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Council Coordinated Meeting  

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Monday, March 27, 2023 4:21:00 PM

April 20, 2023  |  7:00 - 8:30 pm

Council Coordinated is a triannual meeting for district leadership to receive updates from the council. The meeting will be held at the Cockrell Scout Center (2225 N Loop W. Houston, Texas 77008).

Scouters will attend the opening general session and then their chosen breakout session.


*District vice-chairs and assistant district commissioners are asked to attend breakouts where their district is not represented by a volunteer.


  • District activity and program chairs
  • District advancement chair
  • District commissioners
  • District finance chairs
  • District membership teams
  • District training chairs
  • Enterprise Risk Management Committee
  • *District chairs will meet beginning at 5:00 pm with the Advisory Board Meeting

BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Tuesday, March 7, 2023 7:03:00 AM

April 28-30, 2023

The BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course is a 16-hour, overnight course for individuals, ages 14 and up who wish to guide units in developing a culture that effectively demonstrates responsible outdoor choices that reduce impacts of Scouting activities. 

Leave No Trace Trainersoutdoor ethics guides, and outdoor ethics advisors are the backbone of Scouting’s outdoor ethics program, providing instruction to individuals and units wishing to adopt cutting-edge outdoor ethics into their unit programs.  

Trainers are specially commissioned to teach the BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course. Each BSA Trainer course is taught by a recognized Leave No Trace Master Educator, so your Trainer standing is recognized nationally by BSA’s partner, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. 

Participants receive a Leave No Trace Trainer card from BSA, BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course Guide and Leave No Trace Trainer certificate from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. 

The Leave No Trace Trainer Course is being held at Camp Brosig in Sealy, TX.


Camp Strake is Going Full Throttle 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Monday, February 13, 2023 9:05:00 AM

April 28-30, 2023

Camp Strake (2020 Camp Strake Rd., Coldspring, TX 77331)

Full Throttle is a weekend event for Scouts BSA. Troops who are camping at Camp Strake in September can sign up their Scouts to participate in various program areas. The camp staff provides the program leadership.

Program areas typically include shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, archery), climbing, COPE (high-ropes course), swimming, ziplining, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and ATV riding.

Learn More and Register


Day Camp 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Friday, February 10, 2023 9:43:00 AM

Grab your safari hat as twilight camp goes to the jungle. Cub Scouts will have a roaring good time! Day/twilight camp is a council camp hosted by districts for Cub Scouts entering 1st through 5th grade next school year. No matter which camp is chosen, the camp will be loaded with an awesome program such as BB guns, archery, sports, games, and crafts, rank advancements, Scout skills, fun and more. Most camps welcome siblings (ages 3+) and Scouts in troops, crews and ships, so make this a great summer for the entire family. Find a camp near you, using our Google map.

Participants receive a t-shirt and patch. Advancements offered at day camp supplement the exciting program offered at resident camp. With 17 different camps to choose from, registered Scouts and their families can find a camp to fit their busy schedules. Camps are run by volunteers. 

Registration: The registration fee includes a patch, t-shirt, and program supplies. Registration closes two weeks before the first day of camp.

Promotional Placemats

Jungle-themed placemats can be to used as a gathering activity at banquets, pack meetings or den meetings to help promote day camp. Print one-sided to two-sided. Before printing, insert the date, time, location and web URL of your district day camp on page 2.

8.5 x 11 Placemat      8.5 x 14 Placemat

Please notify the day camp webmaster of any corrections for this page. 

Register 2023 Dates Time Location  
(SE & SW Houston)
Opens Soon June 5-9 5:30 - 8:30 pm Robert M. Beren Academy  
(West Houston)
Register June 12-16 3:00 - 8:00 pm Long Acre Ranch  
(Bryan, TX)
Register June 12-16 8:30 - 3:00 pm Camp Howdy  
Big Cypress
(Cypress, TX)
Register June 5-8 8:30 am - 3:00 pm Cy Fair Exhibit Center  
Coastal Plains
(Richmond, TX)
Register June 6-9 2:00 - 8:30 pm Long Acres Ranch  
David Crockett
(Sealy, TX)
Register June 1-3 4:00 - 8:00 pm Camp Brosig  
Flaming Arrow
(New Caney, TX)
Register June 13-15 1:30 - 8:30 pm A.V. Bull Sallas Park  
George Strake
(Conroe, TX)


June 13-16 1:00 - 6:00 pm The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Spring)  
Iron Horse
(Spring, TX)


June 12-16 3:00 - 8:00 pm Northside Christian Church  
Lone Star
(Central Houston)
Register June 5-8 5:30 - 8:45 pm North Side Columbus Club  
(West Houston)
Opens Soon June TBD      
(Tomball, TX)
Register June 5-9 4:00 - 8:00 pm Tomball Methodist Church  
(Tomball, TX)
Register June 19-23 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Burroughs Park  
(Baytown, TX)
Red Wolf
(Cypress, TX)
Register June 12-18 3:00 - 8:00 pm St. Timothy Lutheran Church   
San Jacinto
(La Porte, TX)
Register June 19-23 4:30 - 9:00 pm, Mon-Th
4:30 - 8:00 pm, Fr
Lomax Arena  
Texas Skies
(West Houston/Katy)
Register June 12-16 9:00 am - 3:00 pm American Shooting Center  
Thunder Wolf
(Richmond, TX)
Register June 5-9 3:00 - 8:00 pm Long Acre Ranch  
Twin Bayou
(Southwest Houston)
Register June 6-9 6:00 - 9:00 pm St. Luke's Methodist Church  

Webelos Scout Adventure Quest 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Friday, February 10, 2023 9:18:00 AM

Webelos Scout Adventure Camp

July 5-8, 2023

Webelos Scout Adventure Camp is a three-night campout at Camp Strake for Scouts entering fourth and fifth grade the following school year. Webelos Scouts will work on rank advancements, and shoot archery and air rifles. The camp is being held at Camp Strake
2020 (Camp Strake Rd., Coldspring, TX 77331).

Due to construction on the water treatment plant at Bovay Scout Ranch over the summer, there will not be a resident camp for 1st - 3rd graders. 

Learn More & Register


Webelos Scouts will design their own program and can shoot BB guns, shoot air rifles, and work on several Adventures. Webelos Scouts will pick 10 activities (five on day 2 and five on day 3). There will be an evening program with fun activities. 




First Responder - Session A

4th grade - Required
1. Explain what first aid is. Tell what you should do after an accident.
2. Show what to do for hurry cases of first aid: serious bleeding, heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, stopped breathing, stroke, poisoning.
3. Show how to help a choking victim.
4. Show how to treat for shock.
(Take both sessions A & B to earn the First Responder Adventure.)
First Responder - Session B

4th grade - Required
5. Demonstrate how to treat at least five of the following:
    a. Cuts and scratches                                
    b. Burns and scalds
    c. Sunburn
    d. Blisters on the hand or foot
    h. Nosebleed
6. Put together a simple home first-aid kit. Explain what you included and how to use each item correctly.
(Take both sessions A & B to earn the First Responder Adventure.)
Webelos Walkabout

4th grade - Required
1. Plan a hike or outdoor activity.
2. Assemble a first-aid kit suitable for your hike or activity.
3. Recite the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids from memory. Talk about how you can demonstrate them on your Webelos adventures.
4. With your Webelos den or with a family member, hike 3 miles. Before your hike, plan and prepare a nutritious lunch or snack. Enjoy it on your hike, and clean up afterward.
6. Perform one of the following leadership roles during your hike: trail leader, first-aid leader, or lunch or snack leader.
#4 will be done on evening 2 or 3; Scouts will earn the Webelos Walkabout Adventure by completing this session.)
Aquanaut (Swimming Pool)
4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water activity.
2. Discuss the importance of learning the skills you need to know before going boating.
3. Explain the meaning of “order of rescue” and demonstrate the reach and throw rescue techniques from land.
4. Attempt the BSA swimmer test.
5. Demonstrate the precautions you must take before attempting to dive headfirst into the water, and attempt a front surface dive.
6. Learn and demonstrate two of the following strokes: crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, or elementary backstroke.
(Scouts can choose to earn the Adventure at the pool or boating; Scouts will earn the Aquanaut Adventure by completing this session.)
Aquanaut (Boating)
4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water activity.
2. Discuss the importance of learning the skills you need to know before going boating.
3. Explain the meaning of “order of rescue” and demonstrate the reach and throw rescue techniques from land.
4. Attempt the BSA swimmer test.
8. Demonstrate how to correctly fasten a life jacket that is the right size for you. Jump into water over your head. Swim 25 feet wearing the life jacket. Get out of the water, remove the life jacket, and hang it where it will dry.
9. If you are a qualified swimmer, select a paddle of the proper size, and paddle a canoe with an adult’s supervision.
Scouts can choose to earn the Adventure at the pool or boating; Scouts will earn the Aquanaut Adventure by completing this session)
Castaway - Session A

4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. Complete A and your choice of B or C.
    a. On a campout or outdoor activity with your den or family, cook two different recipes that do not require pots and pans.
    b With the help of an adult, demonstrate one way to light a fire without using matches.
(Take both sessions A & B to earn the Castaway Adventure)
Castaway - Session B

4th & 5th grade - Elective
2. Do all of the following.
    a. Learn what items should be in an outdoor survival kit that you can carry in a small bag or box in a day pack. Assemble your own small survival kit, and explain to your den leader why the items you chose are important for survival.
    b. With your den, demonstrate two ways to treat drinking water to remove impurities.
    c. Discuss what to do if you become lost in the woods. Tell what the letters “S-T-O-P” stand for. Tell what the universal emergency signal is. Describe three ways to signal for help. Demonstrate one of them. Describe what you can do to help rescuers find you.
    d. Make a list of four qualities you think a leader should have in an emergency and why they are important to have. Pick two of them, and act them out for your den. Describe how each relates to a point of the Scout Law. Describe how working on this adventure gave you a better understanding of the Scout motto.  
(Take both sessions A & B to earn the Castaway Adventure)
Scouting Adventure

5th grade- Required
5. Do the following:
    a. Show how to tie a square knot, two half hitches, and a taut-line hitch. Explain how each knot is used.
    b. Show the proper care of a rope by learning how to whip and fuse the ends of different kinds of rope.
6. Demonstrate your knowledge of the pocketknife safety rules and the pocketknife pledge. If you have not already done so, earn your Whittling Chip card.
(Partial; Scouts will need to complete requirements #1-4 to earn the Scouting Adventure)
Earth Rocks
(2 periods)

4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. Do the following:
    a. Explain the meaning of the word “geology.”
    b. Explain why this kind of science is an important part of your world.
2. Look for different kinds of rocks or minerals while on a rock hunt with your family or your den.
3. Do the following:
    a. Identify the rocks you see on your rock hunt. Use the information in your handbook to determine which types of rocks you have collected.
    b. With a magnifying glass, take a closer look at your collection. Determine any differences between your specimens.
    c. Share what you see with your family or den.
4. Do the following:
    a. With your family or den, make a mineral test kit, and test minerals according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.
    b. Record the results in your handbook.
5. Identify on a map of your state some geological features in your area.
6. Do the following:
    a. Identify some of the geological building materials used in building your home.
    b. Identify some of the geological materials used around your community.
(Scouts will earn the Earth Rocks Adventure by completing this session)
Game Design
(2 periods)

4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. Decide on the elements for a game.
2. List at least five of the online safety rules that you put into practice while using the internet on your computer or smartphone. Skip this if your Cyber Chip is current.
3. Create your game.
4. Teach an adult or another Scout how to play your game.
(Scouts will earn the Game Design Adventure by completing this session)
Into the Woods

4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. Identify two different groups of trees and the parts of a tree.
2. Identify four trees common to the area where you live. Tell whether they are native to your area. Tell how both wildlife and humans use them.
3. Identify four plants common to the area where you live. Tell which animals use them and for what purpose.
4. Develop a plan to care for and then plant at least one plant or tree, either indoors in a pot or outdoors. Tell how this plant or tree helps the environment in which it is planted and what the plant or tree will be used for.
5. Make a list of items in your home that are made from wood and share it with your den. Or with your den, take a walk and identify useful things made from wood.
6. Explain how the growth rings of a tree trunk tell its life story. Describe different types of tree bark and explain what the bark does for the tree.
7. Visit a nature center, nursery, tree farm, or park, and speak with someone knowledgeable about trees and plants that are native to your area. Explain how plants and trees are important to our ecosystem and how they improve our environment.
(Partial; Scouts will need to complete requirement #5, 6 or 7 to earn the Into the Woods Adventure) 
Build It
4th & 5th grade - Elective
1. Learn about some basic tools and the proper use of each tool. Learn about and understand the need for safety when you work with tools.
2. With the guidance of your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, select a carpentry project and build it.
3. List the tools that you use safely as you build your project; create a list of materials needed to build your project. Put a checkmark next to the tools on your list that you used for the first time.
4. Learn about a construction career. With your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, visit a construction site, and interview someone working in a construction career.
(Partial; Scouts will need to complete requirement #4 to earn the Build It Adventure) 
Archery 4th & 5th grade N/A
Air Rifles 4th & 5th grade N/A
(complete on own during free time)

5th grade - Required
1. With the help of your den leader or family, plan and participate in a campout.
2. On arrival at the campout, with your den and den leader or family, determine where to set up your tent. Demonstrate knowledge of what makes a good tent site and what makes a bad one. Set up your tent without help from an adult.
3. Once your tents are set up, discuss with your den or family what actions you should take in the case of the following extreme weather events which could require you to evacuate:
    a. Severe rainstorm causing flooding
    b. Severe thunderstorm with lightning or tornadoes
    c. Fire, earthquake, or other disaster that will require evacuation. Discuss what you have done to minimize as much danger as possible.
4. Show how to tie a bowline. Explain when this knot should be used and why. Teach it to another Scout who is not a Webelos Scout.
5. Recite the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids from memory. Talk about how you can demonstrate them while you are working on your Arrow of Light. After one outing, list the things you did to follow the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace.
(Parents/guardians can work on these requirements during free time.) 


Powder Horn Training 

Sunday, January 29, 2023 12:58:00 PM

April 28-30 & May 5-7, 2023 

Powder Horn is an action-packed, hands-on course held over two weekends that helps Scouts and Scouters learn how to implement high adventure activities into their troop, crew or ship.

Scouting leaders often face the dilemma of having a strong desire to provide challenging and fun outdoor programs to meet the needs of their older youth, while lacking the knowledge and/or resources to do so. Powder Horn responds to this quandary by exposing Scouts BSA and Venturing leaders to a wide range of outdoor/high-adventure activities. More importantly, Powder Horn provides participants with valuable resources and contacts to assist them in delivering the promise of Scouting’s high adventure. 

During Powder Horn, participants learn by doing with expert consultants who demonstrate the skills and explain where resources, such as equipment, facilities, guides, instructors, and certifications can be obtained. Learn how to expose Scouts in your troop, crew or ship to rock climbing, Dutch oven cooking, geocaching, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, mountain biking, fly fishing, canoeing, wilderness first aid, astronomy, shooting sports (e.g., rifle, shotgun, handgun, archery), wilderness survival, National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)Sea Scouts, the Kodiak Challenge, the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service AwardMessenger of Peace, living history, Leave No Trace, vendors, the National Scout Jamboree, event planning, scuba diving, and more.

Powder Horn is offered once a year, so do not miss this chance to attend.  Set your sights on a course that maximizes Scouting skills while bringing adrenaline, new activity ideas, and leadership to your unit.  Powder Horn is designed to introduce and expose adults in troops, crews, and ships and the youth leaders to the activities, training, and resources necessary to manage a successful outdoor or high adventure unit-level program.  It is based on the eight-core requirements and eighteen electives found in the Venturing Ranger program.  It is intended to help leaders get out of the box in finding and using resources, and in the way, they lead their unit-level outdoor and high adventure programs.

Powder Horn trainers do not teach participants to be an expert or even to be self-sufficient in any aspect of outdoor skills.  Unit leaders will still need to find knowledgeable, trained, and certified individuals to help provide a safe and exciting outdoor high adventure program. 

The first weekend is being held at Bay Area Park (7500 Bay Area Boulevard Houston TX, 77058) and the second weekend will be held at Camp Strake (2020 Camp Strake Road Coldspring TX, 77331).

Learn More and Register

Special Needs and Disabilities Conference 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Wednesday, January 18, 2023 11:33:00 AM

National Special Needs and Disabilities Conference

April 21-22, 2023  |  Cockrell Scout Center

Understanding and Navigating Behaviors and Mental Health in Scouting

Presented by: Boy Scouts of America, National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee

BSA's National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee is hosting a two-day conference on Understanding Behaviors and Mental Health in Scouting. The conference is designed for Scouters in leadership positions at all levels (pack, troop, crew, ship, district, council, camp staff), BSA professionals, parents/guardians, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning more about supporting Scouts with special needs or disabilities. 

The registration fee is $150 and includes meals and snacks. 

Register       Learn More


Several knowledgeable guest speakers are scheduled to present on various topics.

  • Ages and Stages
  • Scout Transitions
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Managing Behaviors
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Success Through Failure    

Adventure Camp Registration is Open 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Wednesday, July 20, 2022 6:32:00 PM

Adventure Camp is weekend campout at Bovay Scout Ranch. Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos Scouts and their families will enjoy an exciting variety of activities at several program areas. Meals are eaten in the air-conditioned dining hall. A camp staff team member in each area will provide program supplies and support the parents who will be invited to assist in leading the activities.

Conducted at the McNair Cub Scout Adventure Camp area of Bovay Scout Ranch, activities may include: seeking treasure in the lost mine, archeological quest at the dinosaur dig, a high-speed pedal feat at the BMX bike track, Robin Hood-style adventure at the archery range, marksmanship at the BB gun range, action at the Bud Adams sports field, exploring the camp at the nature center, and splashing in the water at the David Weekley Family Water Park (weather permitting).

Learn More and Register

Registration should be completed by the pack leader or Webelos den leaders (for Webelos den camping). Families that register individually will be combined with families from other packs. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis; sessions fill up fast.


For more information, visit


Register for Summer Camp 2023 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Sunday, July 10, 2022 12:31:00 PM

Summer camp is a week-long council-organized overnight camp for Scouts BSA that operates under council-retained leadership. The program provides opportunities for Scouts to earn merit badges along their advancement trail.

Summer camp is held at Camp Strake, a first-class and state-of-the-art facility for Scouts and their leaders. Program areas include shooting sports (rifle, shotgun, archery, sporting arrows), climbing, rappelling, boating (canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding), swimming, ATV riding, ziplining, merit badge classes and more.

Learn More and Register

About Camp Strake

Camp Strake has 20 campsites with pavilions and an air-conditioned dining hall, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) center, a 28-acre lake, an aquatics center with a swimming pool and pool house, extensive trail system, basketball court, sports fields, chapel and more. The camp has been designed and built to meet both ADA and Boy Scouts of America requirements. The program will be offered to both girl and boy units concurrently. 

Facilities and Program Areas

All facilities at Camp Strake are ADA compliant. Many of these facilities, including the dining hall, are air-conditioned.

Check-in Building

At the entrance to Camp Strake is the check-in building. This facility is used to greet visitors, provide directions, and issue parking permits. All visitors should be prepared to stop at this building to sign-in.

Camp Headquarters

Camp headquarters houses the camp phone, lost and found, mail, offices, quartermaster, trading post, health lodge, and a training room.

Dining Hall

The dining hall seats 460 people. High quality and nutritious meals are provided by a professional service. The parade field on the west side of the dining hall is used for flag ceremonies.


Campsites are nestled in shaded areas throughout the camp. Every campsite has picnic tables, a covered pavilion with electricity. Shower houses are located along the main campsite road and are shared by three or four campsites. Individual stalls are ADA compliant and have a toilet, shower, and sink.



The STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) building is in the program area just south of the administration building. The building is outfitted with equipment and materials to support a robust STEM and conservation program.



The aquatics area contains a pool, fishing area, beachfront with lake swimming area, and boating area to support the full range of aquatics related merit badges. The 28-acre lake provides a venue for canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. A portion of the lake is reserved for conservation and fishing activities.


Shooting Sports

The shooting sports area contains a rifle range with 16 firing positions and a maximum range of 100 yards, a shotgun range, archery range, sporting arrows range, and 3D archery range.

Climbing / High Ropes Course

The 32-foot-tall climbing tower and training pavilion is located at the west end of the lake. The top of the tower has a great vantage point overlooking the entire camp. The tower is designed to allow beginner and experienced climbers to test and improve their skills. The high adventure program will also include a zipline and ATV program.

Staff Area

The staff area is west of the check-in building and contains a main staff building that includes office, storage, laundry, and meeting facilities. Adjacent to this building is 40 two-person huts and a shower/latrine facility.


Bridge to the Integrity Institute

Merit Badge Pavilion

Grand Pavilion

BSA Brand Standards 

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Friday, June 25, 2021 4:30:00 AM

Help Ensure Everyone Follows BSA Brand Standards as They Create Materials for Recruiting Season

To ensure that we promote our programs in a clear and Scout-like manner, it important to remind units to follow BSA Brand Guidelines and use approved materials from the BSA Brand Center in developing their recruiting materials. This includes following the requirements included in the Scouts BSA Branding Dos and Don’ts Guide and the associated Brand Training Guide.  

The Scouts BSA Brand Guidance Training is one of the efforts underway to be sure Scouters have a clear understanding of what they can do. This training should be shared with all volunteers to bring this understanding to all parts of our community.

BSA Brand Guidelines     BSA Brand Center    Scouts BSA Branding Dos and Don’ts Guide    Brand Training Guide

While our goal is to encourage youth to join our program, we must always be clear in our communications about the program they are joining.

  • We are The Boy Scouts of America.
  • The Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA are different organizations.
  • We support all other youth organizations and do not disparage them.
  • We encourage parents to enroll all youth in a character development program that meets their needs – and the BSA is certainly ready to welcome them.