A cornerstone of the Boy Scout programs is training. There are many opportunities available to youth at various levels to further develop. Some of these training courses are offered by troops, districts, council and online.  

BAT (Basic Aid Training) is an all-day course that focused on the Webelos Readyman Badge using American Red Cross instruction on Basic Aid Training. BAT is offered at University of Scouting in February and Cub Leader Pow Wow in November to Webelos Scouts whose parents are attending training as staff or participants.

Chaplain's Aide Training is for Boy Scouts who to help you become better oriented to the duties, responsibilities, and opportunities of chaplaincy service in Boy Scout troops. In it, you will find helpful information and resources to help you better perform your duties. Training is typically held at University of Scouting in February. Find additional courses near you.

Den Chief Training is basic training for Boy Scouts interested in becoming den chiefs for a Cub Scout den, and for adult leaders who wish to know more about this vital position and is typically held at University of Scouting in the spring and fall. Find additional courses or take the course online.

National Youth Leader Training (NYLT) is an intensive, six-day outdoor training experience for young members in support of the unit leader's responsibility to train youth leaders.  Each conference participant must be at least a First Class Scout, 13 years old and currently filling a leadership position in the troop or likely to assume one soon. Participants should be proficient in basic Scouting skills.

OA Ceremonies and Dance Workshop - During this open session, get answers to all of your questions about OA Ceremonies and different styles of American Indian dance practiced in the OA.  From what to wear to how to make it; when and where to practice, rehearse, prepare, and compete. Colonneh Lodge Ceremonies and American Indian Committees will be on hand to answer any and all questions.

OA Lodge Leadership Development - All Arrowmen are invited to attend Lodge Leadership Development, a dynamic annual leadership training event, to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and Colonneh Lodge and how to become a better leader.  Training classes include leadership development, event planning, goal setting, and other tools needed to improve chapters.

OA Troop Representatives - This training is for Troop and Team OA Reps and their advisers (OA Assistant Scoutmasters) or for Troop Leaders who want to find out more about the program. Learn what the roles and responsibilities are for the OA Troop Rep and how to get the Arrowmen in your troop involved in your chapter and lodge. This training is offered by Colonneh Lodge and is typically held at University of Scouting.

Powder Horn is an action-packed, hands-on, six-day course to expose adult and older youth leaders to resources and experts in southeast Texas to help them operate a successful high adventure program in their units.  Scouts age 14 and older are eligible to attend.

Troop Guide Conference is an all day training that provides tips and tools for being a successful troop guide. Learn what to and how to assist the adult troop leaders and Scouts. This training is typically held at University of Scouting.

Spring Wood Badge 2013 (Second Weekend)
Wood Badge is a six-day advanced training program which gives participants a greater understanding of Scouting aims and methods, while developing true Scout Spirit. Venturing youth ages 18-20 may attend.