Council First Aid Meet

February 13, 2021  |  8:00 am - 2:00 am

The First Aid Meet is an event that challenges Scouts in troops to perform first aid in simulated real-life situations. Patrols compete in practical first aid problems, displaying hands-on skills from the Scout Handbook, First Aid Merit Badge pamphlet and current American Red Cross guidelines.

For the 43rd annual SHAC First Aid Meet, there will not be a limit on the number of patrols from each district, nor is it required that patrols must place in a district-sponsored first aid meet in order to participate. The event will be conducted via videoconferencing.


Before registering, have the name of the patrol(s) and patrol members.



Teams: Patrols must be from existing patrols. Patrols may not be mixed from different troops. Venturers are currently not allowed to participate in the council meet. 

Scenarios: For each scenario, there will be five Scouts allowed. No books, electronic devices, apps, cards or pamphlets are allowed unless expressly permitted by the new virtual format. The final scenario will be a Mega Scenario, in which all five Scouts will have injuries that require First Aid.

Judging:  The judging standard will be the current Scout Handbook, First Aid Merit Badge pamphlet and current American Red Cross guidelines. Scouts will need to know how to perform CPR with respirations and compressions and how to use an AED.

Judges: Every patrol should provide at least one Scouter or Scout parent that can serve as a judge. While not mandatory for participation, this adult judge will ensure enough judges to assist with the meet and finish in a timely manner. Judges will be instructed in scoring procedures prior to the scenarios and will not judge their own district's team.

Equipment:  Every patrol is expected to provide all equipment needed to perform first aid problems, including poles and blankets or other material for making an improvised stretcher; a troop/patrol size first aid kit with splints, bandages and sunscreen; rescue breathing apparatus/mannequin; sleeping bag; bottles of water for patrol members; patrol flag with stand and patrol sign (as shown in registration materials). The ability to participate in a virtual meeting will be necessary.

Medical Forms: Every participant needs to bring a copy of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A and B for all Scouting events). 

Awards: Medals will be given to the top three teams (five per team). Every participant will receive a patch.



David Krusleski
Council First Aid Meet Chair

Geno Aguilar
Council First Aid Meet Registration
 (713) 756-3304