Doubleknot Registration Instructions

The council uses Doubleknot, an online payment services company for non-profit organizations for camp registration. A unit leader registers the unit for summer camp or winter


Edit a Registration       Select / Edit Merit Badge Classes      Reports      Make a Payment


Click the Registration button at or

Add Attendees


Select / Change Merit Badge Classes


Login: Use the link in the emailed receipt, or log in at
If you need help to obtain your user ID and password, click on 

• Logging on will bring you to the Summary tab showing your current registrations, reservations, and/or memberships. Click on the desired action button to make a payment or view the details and update the registration. Please note that changes to a registration may be restricted after a certain date, so the update action may not appear.

Step 1:
Click on
Step 2: Select a participant: 
Step 3: Select a day or period: 
Step 4: Select classes.  For winter camp, classes are block schedule (day 1 & 2 or 3 & 4). Some have evening classes.
Only classes that are not full will appear. You will not be able to select classes that conflict with previously selected classes.
Use the trash can to delete classes. 
Step 5: Repeat step 3 and 4 for each day or period:  
Repeat steps 1 to 5 for additional Scouts
Step 6: Click on continue at the bottom.    
  Step 7: To save changes, click on   


  →     Select checkout two times.  
  Select payment type:    

​Registrations /
Make a Payment

Login: Use the link in the emailed receipt, or log in at
To obtain your User ID and Password, click on 
Click on the Registrations tab.  
Click on Updates/Edits or Make Payment. Classes that are full will not appear.  

Pull Reports

Login: Use the link in the emailed receipt, or log in at
If you need help, click on 
Click on the Registrations tab.
Click on Reports.  
Select the report.  

1. Class/Activity Completion Award:
    List of advancements completed by every Scout.

2. Unit Schedule w page breaks:
    Schedule for each Scout.

3. Unit Schedules by MB:
    List of merit classes and Scouts registered.

Download: Export report to Word.


Summer Camp Registration Contact       Winter Camp Registration Contact      Doubleknot Support