Commissioner Contacts

Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. Commissioners coach and consult with adult leaders of packs, troops, and crews, and help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. 

District Commissioners


District Commissioners

Phone Number

Aldine Pathfinder David Crawfoot 281-509-7261
Aquila  Bob Wells 702-501-6700
Arrowmoon  Donna Fos 979-599-8206
Big Cypress  Gene Manuel  
Brahman  Marshall Johnson 979-257-4951
Brazos  Bruce Henrici 832-222-9993
Copperhead  Chris Menard  
David Crockett  Mike McGinty 979-525-9356
Flaming Arrow  Jayne Brandon 713-417-8266
George Strake  Bob Zetelski 936-228-2121
Iron Horse  Orville Neeley 832-244-2347
Mustang   Dennis Williams 713-962-9949
Orion  David Brown 713-857-2335
Phoenix  Kevin Renfro 713-898-2350
Raven  D.L. Canada 850-324-0090
San Jacinto  Kent Hodson 281-650-9319
Skyline  Don Quintero 713-444-5225
Soaring Eagle  John Brogan 281-799-1066
Tall Timbers   Doug Sivula 832-296-9762
Texas Skies  Sam Randolph  
Thunder Wolf  Andy Clark 713-213-6344
Twin Bayou  Colby Williford 713-252-0579
W.L. Davis  Deborah McKinney 832-641-5004

Council Commissioner Team

Council Commissioner Forrest Bjerkaas 281-395-4437
East Division Commissioner David Moyer 281-480-3067
Frontier Division Commissioner Dan Goetzman 281-401-9401
North Division Commissioner Ajey Chandra 832-459-4179
South Division Commissioner Tim Richard 832-256-8602
West Division Commissioner Dennis Cornwell 281-395-2110
Assistant Council Commissioner - Scoutreach Louis C. McKinney Jr 281-684-7459
Assistant Council Commissioner - Administration Mike Lampkin 281-798-5998
Assistant Council Commissioner - Administration Greg Carr 281-660-8521
Assistant Council Commissioner - Dean, College of Commissioner Science Tim Richard 832-256-8602
Assistant Council Commissioner - DCS Projects Mentor David Rypien 281-589-8180
Assistant Council Commissioner - Hispanic Scouting  Steve Martinez 281-919-8038
Assistant Council Commissioner - Project 200 / Eagle Committee Bob Dodd 281-770-0336
Assistant Council Commissioner - Publicity Lynda Worlow 832-492-4911
Assistant Council Commissioner - Recharter Training Farrell Gerbode 713-661-2790
Assistant Council Commissioner - Recognitions Bill Farrell 281-565-8967
Assistant Council Commissioner - Roundtable Coordinator, Boy Scouts Bill Griffin 713-918-4412
Assistant Council Commissioner - Roundtable Coordinator, Cub Scouts Luis Velazquez 281-468-5936
Assistant Council Commissioner - Sea Scouting Art Mowad 281-763-1218
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training Pam White 281-463-4788
Assistant Council Commissioner - Voice of the Scout David Rypien 281-589-8180
Council Professional Commissioner Team Staff Advisor