It’s time to saddle up the horses, put on your boots and cowboy hat and round up your Cub Scouts. Explore the wild and wooly West.  Learn about the Chisholm Trail and its hardships. Locate on a map the actual route that the cattle drive took. Find out what the cowboys wore and the safety reason for each garment. Learn about leather and rope-making crafts. Plan a field trip to see horses and wagons or learn about Western history. Learn to sing "Home on the Range" and other western songs. Experience trail food as everyone tries beans and jerky for dinner.

As the pioneers headed west across this great country, they met many difficulties, yet they did not give up. Instead, they kept going, overcame the adversities they met, and helped to develop our wonderful country. Perseverance is defined as sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult.

Texas Badge

Cub Scouts in 2nd - 5th grade can work on the Texas Badge and to learn about the state of Texas and its history and customs. Before printing the passport, save the document to your computer and then follow the instructions

Texas Badge Passport       Requirements     Order awards


The volunteer committee is working on updating these resources with the most recent advancement changes, including the addition of girls and Lions. If you find any errors, suggestions for changes, improvements, or additional ideas, let us know.


Western Theme Ideas

Pack meeting and blue and gold banquet ideas including skits, songs, advancement ceremonies, opening/closing ceremonies and more can be found in our theme ideas:

Western Theme Ideas (.pdf) - coming soon         .doc version 



Texas-themed placemats can be to used as a gathering activity to help promote day camp. Print one-sided to two-sided. Before printing, insert the date, time, location and web URL of your district day camp on page 2.

Texas Placemat  8.5x11        Texas Placemat 8.5x14



Visit our western-themed Pinterest boards on the council Pinterest page for more ideas.  

Western Theme Pinterest Board 


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