Scouting Heritage Society

The “Scouting Heritage Society” has been established by the Sam Houston Area Council, Boy Scouts of America to recognize those who believe in preserving the tradition and values of Scouting, as well as perpetuating its future for generations to come.  The Heritage Society is a program to recognize those who include Scouting in their estate planning or make outright gifts to the endowment of the Sam Houston Area Council.

Qualify for membership in the society by sharing an intent to:

  • Draft a new will, or revise an existing will to direct a percentage or a fixed amount to the endowment of the Sam Houston Area Council in the amount of $10,000 or more by completing a letter of intent
  • Making an outright endowment gift of cash, land, insurance or stock in the amount of $10,000 or more.
  • Create a planned gift (e.g., charitable remainder trust, annuity trust, life insurance policy, charitable gift annuity) that eventually directs all or a portion of the principal to the endowment of the Sam Houston Area Council in the amount of $10,000 or more.

Join the Scouting Heritage Society today, and leave a legacy for all our grandchildren and their children, a legacy which they will be proud to point to and tell their children that it was their parents that had the foresight to leave a Society which builds a character in our youth and will always carry the message of "Honor, Friendship, and Trust."

Scouting Heritage Society Membership List

Those contributing as described above to the endowment for the Sam Houston Area Council will be registered as lifetime members of the Sam Houston Area Council “Scouting Heritage Society" and will be recognized. 

Annual Reception

The reception of the Scouting Heritage Society is held during the fall of each year at the residence of Board Member Dr. Meherwan P. Boyce. All members who have qualified as members of the Scouting Heritage Society will receive an invitation to attend.  Become a member by completing a letter of intent.

All assets received under this program are deposited in and administered under the investment fund spending policy of the Sam Houston Area Council.

Letter of Intent

In telling the Sam Houston Area Council, BSA of my intention, I do not intend to create any obligation to the council either personally or for my estate.  It is simply a statement of my personal intentions, and I have the option to change my plans at any time. It is provided to assist the council in its future financial plans.

I/We are pleased to notify the Sam Houston Area Council of the following:



The Scouting Heritage Society Recognition

Gifts valued at $10,000 or more qualify you as a Scouting Heritage Society Member of the Sam Houston Area Council. Planned or bequest gifts valued at $25,000 or more and qualifies you for special recognitions. (Copy of supporting document is requested.)


More Information

Travis Briner
Director of Development
(713) 756-3370