Stewardship of the investments made by our donors are very important to us. Our investment committee meet regularly to review how the funds are invested and if they are performing properly. Below are previous reports including investment fund performance and results.

Council's Investment Fund Spending Policy

The purpose of the Sam Houston Area Council’s investment fund is to assist in the financial requirements of the council, in its delivery of a quality Scout program, in its service to its chartering partners and in its long-term financial sustainability. The investment fund of the council is made up of unrestricted (board designated) net assets, temporarily restricted net assets and permanently restricted (endowment) net assets.

The Sam Houston Area Council manages its investment fund using the guidelines found in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.

The Sam Houston Area Council’s investment fund will only incur costs that are appropriate and reasonable in relation to the assets, the purposes of the council, and the skills available to the council.  These costs, which are netted out from the market value of the fund prior to calculation of a distribution, are related to the audit, investment managers and the council’s human resources responsible for the management and growth of the investment fund.

The spending policy of the Sam Houston Area Council is as follows: The maximum distributable income from the investment fund for any year will be calculated on the basis of market values of the fund determined at least quarterly and averaged over a period of not less than three years immediately preceding the year in which the appropriation for expenditure is to be made multiplied by 5%.

The executive committee may amend this spending policy.

Ratified by Board of Directors June 21, 2010

Investment Oversight

The Sam Houston Area Council Board of Directors has delegated oversight of the council’s endowment to the investment committee which operates within the parameters of the council’s Investment Policy Statement.

The investment committee meets on a quarterly basis to review investment performance, asset allocation and individual manager performance.  It seeks investment returns through a diversified investment portfolio consistent with the approved Investment Policy Statement.

To achieve its investment objective, the council has placed a portion of its portfolio with The Investment Fund for Foundations Multi-Asset Fund and the Boy Scouts of America Commingled Endowment Fund, LP. The TIFF Multi-Asset Fund (MAF) seeks to achieve a total return (price appreciation plus dividends) that, over a majority of market cycles, exceeds inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 5% per annum. Boy Scouts of America Commingled Endowment Fund, LP is a partnership of pooled funds of local councils and the Boy Scouts of America which invests in a diversified portfolio using external managers. The BSA Commingled Endowment Fund, LP is managed by Boy Scouts of America Asset Management, LLC.


For more information about the endowment programs of the Sam Houston Area Council, please contact:

Travis Briner
Director of Development
(713) 756-3370