College of Commissioner Science

November 12-13, 2021  |  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Camp Strake
2020 Camp Strake Rd.
Coldspring, TX 77331

The College of Commissioner Science is a day of training for commissioners from Commissioner Basic Training through advanced learning experiences in unit service. The objectives are to help commissioners expand their skills and unit service philosophy. The goal of this experience is to promote the increased effectiveness of the individual commissioner.

This ongoing training opportunity will benefit new commissioners and experienced unit commissioners. Participants do not have to be a commissioner. Any adult leader that is interested in the numerous resources available in the Scouting movement is also invited to attend.

A commissioner retreat is being held on Friday, November 12, 2021.  More information is coming soon.


Class sizes are limited and are expected to fill quickly. The registration fee is $25 and includes lunch.  Refund Policy.

Registration opens in October.

 Schedule    Course Descriptions


Schedule Overview

7:30 am Gathering
8:00 am Keynote Speaker
9:00 am Period 1
10:00 am Period 2
11:00 am Period 3
12:00 pm Lunch Break (online socializing in breakout rooms)
1:00 pm Period 4
2:00 pm Period 5
3:00 pm Period 6

Highlights for CCS 2020

• 38 courses offered
• Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate, and continuing education courses
• 50-minute classes; 10-minute breaks between and 1-hour lunch breach
• Distinguished commissioners will be recognized
• Keynote speaker will be Roger Mosby, President and CEO of BSA


Why Attend CCS 2020?

Content – Updated, degree-track national curriculum
Instructors – District commissioners and others with years of experience
Confidence – Knowing you are doing your job right

Degrees and Learning Opportunities

  • Associate's Degree is the beginning of the commissioner experience that includes Commissioner Basic Training.(not being offered in 2020)
  • Bachelor of Commissioner Science (BCS) is an entry-level program for commissioners who have completed basic commissioner training.
  • Master of Commissioner Science (MCS) focuses on advanced problem solving and administrative skill instruction.
  • Doctorate of Commissioner Science (DCS) is a two-year program that challenges candidates to identify, develop, and present a project or service concept to a panel of their peers.
  • Continuing Education (CED) is an opportunity to expand knowledge and increase the effectiveness of unit service.


  • Degree Requirements required to earn the Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees.
  • Transcript System contains a listing of all courses that commissioners have taken at the College of Commissioner Science. It is a useful tool to help commissioners determine courses needed for the various degrees.

How to Register

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How to Modify a Registration

To change class selections after registering:

• Logon to or use the direct link in your emailed receipt.
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John Brogan
College of Commissioner Science Dean

Lynda Worlow
College of Commissioner Science Registration


Commissioner College Transcript System (CTS) Admin

Pam White
College of Commissioner Science Doctorate Dean


Chris Hogue
College of Commissioner Science Staff Advisor