Scouting for Food

January 27, 2018 (hanger drop off)
February 3, 2018 (food pick up)

Scouting for Food is a council-wide service project to care for people in our local communities who are hungry and those in need. In partnership with the Houston Food Bank and "Souper Bowl of Caring," the project begins Saturday, January 28, 2018, as Scouts distribute door hangers in their neighborhoods to announce the upcoming food drive. Scouts return the following Saturday, February 3, 2018, to pick up and deliver donations to their local food banks and pantries.
A Cub Scout and a Boy Scout promises "to help other people at all times." There is no better way to show our Scouting spirit than by participating in the annual Scouting for Food drive! Now is the time to show our community the Scouting values of being loyal, helpful, kind and cheerful.
Scouts will help make a difference to fight hunger. Scouting for Food is the leading service program for Boy Scouts of America and is a part of the national BSA program - Good Turn for America.

Unit Registration for Scouting for Food

The unit representative should register the unit for Scouting for Food.

Register                  Unit Chair Guidebook

The unit Scouting For Food chair should attend the December and January district roundtable to pick up your unit's supply of door hangers. If you are unable to attend roundtable, please contact your district professional or district Scouting for Food chair. All participating Scouts will receive a Scouting for Food patch. The unit Scouting for Food coordinator can pick up the patches at the March district roundtable.

Reporting Food Collected and Service Hours / Ordering Patches

On February 3, 2018, the unit leader will report the amount of food collected and request patches. Patches will be available for pickup at March roundtables.

New for 2018: The council will report all service hours for the units on the BSA Journey to Excellence website.  

Report Food Collected and Order Patches

Frequently Asked Questions

In which neighborhoods do we collect food?
Units should coordinate with their district Scouting for Food chair to determine where each of the district’s units will be collecting food. Coordinating with the district Scouting for Food chair should eliminate any confusion regarding overlapping coverage areas.
Do Scouts need to work both weekends in order to earn the Scouting for Food patch?
Scouts only need to participate in one of the two weekends for Scouting for Food (hanger drop off or food pick up). Scouts are encouraged to, participate both weekends. 
We can’t work either Saturday.  Is there another way to participate in Scouting for Food?
Yes, there is an option for units to help at the Houston Food Bank on Thursday, February 1, 2018, from 6:00-9:00 PM.  The Houston Food Bank is located at 535 Portwall St, Houston, TX 77029. For more information, please click here.
Where do we take the food we collect?
Each district has a list of food pantries that they support, therefore ask your district Scouting for Food chair.  A list is also available at the Scouting for food web page.
Can volunteers other than Scouts and their parents participate in the food drive?
Yes, members of the entire family can participate in the food drive. Their participation is counted towards Journey to Excellence (JTE).
We dropped off the food at the food pantry.  What do we do now? 

After dropping off the food, the unit representative should report how many pounds of food were collected. The worksheet for calculating the amount of food collected is in the Unit Chair Guidebook

How do we submit Journey to Excellence service hours?
The council will submit your unit's service hours on the BSA Journey to Excellence website. 
When can we collect our Scouting for Food patches?
If a unit reports their participation on the day of food collection, patches should be available to units at the March roundtable. Delays in submissions will mean special arrangements will need to be made for a pick-up at a future roundtable.
Can we do food drives at other times of the year?
Yes, units can participate in individual or group food drives at other times of the year.  The food pantries will appreciate any donations provided. These service hours can be entered in Journey to Excellence so the unit receives credit for participating in a service project; however, Scouting for Food patches won’t be available for these collections.



For questions, contact your district Scouting for Food chair or district professional.



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