Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. Commissioners coach and consult with adult leaders of packs, troops, and crews, and help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. 

District Commissioners


District Commissioners

Phone Number

Apollo  Rasheda James 713-204-7887
Arrowhead  Robert Jackson 713-516-3235
Arrowmoon  Dennis Kelly 817-995-0406​
Big Cypress  Chris Kubiak 281-382-2643
Coastal Plains  Sandy Southern 832-588-8650
David Crockett  Steve Shrock 832-458-6024
Flaming Arrow  Connie Oubre 713-898-9190
George Strake  Paul Thomas  713-822-4207
Iron Horse  Swee Ng 281-825-1684​
Lone Star  David Williames 281-799-9313
Mustang   Mark Coughlin 713-516-3347
Orion  Melissa Spears 832-723-4569
Phoenix  George Abercrombie 504-231-5515
Raven  Mike Bilnoski 713-451-5943
Red Wolf   Jeff Lovejoy 713-412-7995
San Jacinto  Thomas Fitzgerald 832-692-0672
Texas Skies  Howard Hill 713-819-6152
Thunder Wolf  John Cummings 281-731-8497
Twin Bayou  Colby Williford 713-252-0579

Council Commissioner Team

Council Commissioner Debbie Rollinson 832-545-6801 
East Division Commissioner Greg Carr 281-660-8521
North Division Commissioner Mike Lampkin 281-798-5998
South Division Commissioner Junior Raimond 832-964-7702
West Division Commissioner Dennis Cornwell 281-395-2110
Assistant Council Commissioner - Project 200 / Eagle Scout Committee Bob Dodd 281-770-0336
Assistant Council Commissioner - Publicity Lynda Worlow 832-492-4911
Assistant Council Commissioner - Recharter Training Farrell Gerbode 713-661-2790
Assistant Council Commissioner - Sea Scouts Art Mowad 281-763-1218
Assistant Council Commissioner - Training & Recognition Pam White 281-463-4788
Dean, College of Commissioner Science Junior Raimond 832-964-7702
Council Commissioner Team Staff Advisor Dustin Dupuis 713-756-3371