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Attend the Popcorn Kickoff 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Tuesday, July 28, 2015 2:00:00 AM

Hundreds of thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Sam Houston Area Council as a result of the annual Trail's End popcorn sale. Over 73% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting. The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout to support his or her way through the various activities during the year. There are three options to sell popcorn: traditional take order sales, sell online to friends and family out of town and show-and-sell. For more information, contact your district popcorn kernel or district executive.

Why Sell?

• Increase your unit and council income – 73% stays in the local area.
• Scouts pay for their way for various Scouting programs and activities.
• Scouts learn life lessons by “earning their own way.”
• There are loads of incentives to motivate Scouts: cool prizes, $650 club, $1,800 club and college scholarships. 

Accept credit card payments with SQUARE

New for 2015: Now you can accept credit card payments with SQUARE. SQUARE provides a tool that attaches to devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android) and has the ability to accept credit card payments. The SQUARE is free, easy to use, PCI-compliant and accepts all major credit cards. Payments get deposited into your unit's bank account in one to two business days; there is a 2.4% processing fee per swiped transaction (promotional rate through 2015). Never lose a sale because your customer says, "Sorry, I don't have any cash!"  This program is offered by Trail's End and SQUARE (not by Sam Houston Area Council) to make it easy to grow your popcorn sales.

Ways to Sell Popcorn

There are two ways to sell popcorn: traditional take order sales and selling popcorn online to friends and family out of town:

1. Take Order Sales 

Take order sales are the most traditional way to sell popcorn. Scouts go door-to-door with the take order form received from your leader after unit kick off on August 18, 2015 through November 10, 2015. Customers choose the product(s) he or she wishes to buy and writes the order on the order form. Scouts collect the money when the popcorn is delivered on November 21, 2015.

Sign up to sell popcorn

2. Online Popcorn Sales 

Selling online is the best way to sell to friends and family who live far away. Online sales count toward Scout rewards including the $650 club, $1800 club and scholarship program. Participants can send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase Trail's End products online. The email includes a link allowing them to begin shopping right away. Customers can pay with a credit card, and the products are shipped directly to the customer by Trail's End. The advantages of online sales is that the Scout doesn't have to collect money or deliver products. Online sales run from August 1 - November 10, 2015.

Sales will be credited to a Scout's unit and the council in his name. Every Scout must create a new account to sell online. To register your Scout, enter the Scout's date of birth, select Sam Houston Area Council and then select your district and unit. If you do not know what district or unit you belong to or if your unit is not listed, please contact your unit leader or district executive. View the step by step guide to creating an account or visit the Trail's End FAQ page for help with creating an account.

   Register Scouts to sell online

Because is a website geared towards children, many under the age of 13, they require customers to enter their birth date before making a purchase to ensure our site remains 100% COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. This information is not saved and cannot be viewed by Trail’s End staff.

Popcorn Blitz Day

Blitz day is a designated day where units are encouraged to sell popcorn during take order as a group by canvasing areas in their neighborhood. Scouts that meet the items sold count indicated by each date will qualify for entry in the drawing for one of three GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition.

  • October 3, 2015 – Sell total 20 items by this date
  • October 24, 2015 – Sell total 40 items by this date
  • November 7, 2015 – Sell total 60 items by this date

To enter into drawing, email screen shot (from your cell phone) of the Scout’s sales form(s) showing the total number of qualifying items sold by 7:00 pm on the designated Blitz dates and email a picture of the forms to Please be sure to indicate Scout’s name, unit type and number and contact phone number to contact in case they win. The winner will be drawn and announced on Facebook the following Monday. 

Note: Scouts are not required to participate in Blitz Day to enter drawing. If the required number of items are sold and met by the Blitz Day deadline, a Scout may submit an entry for the drawing.

Popcorn Kickoff Training

August 18, 2015

At the popcorn kickoff, unit leaders will receive, sales materials, training, and leader tools. Every unit should send at least one leader. For more information, contact your district popcorn kernelSign up for training when signing up to sell popcorn.

District Popcorn Kernel Contacts

  Districts Date / Time Location

North Training

Flaming Arrow, George Strake, Iron Horse, Orion, Phoenix, Tall Timbers August 18, 2015
7:00 pm
Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
16535 Kleinwood Dr.,
Spring, TX 77379 

South Training

Brazos, North Star, Tatanka, Thunder Wolf August 18, 2015
7:00 pm
Sugar Grove Church of Christ 
11600 W Airport Blvd, 
Meadows Place, TX 77477

East Training

Bayshore, Eagle Trail, Raven, San Jacinto August 18, 2015
7:00 pm
Woodforest Presbyterian Church
15330 Wallisville Road
Houston, TX 77049

West Training

Big Cypress, Copperhead, David Crockett, Soaring Eagle, Texas Skies August 18, 2015
7:00 pm
Foundry United Methodist Church
8350 Jones Road
Houston, TX 77065

Central Training

Aquila, Aldine Pathfinder, Antares, Mustang, Skyline, Twin Bayou, W.L. Davis August 18, 2015
7:00 pm
Cockrell Scout Center
2225 N Loop W
Houston, Texas 77008-1311

Arrowmoon Training

Arrowmoon TBD LDS Church College Station
100 Dexter Dr,
College Station, TX 77840

Brahman Training


August 13, 2015
6:30 pm
Northside Education Center
707 Fahrenthold St, 
El Campo, 77437



2015 Products

Chocolate Lovers Tin $55         White Chocolatey Pretzels $25
Military Donation - Gold Level $50   Unbelievable Butter Microwave (18 pack) $20
Sweet and Savory Collection $40             Butter Light Microwave (18 pack) $20
Cheese Lovers Collection $35   Carmel Corn with Nuts $20
Chocolatey Triple Delight (new) $25   Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese $15
Military Donation - Silver Level $30   White Cheddar Cheese (new) $10
Kettle Corn Microwave (18 pack) $25   Small Caramel Corn  $10


Military Donation

The Military Donation allows customers to support the military and Scouting at the same time. Customers can choose to donate $55 (gold level) or $35 (silver level) worth of popcorn for our troops when ordering online, or $50 or $30 for take-order sales. Trail's End sends various Trail's End products to men and women in the military, their families and veterans' organizations. There are no shipping and handling charges associated with Military Donations. Over 2,000 tons of popcorn treats have been shipped to hundreds of locations around the world! Military donataions count toward Scout rewards.

Since customers who purchase a military donation don't receive actual product in exchange for payment, the purchase should be 100% tax deductible. As always, recommend that the customer double check this with their tax professional, as tax laws often change. Resources: ad, flyer, product flyer

2015 Scout Prizes

$650 Bonus Club

Cub Scouts who sell $650 in popcorn
receive a Zing Firetek rocket and Boy Scouts
who sell $650 receive a Rosewood multi-tool with hammer

$1,800 Club Bonus

Scouts who sell $1,800 in popcorn will receive a $45 Walmart card


College Scholarships

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (online, face-to-face or combination) in any calendar year receive 6% of their total sales invested in their own college scholarship account. That is $0.06 of every dollar they sell! Once Scouts are enrolled, 6% of their sales each year will be added to their account. Scouts only have to hit the $2,500 minimum one time. Online sales count! Email the enrollment form to


2015 Top Sellers Recognitions

The council's top three sellers will be recognized with a trophy and an Amazon gift card ($600 for first place, $400 for second place, $200 for third place). The three sellers in the council and all $1800 club members are invited to attend the council's Top Seller BASH on January 9, 2016.

Important Dates

August 1 - November 10,  2015 Online popcorn sales period
August 18, 2015 Popcorn kickoff for unit popcorn kernel
After unit kick off through November 10, 2015 Traditional take-order popcorn sales period
August 22, 2015 Show-N-Sell unit popcorn pick up and distribution 
September 1 - September 30, 2015 Show-N-Sell sales period
October 2, 2015 Show-N-Sell postdated check cashed
October 3, 2015 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 20 items total)
October 24, 2015 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 40 items total)
November 7, 2015 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 60 items total)
November 10, 2015 Unit orders due on Trail's End Website
November 21, 2015 Popcorn distribution (see district website for location)
November 21, 2015 Unit top sellers form due to district (at distribution center)
November 21, 2015 Unit payments due to district (at distribution center)
January 9, 2016 Top Seller's BASH (for council top three sellers and $1,800 club members)
February 15, 2016 Online commissions issued and mailed to the committee chair on file for the unit


Training Videos

For Questions Contact

For more information, contact your district popcorn kernel or district executive.

Ginger Kern
Popcorn Project Coordinator
 (713) 756-3374

Dustin Dupuis
Popcorn Sales Staff Advisor
 (713) 756-3335

2014 Annual Report 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Monday, July 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM

"This has been a very special year for Scouting in southeast Texas. The Sam Houston Area Council celebrated its Centennial Anniversary, completed the land acquisition for the new Camp Strake, commenced construction on the new Tellepsen Scout Camp at the Bovay Scout Ranch, initiated the Leaders of Tomorrow Major Gifts Campaign, and achieved the BSA’s highest acclaim of operational performance.

To help celebrate our council’s Centennial, Scouts had opportunities to participate in events such as Scouting for Food, Scout Fair, Summer Camp, the Centennial Gala, and the Day of Service. The value of serving others has been a pillar of the Sam Houston Area Council for 100 years.

Scouting for Food, held in conjunction with the Souper Bowl of Caring, provided a great start to our centennial year. Scouting for Food helped deliver thousands of meals to area families in need.

The 2014 Scout Fair was one of the largest ever held by the council. Scout Fair annually provides a place for Scouts to demonstrate Scout skills to their peers and other members of the community. This year our Packs, Troops, Ships, and Crews were also given the opportunity to sample a special flavor of Blue Bell ice cream -- Scout Crunch!

Outdoor experience has been important to Scouting since its inception and the experience still resonates today. Thousands of Boy Scouts and Venturers reveled in the great outdoors at one of our council’s summer camps. Even more Cub Scouts experienced their first Scout activities, earning critical rank advancements and, most importantly, having fun at one of the council’s day camps. The year closed with Scouts attending Winter Camp and experiencing the final nights of camping at Camp Strake in Conroe.

The Centennial Gala of the Sam Houston Area Council was a special opportunity for Scouting fellowship. The event allowed attendees to witness a dramatization of the council’s past accomplishments and to get a glimpse of what the future holds with the announcement of the Leaders of Tomorrow Major Gifts Campaign. We were honored to have the BSA’s National President, Dr. Robert Gates, be the keynote speaker.

The Council completed the largest service project in its history when more than 28,000 Scouts and leaders from over 1,100 units participated in a Day of Service to their local communities. The Day of Service provided an opportunity for Scouts from the Sam Houston Area Council to say “Thank you” to the citizens of southeast Texas for their constant support.

During our centennial year, more than 47,000 youth participated in our Scouting programs, over 10,000 youth participated in our Learning for Life and Explorer Programs and 1,017 Scouts achieved the coveted Eagle Scout recognition. All of their accomplishments, with diligent support from our dedicated volunteers and staff, resulted in our council earning the BSA’s Journey to Excellence Gold Award.

As it embarks on its second Century of Service, with continued support from over 19,000 volunteers and adult leaders, the Sam Houston Area Council will continue to lead youth throughout southeast Texas along a proven path to life-long values, service and achievement to be prepared for life!

Council Achieved Gold Level Status for 2014 in the National Boy Scouts of America Performance Program Journey to Excellence."

Download the Full Report

Silver Beaver Recipients Announced 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Monday, July 27, 2015 12:27:00 AM

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest form of recognition that a local council can bestow on a volunteer. In 1931, BSA President Mortimer L. Schiff recommended to the national board that an award be devised for recognition of distinguished service to youth in the area of a local council, and the concept of the Silver Beaver Award recognition was established.

The Sam Houston Area Council has participated in this recognition program since its inception, presenting Silver Beaver Awards in 1931 to W. A. Childress and to E. A. Hudson. Beginning with those first two awards, more than 1500 adult leaders in our council have been recognized in this manner.  The Silver Beaver awards will be presented at the Council Recognition Reception on October 27, 2015.

2015 Silver Beaver Recipients

Recipient District
James Beesley Raven
Brian Bernelle Raven
Sgt. Joseph Blendermann Exploring
Andy Clark Thunder Wolf
Johnny Danesi David Crockett
Mark Dieckmann Aquila
Jose Duarte Raven
Alan El- Lahham Skyline
Chris Green Big Cypress
Sandra Green Raven
Steve Greenlee Council
William Griffin North Star
Kim Groce San Jacinto
Kenneth Groue Aquila
Charlotte Heki Copperhead
David Krusleski Brazos
Terry (Lynn) McKee Phoenix
Richard Merz, Jr. Soaring Eagle
Jeffrey Minson San Jacinto
Vickie Oehring Soaring Eagle
Wanda Rauscher Twin Bayou
Harriet Robinson Skyline
Alicia Rodenberger Big Cypress
Elizabeth Scherer Texas Skies
David Sweeney Arrowmoon
William Wescott Mustang
Zachary Whitehurst Texas Skies
Ward (Pat) Whitnel Mustang
James Woods Orion
Robert Zetelski George Strake



For more information, contact the council recognition committee.




Attend Fall Recruiting Training 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Wednesday, July 15, 2015 1:55:00 PM

Scouting Makes the Most of Right Now!

The Build an Adventure campaign, with its inviting, aspirational, and fun imagery helps parents understand that Scouting makes the most of the little time they have to impact the lives of their children, while appealing to youth using fun, family, and friends.

We want to reach out to each potential Cub Scout and his family with a personal invitation to join a pack within our council, where they will learn positive values, new skills and have fun with friends. YOU are the driving force that can give every youth the opportunity to Be A Scout! The council-wide fall recruiting campaign focuses on recruiting new families to the fun and adventures of Cub Scouting. 

Fall Recruiting Training

it’s time for fall recruiting! Begin by involving all your pack leaders in recruiting by inviting everyone to your district's fall recruiting training! The council will provide support materials to your pack for fall recruiting.

Fall Recruiting Dates and Locations

At the training, packs will receive Join Cub Scouting envelopes containing: New Parent Orientation Guide, flyer, promotional cards, Cub Scout applications and a Boys' Life Mini Magazine.

Yard Sign

Boys who join Cub Scouts will receive a mini flashlight for joining. Packs can pick these incentives up from their district membership chair.

2015 Incentive

Fall Recruiting Ideas

Ideas on how to produce a successful rally:

  • School visits (classrooms, lunchrooms, recess, etc.).
  • Send flyers home from school to all prospective members.
  • Posters in schools, businesses, community organizations, etc.
  • Put Cub Scouting messages on marquees at schools, subdivisions, and businesses.
  • Set up a booth at “Meet the Teacher” nights, open houses and charter partner.
  • Post yard signs in every Cub Scout family’s yard.
  • Public address announcement at the school on the day of the rally.
  • Articles in local newspapers, subdivision newsletters, and chartered partner newsletters.
  • Have Cub Scouts wear their uniform on the day of the rally.
  • Plan a second event to invite prospective Cub Scouts (e.g., pack meeting invite)—use the second chance flyers.

Make your plans early to ensure that your pack has a great fall recruiting campaign – ask someone to join Cub Scouting today!

Recruiting Resources


For more information, contact your district membership chair or district executive.

Spring Reservations Open for Bovay Scout Ranch 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Wednesday, July 15, 2015 8:18:00 AM


Reservations are now open for the spring for adventure camp and family camping at Bovay Scout Ranch.

Adventure Camp                Family Camping           About Bovay Scout Ranch


McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp

McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp is an overnight, full program camp for all family members at Bovay Scout Ranch. Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos and their families will enjoy an exciting variety of activities at several program areas and food service in the camp’s air conditioned dining hall. A staff member in each area will provide program supplies and support the parents who will be invited to assist in leading the activities.

Conducted at the McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp at Bovay Scout Ranch, McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camps may include: seeking treasure in the lost mine, archeological quest at the dinosaur dig, high speed pedal feat at the BMX bike track, Robin Hood style adventure at the archery range, marksmanship at the BB gun range, action at the K.S. “Bud” Adams sports field, exploring our camp at the nature center, and splashing in the water at the David Weekley Family Water Park (weather permitting).

Adventure Camp Registration

Packs, dens and individual families may register as a pack or individually. Pack registration is preferred to keep families together. Dens and families that register individually will be combined with dens and families from other packs. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and sessions fill up fast.

The fee for McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp is $40 per person and includes three meals (lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday with vegetarian and turkey patty options), patch and Scout’s program supplies. Children under five attend free of charge; please note that the program is designed for Scouts. Scouts must be members of the Boy Scouts of America. A $100 non-refundable deposit for the group secures a spot.

One adult per 15 youth in the pack may attend at no cost. This adult will be asked to volunteer to work as program staff and must attend the 8:00 am leader’s meeting. To ensure your camp reservation, registrations, including all fees, must be complete thirty (30) days prior to the camp date. For your convenience, Bovay offers limited quantities of patches, snacks, beverages, and t-shirts for sale in the camp store called Trader Vics.

Every adult attending Bovay Scout Ranch must follow Bovay’s policies and procedures located in the Leader's Guide and the Guide to Safe Scouting. Click on a date to register:

Family Camping

When a boy and his family join Cub Scouting, they join an organization that values the fun and excitement of experiencing the outdoors. Each Cub Scout pack is encouraged to provide its youth members with enriching, positive outdoor activities. Family camping can be an exciting addition to your pack's program. During family camping, the pack leadership plans the camping program and food. The council has additional camping opportunities that include a fun, advancement based program: Day Camp, Resident Camp and Adventure Camp.

Adherence to the BSA's health and safety policies found in the Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection Guidelines are required. In addition, careful program planning will assure a positive experience for your pack, the Cub Scout and his family.

If you are not camping at a council camp, then you must complete a Pack Overnight Site Approval Form.

Family camping or pack overnighters are "pack-organized overnight events involving more than one family from a single pack, focused on age-appropriate Cub Scout activities and conducted at council-approved locations. If nonmembers (siblings) participate, the event must be structured accordingly to accommodate them. BSA health and safety and youth protection policies apply. In most cases, each youth member will be under the supervision of a parent or guardian. In all cases, each youth participant is responsible to a specific adult." (Guide to Safe Scouting)

"At least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) to properly understand the importance of program intent, youth protection policies, health and safety, site selection, age-appropriate activities, and sufficient adult participation." Find a BALOO training course near you. "At least one adult must complete Hazardous Weather training" which is available online." All registered adults must have completed BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT). At least one registered adult who has completed BSA Youth Protection training must be present at all events and activities. Youth Protection Training is valid for two years from the date completed." YPT is available online.

"The tour and activity plan is an excellent tool, that should be included in preparation for all activities, even those not requiring it. It guides a tour leader through itineraries, travel arrangements, two-deep leadership, supervision qualifications, and transportation."

Bovay Scout Ranch Weekend Camping Reservations

Packs and Webelos dens can camp at Bovay Scout Ranch and Camp BrosigRead Sam Houston Area Council's camp policies, and then click on the date to make a reservation:

About Bovay Scout Ranch

Enjoy all the wonder and beauty of the central Texas rolling hills and lakes at Bovay Scout Ranch. Bovay has year-round camping program opportunities for pack overnighters and Webelos dens. Conveniently located 60 minutes from downtown Houston, Bovay Scout Ranch can be found just three miles south of Navasota on the east side of Highway 6, on County Road 317. During family camping weekends, the pack leadership plans the camping program and food. Campsites, restrooms and showers are available; however, the program areas and dining hall are not available during family camping.

In addition to family camping, Bovay Scout Ranch also has three programs which includes a fun, advancement based program, and meals: Resident CampAdventure Camp and Webelos Coyote Xtreme Camp

Camp Staff

Bovay Scout Ranch is looking for dedicated volunteers and paid staff to serve Scouting by working at McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp throughout the year and Resident Camp during July. The requirements are stiff; the jobs are demanding; the experience is exhilarating. For applications, contact Geno Aguilar.

For Questions Contact

Geno Aguilar
Bovay Scout Ranch and Camp Brosig Reservations
 (713) 756-3304




Fritz Maxwell
Council Camping Chair




Vincent Manning
Bovay Scout Ranch and Camp Brosig Professional Adviser
 (713) 756-3380

Calling all Venturers 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Sunday, July 5, 2015 4:20:00 PM

Venturing Extravaganza

August 14-16, 2015
Bovay Scout Ranch

The Venturing Extravaganza is the end-of-the-summer activity for all Venturers, Sea Scouts and your friends who are thinking about joining the program.  Make it a full weekend or part of the weekend. Venturers can camp, or just enjoy a long, summer day. The Venturing Extravaganza is being held at Bovay Scout Ranch and offers a chance to relax, do as much, or as little as you want, visit with old friends and make new friends, enjoy meals prepared for you, and of course, engage in a lot of fun activities.
The theme for the weekend is Venturing in Time – Come join us at the various program areas where you and your friends can participate in  shooting sports, slip & slide, a 1980s Arcade, Renaissance Jousting games, a 1830s Texian Outpost, and much much more!! And remember, we kick-off Friday night with a movie. 

Register            More Information      Join a Crew

About Venturing

Venturing is a youth development program in Sam Houston Area Council for young men and women 14 years of age (and in the 9th grade) through 20 years old. Venturing provides positive experiences to help young people mature and become responsible and caring adults. The program offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development, citizenship, and physical fitness.  Each Venturing crew has its own special interest, often including (but not limited to) outdoors activities, sports, arts and hobbies, religious life, or aquatics. These activities, plus service projects, ceremonies, and friendly  competition,  help youth to learn the core values and give them a sense of personal achievement. Consultants from the community play an important part in Venturing. Through positive peer group interaction and adult mentoring, youth also learn honesty, responsibility, and respect.


Venturing crews can be coed, all-male, or all-female. The chartered organization and the leadership make that decision. The special interest is determined by the chartered organization and by the interests and capabilities of the youth and adults in the crew or ship.


Update Your Pin at 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Sunday, July 5, 2015 1:45:00 PM
Attention Unit Leaders: is a tool prospective families use to find units to join. has a Google pin for every unit. Is your unit information up to date, or do you have the unit leader from three years ago as your contact?  

Unit leaders can update your unit information to make it EASY for new Scouting families to find your unit by logging into and looking under Unit Tools, selecting BeAScout, and then clicking on Unit Pin Management.

Build Stronger Units 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Thursday, May 14, 2015 6:00:00 PM

A common element of strong units is they all have a good annual program planned a year in advance, that is then shared with all families in the form of a calendar, trained leaders and the right leaders. After Program Preview, units should conduct an annual program planning conference to get ready for the coming year. Using national planning resources, as well as various calendars (e.g., council, district, school, chartered partner), units can develop a program filled with safe and fun activities and adventures.  Planning ahead allows the unit to generate new ideas, find resources, and allow more Scouts to have a quality program that is exciting and will create memories! 

The Program Guide contains valuable information about council and district programs, descriptions and calendars and is an essential tool for unit leaders. 

Additional resources can be found here.

Leaders who want a meaningful, exciting, and comprehensive youth program that achieves the objectives of the Scouting program will find this format ideal. The result is a well-managed, well-financed unit. Recognizing this, the BSA recommends the following plan:

  1. Plan your complete annual program.

2.  Develop a budget that includes enough income to achieve the program.

3.  Identify the amount of product (e.g., popcorn, Scout Fair Coupon Books) that will need to be sold per youth member to reach the income goal.

4.  Get commitments from parents and youth.

New Cub Scouts Program Updates Training 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Saturday, April 18, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Cub Scout Program Updates

Saturday, August 15, 2015
9:00 - 11:00 am
Cockrell Scout Center (2225 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77008)

Experience the NEW Cub Scout Adventure Program

The Cub Scout program is changing! Come and learn all about the new exciting changes that went into effect June 1, 2015!

All Cub Scout leadership, parents, den leaders, committee members, and unit commissioners are invited to attend. There is no charge to attend.

RSVP for Cub Scout Program Updates Training                 Get pack meeting plans for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

Everything you need to know about the new Cub Scouting program

Adventure ahead! By now, you’ve heard that Cub Scouting is getting a big upgrade on June 1 of this year. We’ve got your road map to the new Cub Scouting program, including what’s changing (and what isn’t), the new adventure loops and tips on how to transition your pack to the revised program.

The Cub Scout motto is “Do Your Best,” but maybe it should be “Embrace Change.” Since Cub Scouting began in 1930, the program has changed frequently. Age limits have dropped. Tigers have been introduced. Lions have gone extinct. The Webelos Scout program has appeared and expanded. Den mothers have become den leaders, and men and women now serve as Cubmasters. But perhaps the biggest changes lie ahead. Effective June 1, the BSA is making sweeping changes to Cub Scouting, changes that promise to make the program more fun and engaging.


What’s Not Changing?
Earlier this year, rumors flew around the Internet that the Cub Scout uniform was changing. It’s not.

In fact, most things about Cub Scouting are staying the same, including den and pack structures, age and gender requirements, and the emphasis on fun and doing your best.

Cub Scouting will now have seven methods: Living the Ideals (which incorporates the former Making Character Connections method), Belonging to a Den, Using Advancement, Involving Family and Home, Participating in Activities, Serving Home and Neighborhood, and Wearing the Uniform.

All that’s really changing is how the ideals and advancement methods are implemented.

Updated Ideals
Cub Scouting has come a long way from the 1930s, when Cub Scouts pledged to be “square” (considered a good thing at the time!). Back then, the Cub Scout Promise simply read, “I, [name], promise to do my best to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack.” As part of the revised Cub Scout program, the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack have been retired, and boys will now learn the Scout Oath and Scout Law. This change emphasizes the unity of the Scouting movement and makes it a bit easier for Cub Scouting to live out Scouting’s mission and vision statements, both of which refer to the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The Cub Scout motto, sign, salute and handshake are not changing. 

What’s an Adventure?
Perhaps the most important word in the revised Cub Scout program is “adventure.” In Cub Scout terms, an adventure is a collection of themed, multidisciplinary activities representing enough engaging content for three den meetings and one pack meeting — about a month’s worth of programming, in other words.

The word “adventure” emphasizes that Cub Scout activities should be fun and should take boys places they’ve never been. The adventures focus on learning by doing instead of learning by listening. Requirements are full of words like build, play, go, find, demonstrate and discover, not words like discuss, learn and share.

The Tiger, Wolf and Bear books contain 19 adventures each, while the Webelos Handbook (which covers two years) contains 27. That means there will be plenty of material for year-round fun, even in the Arrow of Light year.

The Academics and Sports Program
Cub Scouts have been earning belt loops for individual and team sports since 1985 and for academic subjects since 1991, and it’s no doubt they enjoyed the bling. Often, however, earning belt loops detracted from the advancement program as some boys (and leaders) focused on easy belt loops over more challenging — and meaningful — achievements.

With the introduction of the new advancement program, the Academics and Sports Program has been retired. However, many of its best elements have been incorporated into the new adventures, and the new adventure loops ensure that boys’ belts will be as jangly as ever.

The old advancement program included a dizzying array of beads, badges, belt loops, arrow points, compass points and activity pins.

Now, each rank will follow the same format. To earn a rank, a boy must complete a mix of seven required and elective adventures.

New Cub Scouts will continue to earn the Bobcat badge before working on other requirements. To earn Bobcat, boys must learn about the Scout Oath and Scout Law and the Cub Scout sign, handshake, motto and salute; they must also complete the exercises described in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

Boys receive an adventure loop (previously called belt loops) for each adventure at the Tiger, Wolf and Bear levels, and an adventure pin (worn on the Webelos colors or Webelos cap) for each adventure at the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks. The recognition items for required adventures are full-color, while the ones for elective adventures are monochromatic. Once a boy completes seven adventures for a given rank, he receives the pocket patch.

To maintain consistency across ranks, boys entering the program in the fifth grade no longer must earn the Webelos badge as a prerequisite for Arrow of Light.

Transitioning to the Revised Program
The revised program goes into effect on June 1. Boys who join on or after that date will complete the new Bobcat requirements and then start on the appropriate rank for their age group (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos or Arrow of Light). Similarly, returning Cub Scouts will move to the next rank in the revised program when their program year starts. (The transition works a little differently in packs chartered to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. See the guide posted for details.)

Boys who have earned the Webelos badge and are moving to Arrow of Light this summer or fall have two options:

  1. they may continue to work out of the current handbook and complete the old Arrow of Light requirements, or
  2. they may begin using the new Webelos Handbook for Arrow of Light.

If they choose option 2, they must complete the four required adventures; their three electives may come from the new adventures or from activity badges they earned under the old program but did not use to fulfill Webelos rank requirements.

Introducing Ethan
Boys are aspirational by nature. They long to become like their big brothers, their older cousins, and the kids who are a grade or two ahead of them in school.

Starting this year, many Cub Scouts will aspire to be Ethan.

Ethan is a new character who appears in all four Cub Scout handbooks and speaks directly to the reader about what he’s been doing in Scouting. In each handbook, Ethan is a year or two older than the boys he’s addressing. (In theTiger Handbook, he’s a Wolf, while in the Webelos Handbook, he’s a Boy Scout.)

Ethan introduces each of the required adventures, shares tips from his own experiences and previews what boys can look forward to as they progress in Scouting. While Ethan is a good Scout, he’s not a perfect one. He struggles to master the square knot, he gets scared by a spooky ghost story, and he forgets the jelly for PB&J sandwiches. But he always has fun and is always ready for his next adventure.

New for 2015: Den Leader Guides
The revised program comes complete with four printed den leader guides that complement the youth handbooks. More comprehensive than the old Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide, these books offer the following resources for each adventure:

  • The rationale for the adventure
  • Takeaways for Cub Scouts (learning objectives)
  • A list of the adventure requirements
  • Planning and implementation notes
  • Detailed meeting plans (including supply lists and handouts)

Meeting preparation should be easier because the guides are self-contained — there’s no need to search through other publications for games or song lyrics, for example. Leaders who pilot-tested the adventures found that it took them about 45 minutes to prepare for an hourlong meeting.

What About Akela?
In the revised Cub Scout program, Akela will still be a special term for any leader, and the Cub Scout sign will still resemble the attentive ears of a wolf. Cub Scouting’s use of characters from The Jungle Book will be mentioned in the youth handbooks but, beyond that, the TC, Akela and Baloo characters won’t show up. (Keep in mind that The Jungle Book was published in 1894 and that most people’s frame of reference is the Disney movie that came out 48 years ago.)

Quick Links

Breaking News

New Pack Meeting Plans Available Now!
Pack meeting plans for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Cub Scouting years are now available! From the Cubmaster’s Minute to resource lists, you’ll find everything you need to lead fun and engaging pack meetings! And they support the new Cub Scouting program, too! Click here to download the plans.

Updated Requirements for Cub Scout Awards
The requirements for the National Den Award, National Summertime Pack Award, Cub Scout World Conservation Award, and the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award have been revised to reflect the new Cub Scouts program launching June 1, 2015. Click here for details .

New Cub Scouting Images Available Now!
Looking to update your presentations with new graphics? Click here for images such as: the new Tiger logo, new adventure loop and pin icons, new youth handbook covers, new leader resource covers, and more! Click here.

Purchasing Adventure Loops and Pins for Recognition
The new adventure insignia (belt loops and pins) will be available for purchase in Scout Shops as immediate recognition devices. No advancement report required. Purchase of rank badges continues to require signed advancement reports. Click here for policy statement .

Day Camp Guidance – New Cub Scout Program Launch
If you’ve planned your 2015 Day Camp using the current Academics and Sports program (retiring as the new program transitions June 1), no need to change course. Work with your local scout shop to make sure the needed insignia from the current program are still available and in their inventory. Click here for further guidance .

Transition in LDS Chartered Units – New Cub Scout Program
Need additional guidance on transitioning from the current to the new Cub Scout program in LDS units? Click here for details on making a smooth transition .

Orientation Videos

Exciting changes are coming to the Cub Scouting program that will make it simpler to execute for unit leaders and more fun for boys! Check out the videos below outlining the changes.

Supplemental Roundtable Content

To help prepare unit leaders for the new Cub Scouting program launching June 1, supplemental roundtable content has been developed to replace or supplement the current sessions listed as "Cub Scout Interest Topics" for January–July 2015. 

Available installments are posted below.

January – Program Support for Den Leaders
Topic Guide 
Presentation Materials 

February – Advancement
Topic Guide 
Presentation Materials 

March – Program Planning
Topic Guide 
Presentation Materials 

April – New Pack Meeting Plans
Topic Guide 
Presentation Materials 

May – Aquatic Adventures
Topic Guide 
Presentation Materials 

Additional content will be posted the last week of each month as follows:

June – Campfire Programs
July – Resources for Packs and Den Leaders

Latest Information

Find more information at


Upcoming Scout Days 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Tuesday, April 14, 2015 12:18:00 PM

Buffalo Soldier Scout Days

Sunday, September 20 and Sunday, November 15
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Buffalo Soldiers Museum has an exciting opportunity for Scouts on several days.  The Museum has offered to include guided tours and the opportunity to review advancement requirements for the Heritages Belt Loop and American Cultures Merit Badge. The Scout Days also include re-enactments of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. The cost is $3 for Scouts and $5 for adults. For more information and to purchase tickets Call (713) 942-8920. This program was conceived by the African American Committee on Scouting. 

Coin Collecting Merit Badge

August 1-2, 2015

Boy Scouts can work on the Coin Collecting Merit Badge at the Bellair Coin Club Coin Show. Scoutings in uniform are admitted free. The Coin show will have rare US coins, gold and silver bullion, world and ancient coins and more.  The event is being held at the Bellaire Civic Center (7008 South Rice Avenue, Bellaire, Texas 77401) from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday and from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm on Sunday. For more information, call 281-910-0741.

Sugar Land Skeeters Scout Sleepover

Friday, August 7, 2015 

Join the Sugar Land Skeeters for a Scout Sleepover on Friday, August 7.  Scouts will be able to participate in a pre-game parade, watch the game from box seats, enjoy post-game fireworks and camp out on the field. Tickets are $26. For more information, please contact Sonny Okpon at(281) 207-9120

Safety Merit Badge at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

August 15 and October 17, 2015
Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital will host several opportunity for Boy Scout troops or individuals to fulfill the requirements for the Safety Merit Badge. This program includes an interactive, educational component and tour of the emergency and trauma services of the hospital. A light breakfast is provided. All sessions are from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Location: 6411 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030. Cost is $25 registration fee per Scout. Any Boy Scout (at least 10 years of age) can participate. Each session is limited to 20 Scouts. Prerequisite work must be completed prior to arrival to the facility. To register, contact 713-222-CARE (2273) or by clicking here. For questions, contact the Pediatric Injury Prevention Coordinator, via email: or via phone: 713.704.0108.

Wet 'n Wild Scout Day

Saturday August 29, 2015
"Splash into Safety" and join Wet 'n Wild for Scout Day. A section of the park opens at 9:00 a.m. (an hour early) exclusively for Scouts to see lifeguards in action with lifesaving rescues, first aid practice and skills you can use every day. Select attractions will open at 9:30 a.m. for the scouts and their families.  The Scout Day special event ticket will also include lunch in one of the private pavilions and a souvenir patch. This special event ticket must be pre-purchased. Pre-Purchased Ticket Price: $33.99 each, plus tax . Deadline: Pre-purchase by August 15, 2015. To Purchase Tickets call: (281) 355-3300 ext. 113 or ext. 114 For more information about Wet 'n Wild Splash Day call (281) 355-3300 ext. 103

Scout Day with the Astros

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Join the Houston Astros celebrate Scout Day at Minute Maid Park. Arrive early to participate in a pregame parade and stay late for a post game run around the bases! To order tickets click here, password: Scout. For orders of 20 or more and to save on service charges contact Brent Broussard at (713) 259-8316.  The first 2000 Scouts will receive a Scout Day Patch. To receive a patch orders must be made through link or as part of a Scout group through this offer. For more information contact Brent Broussard at (713) 259-8316 or

Registration Form


National Weather Service Skywarn Classes

The National Weather Service Houston/Galveston office offers free Skywarn classroom and webinar training courses on how to spot and report severe weather. Scouters are invited to attend. Upcoming training sessions are posted here.



Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science offers a variety of classes for Scouts.

  • Tigers, Wolves, and Bears can earn the Astronomy, Geology, Science, and Weather Belt Loops and Pins in 2-hour classes. Two classes can be taken in one day and entrance to the general exhibits is included. Classes are offered through the school year on Saturdays.
  • Engineer, Forester, Geologist, Naturalist and Scientist activity badges can be earned by Webelos in two-hour classes on Saturdays through the school year. The Engineer, Into the Woods, Earth Rocks, Into the Wild, and Science adventure badges will be introduced in the summer and fall of 2015 . Two classes can be taken in one day and entrance to the general exhibits is included.
  • Boy Scouts and Webelos can attend the museum's Summer Scout Academy! A total of 28 different merit badges are offered, including four Eagle Scout required badges during summer classes. Two or three badges with similar topics are grouped together in each week-long class. Registration opens in February.
  • Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos can spend the night at the museum during the Scout Adventure Night!  Scouts can all have an exclusive adventure through the Museum exhibit halls, with activities and a special program in the Burke Baker Planetarium, where Scouts have a clear night adventure under the stars!

The Health Museum

The Health Museum offers a variety of classes for Scouts. Private classes can also be scheduled for groups of 10 or more Scouts on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Webelos can work on the Forester, Geologist, Traveler, Citizen, Readyman, Scientist, Fitness, and Aquanaut badges.
  • Boy Scouts can work on 21 different merit badges.


Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

The Houston Arboretum & Nature Center offers a variety of classes for Scouts. Scouts investigate the nature sanctuary with a naturalist and learn about the fascinating ecology of the forest. All of our Scout programs are conducted by staff naturalists and use our nature sanctuary as a field laboratory for hands-on explorations!

  • Tigers, Wolves and Bears can work on some outdoor advancements during their Cub Scout Workshops.
  • Webelos can work on the Naturalist and Forester badges
  • Boy Scouts can work on the Bird Study merit badge and conduct Eagle Scout projects.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo offers a spend the night at the zoo for a unique, after-hours experience which includes interactive activities, touchable animals, pizza dinner, Scout advancements on certain nights, and a continental breakfast!  

Weather Center Houston

The Weather Center Houston offers the Boy Scout Weather merit badge.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

The Armand Bayou Nature Center offers a variety of classes for Scouts. 

  • Tigers, Wolves and Bears can work on several outdoor advancements.
  • Webelos can work on the Naturalist and Forester badge.

Watch for additional Scout Days to be announced soon.

For more information, contact:

Shane Burks
Marketing/Communications Director
(713) 756-3301




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