Square Knot Notes

Square Knot Notes is a monthly newsletter for commissioners.


March 2021 (first aid training, shooting sports training, new CEO, University of Scouting)
February 2021 (spring online fundraiser, University of Scouting year-round recruiting, summer planning)
January 2021(Scout Fair update, Ongoing Commitment to Youth Safety, Unit Strong)
November 2020 (Retuning to Scouting, Promoting Scouting)
September 2020 (Rank advancement update, Silver Beaver recipients)
August 2020 (Fall recruiting, Text to join Cub Scouts)
May 2020 (Scoutbook University, Digital Safety)
April 2020 (Scouting at Home, Virtual Scouting Resources)
November 2019 (Sea Scouts, Bunk Bed Safety)
October 2019 (Roundtable)



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