandem with your in-school promotions or on their own if you are not able to get full access to the schools.

  • Ask current members to use social media to let their friends and family know about sign-up event nights
  • Personalized invitations, emails, and personal phone calls to prospective parents
  • Door hangers and door-to-door invitations
  • Recruit-a-friend and other peer-to-peer recruiting initiatives
  • Fliers and boy talks at after-school programs or churches in the community
  • Church and community websites, calendars, and bulletins
  • Press releases
  • Billboards, posters, and yard signs in the community (businesses, churches, etc.)
  • Community fairs, parades, and other events
  • Peer-to-Peer cards (business cards). Ask Scouts to hand these to friends. Ask parents to pass them out with Halloween candy.
  • Plan a second event to invite prospective Cub Scouts (e.g., pack meeting invite)—use the second chance flyers.

Make your plans early to ensure that your pack has a great fall recruiting campaign – ask someone to join Cub Scouting today!

Recruiting Resources

Spring Recruiting

Packs are encouraged to hold spring recruiting events. Invite newly recruited Scouts and kindergarteners to attend day camp and pack summer events. This is a great opportunity to get them engaged in the program. Sometimes we think we can only recruit in the fall, but spring is a great time to get new Tiger Cub Scouts and their families involved early.

Spring Tiger recruiting
Recruiting resources


For more information, contact your district membership chair or district executive.