North Star District

The North Star District is comprised of the geographic area of Fort Bend Independent School District that lies north of Interstate 59. The district has 42 units (20 Cub Scout Packs, 13 Boy Scout Troops and 6 Venture crews, and 3 Teams) that make up the 1457 registered youth.

The Goal of the District is to support and strengthen the individual units in their delivery of programs to the youth with 1) quality activities, 2) commissioner service, 3) training, and 4) adult and youth recruiting.

Fort Bend County is the most ethnically diverse county in the United States.  According to the 2010 federal census, it comes closer than any other U.S. county to having an equal distribution of the nation's four major ethnic groups with 19 percent Asian, 24 percent Latino, 21 percent African-American and 36 percent Anglo. Scouting serves all areas of the community, with our outreach and programs.

For more information, visit our district website.