Fun with Family Feedback

We hope your family had a great time at Fun with Family.  To assist the council in its continuing efforts to upgrade and improve our camps and events, we would appreciate your feedback.  


Please rate the following areas on a scale of 1 to 5. Score a 0 on any activities in which you didn't participate.

1 is Very Unsatisfied
5 is Very Satisfied

If you rate anything less than a 3, please write in suggestions for how we can improve that area.

Overall satisfaction with Fun with Family event
Volunteer staff helpfulness and friendliness
Physical facilities (e.g., campsite, restrooms)
Food service
Registration process
Cost of event
Onsite arrival / check-in process
STEM activities (e.g., marshmallow/spaghetti, spoon catapults)
Slingshots (wrist rockets)
Super Hero obstacle course
Super Hero Cape
Super Hero Mask
Super Hero Shield




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