WCTXNovember 10-12, 2023

Bovay Scout Ranch
3450 County 317
Navasota, TX 77868

Webelos Coyote Trail Xtreme is an annual event for 4th and 5th-grade Webelos Scouts at Bovay Scout Ranch. The event is designed to challenge and entertain Webelos Scouts in a fun and age-appropriate way. Scouts will work in patrols to participate in a variety of activities, including leather belt making, patrol challenges, pioneering projects, cooking, and low-cope team-building activities. Scouts will learn about teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. Webelos Scouts will get a taste of the additional opportunities that Scouting offers once they crossover to Scouts BSA through interacting with older youth leaders from Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts, and the Order of the Arrow. 


Webelos Scouts and their parent(s)/guardian(s) can register. 

  • Webelos Scout: $115  (includes four meals, a patch, t-shirt, water bottle and program supplies). 
  • Adult: $40 (includes four meals).
  • Scouts must be members of the Boy Scouts of America.  
  • There is no program or provisions for siblings.
  • Council refund policy.

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Leadership Requirements

  • Webelos Scouts registering without their den should bring at least one family member.
  • Webelos Scouts registering with a den may be under the direction of a Webelos leader and an additional registered adult leader, but Webelos leaders may not be responsible for more than one additional non-registered youth or youth that's not registered in their unit.
  • Every adult must have a copy of their Youth Protection Training certificate taken online at myscouting.org within the last 2 years.
  • Every Webelos Scout must be under the supervision of a leader, parent, or guardian.
  • All participants must follows all Guide to Safe Scouting rules.

What to Bring

Personal (check with Cubmaster):

  • Copy of a current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A & B for all Scouting events) for every participant
  • Copy of Youth Protection Training certificate, for every adult
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag, sheets or blanket
  • Pillow
  • Cot or air mattress
  • Personal items (e.g., deodorant, comb, medications, toothpaste, toothbrush)
  • Water bottle, canteen, or cup 
  • Field uniform (Scout uniform) or activity uniform (Scout t-shirt), suggested
  • Clothing appropriate for weather and extra clothes
  • Closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes) and extra pair 
  • Pajamas or sleeping clothes
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight and extra batteries 
  • Personal medications
  • Swimsuit and towel (weather permitting)
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Sunscreen
  • Pocket knife and Totin' Chip
  • Personal first aid kit 
  • Day pack
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First-aid kit
  • Small trash bags for restrooms
  • Large trash bags (55-gallon) for campsite trash cans
  • Toilet paper
  • Wash soap for restrooms
  • Camper Release Form for Scouts whose parents are not attending camp


  • Proof of BSA Swim Test,  optional, but required to participate in canoeing.
  • Money for patches, snacks and beverages, and t-shirts at the camp trading post, Trader Vics.
  • Snacks (do not keep in the tent)
  • Friday night snack (eat before arriving)
  • Alarm clock
  • Battery operated lantern
  • Bicycle and bike helmet
  • Book of Faith
  • Camera
  • Camp chair
  • Webelos Handbook
  • Fishing gear
  • Glow sticks (great to keep track of your kids at night and to play games)
  • Lockable footlocker
  • Shower shoes
  • Sports drinks or flavor packets for water (to help keep Scouts hydrated)
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Phone battery backup charger
  • Wagon

Mark all items with name and pack number. *Electricity is very limited. 

What NOT to bring to camp:  Alcohol, electronics/game equipment, firearms, guns and ammunition, illegal drugs, liquid fuel lanterns or stoves, pets, scooters, skates, skateboards, valuables 

BSA Swim Test

  • All adults participating in canoeing are required to have a current BSA Swim test.
  • All Webelos Scouts who participate in canoeing are encouraged to pass a BSA Swim test.
  • Webelos Scouts may canoe with a registered adult leader who has a current BSA swim test.


The swim check must be conducted by a certified lifeguard or swimming instructor according to the BSA Swim Classification Procedures. Many YMCAs, or local pools have lifeguards that will conduct a BSA swim test for a small fee.

Swim Classification Procedures Record and Classifications

Camp Policies

Every adult attending Bovay Scout Ranch must be familiar with the Leader’s Guide which includes council policies and procedures, and the Guide to Safe Scouting.


  • Webelos Coyote ExtremeCampers may check-in between 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Friday evening or between 7:00 - 8:00 am on Saturday morning.
  • Programs begin on Saturday at 8:00 and runs until 8:30 pm. 
  • For packs attending: The designated leader will check in at the registration office in the administration building (approximately one mile past the main gate on the left) and register the unit or group.
  • For individual registrations: The individual registered Webelos Scout with an accompanying parent or legal guardian will check in at the Headquarters breezeway.
  • Campers will be assigned campsites by staff and welcomed by a youth troop guide. All campsites have a pavilion with multiple picnic tables and a blue fire water bucket.

Mandatory paperwork

1. Camp roster, two copies;
2. Youth Protection Training, copy of certificate for every adult;
3. Current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A and B) for each participant, two copies alphabetized in an envelope or notebook (one to keep in campsite and one to turn in during registration);
4. Camp registration confirmation (printed receipt);
5. Hazardous Weather Training, copy of certificate for one adult in the unit (taken online within past years).

When registration is complete, the staff will assign campsites and campers may then proceed to their campsite. All campsites have a pavilion with multiple picnic tables and a red fire water bucket. Distribute wristbands to all youth and adults. Everyone must wear their designated wristbands at all times. Wristband colors determine which rotation schedule the Scout should follow. Please follow the specified rotation schedule as the program is designed for a specific number of youth at each outpost.

Departure Procedures

  • Please make sure all personal camping gear is packed before breakfast.
  • Camp is closed on Sunday at 12:00 pm.
  • On Sunday morning, the campmaster will drop off cleaning supplies at the restrooms. Follow the written instructions on cleaning assigned showers and restrooms.
  • Scouts should conduct a “police line” where Scouts stand within arm’s length of each other and walk the entire campsite picking up all trash.
  • The campmaster will inspect each campsite to make sure the campsite, restrooms, showers, and pavilions are undamaged and clean, and that all gear and trash is removed.
  • After passing inspection, proceed to the administration building to sign out and pick up paperwork. 

Open Program

There will be an optional open program time on Sunday morning.  Rappelling will be only offered Sunday morning.

Schedule and Activities

WCTX-QR-codeWebelos Scouts will be able to participate in rappelling, canoeing, leatherwork, fishing, team building challenges, orienteering, patrol challenges, catapults,  and an exciting campfire program. Prepare for fun, meeting new friends, and be ready for an action-packed weekend!

  • Webelos Scouts will work on the following advancements:
    • Webelos Walkabout #3, 6
    • Outdoor Adventurer #1, 2, 3 a, b, c, 5
  • Rappelling will only be offered during the open program period on Sunday morning.

Tentative Schedule


6:00 - 8:00 pm Check-in, camp set up, (eat dinner before arriving) Headquarters Building
8:00 pm Cracker Barrel and Star Gazing Safari Room
9:00 pm Showers and Lights Out  


7:00  am Reveille and Breakfast (grab-and-go) Campsites
8:00 am Opening Flags Flag pole
8:20 am Patrol Team Building Program Area
9:00 am Period 1 Program Area
10:10 am Period 2 Program Area
11:20 am Period 3 Program Area
12:30 pm Lunch  and Rest / Branding Dining Hall
1:55 pm Period 4 Program Area
3:05 pm Period 5 Program Area
4:15 pm Period 6  Program Area
5:25 pm Closing Flags Flag pole
5:45 pm Dinner and Branding Dining Hall
6:45 pm Service Project  
7:30 pm Closing Campfire Campfire Ring
9:00 pm Showers and Lights Out  


8:00 am Reveille  
8:30 am Interfaith Worship Service  
8:45 am Breakfast (grab and go), Branding and Checkout  
9:00 am Optional Open Program (rappelling, canoeing, shooting sports) Program Areas
12:00 pm Camp Closes  

*The final schedule will be provided during the cracker barrel on Friday night. Schedules vary based on camp attendance.

Cracker Barrel

A cracker barrel is an evening snack and time for fellowship with other Scouts or Scouters. The term cracker barrel is most thought to come from the time when people would shop at their local general store and gather around the cracker barrel to sit and visit with others in the community, much like the modern-day water cooler. The food is typically kept simple, such as cheese and crackers, summer sausage, chips and cookies. On campouts, many troops have a Friday night cracker barrel with the leaders and youth leadership to review the weekend schedule.

A cracker barrel will be held on Friday night. Webelos leaders and one Webelos Scout denner are invited to a special cracker barrel where last-minute information and changes will be communicated.  Please bring a cup and pen. 

Camp Branding

During lunch, Webelos Scouts can have items (e.g., hat, belt) branded with the camp brand. Items (e.g., cups) will be available for purchase in the Trading Post that are good for branding.  The Webelos Scouts will enjoy this keepsake.

Interfaith Service

The Scout Law teaches, “A Scout is reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. They are faithful in their religious duties. They respect the beliefs of others.” It is important that Scouts be taught to recognize the beliefs of other Scouts and to respect those beliefs. The Webelos to Scout Expo staff will hold an interfaith service on Sunday morning.

General Information


Geno Aguilar
Webelos Coyote Extreme Camp Registration
 (713) 756-3304
 Bovay Scout Ranch:
3450 County Road 317, Navasota, TX 77868


Michael Collins
Bovay Scout Ranch Professional Staff Advisor
 (713) 756-3357