Commissioner Basic Training

A trained commissioner is an effective commissioner. The mission of unit service is to help units serve more youth better through Scouting. The purpose of Commissioner Basic Training:

  • Understand the four objectives of unit service
  • Understand the four-function concept of council and district operations
  • Understand the commissioner’s role in supporting units
  • Understand the primary tools available to unit commissioners 
  • Understand the methods and steps of good unit program planning
  • Understand commissioner priorities and how to be an effective leader yourself

Register for Commissioner Basic Training


Scouter Registration Information

Your BSA ID number is needed, so we can record your training in Scoutnet. Your BSA ID number is available on your BSA membership card or by contacting SHAC registration at 713-659-8111. If you don't know your BSA ID number, please list your home address.


Click on the links to registration for Commissioner Basic Training held at Commissioner Conference and Unversity of Scouting.