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Den leaders have chosen to make an important difference in the lives of youth. With guidance, Scouts will develop character, leadership skills, responsibility and fitness. Cub Scouting's volunteer leaders work with boys and their families to improve their communities by enriching the lives of the families who live there. Cub Scout leaders support the family. They take an active part in helping to strengthen families and their boys by providing a fun-filled, worthwhile program that teaches values. 

Training:  Every Scout deserves a trained leader. Every leader should take both Fast Start Training and Youth Protection Training online before the first den meeting. Leaders should then take Leader Specific Training. Find a Cub Scout Leader Specific Training course near you and learn how to be a Cub Scout leader.  

Roundtable is a monthly meeting offered by districts that gives leaders hands-on experience and provides a forum for leaders to offer and receive help from their fellow Scouters. Roundtable is open to all parents and leaders. Roundtable meetings allow you to hear directly from the district leaders on upcoming district and council events and activities. This is a great place to ask questions and meet other parents and leaders in your area. Find a roundtable near you.

Fun with Son is held in October and is an overnight campout for all new Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts. The boys will enjoy participating in BB guns, archery, crafts and games.

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Council Activities

The Sam Houston Area Council offers a variety of events in which dens and packs are invited to participate.  Districts also offer activities in your area.  Here are a few you will not want to miss:

Fun With Son (October) is an overnight campout for all new Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts.  Scouts will enjoy participating in BB guns, archery, crafts, games and more.  Individual families can register for this event.

Scouting for Food (January) is our annual Good Turn project. Door hangers are distributed one weekend and the food is collected from doorsteps by Scouts the next weekend.  The food is donated to local food pantries. Your pack leadership will have more details about the event.

Scout Fair (April) is the biggest Scouting extravaganza around! Join thousands of Scouts from all areas of Scouting for a day of fun, activities, crafts, games and food at Reliant Arena.  The event is free of charge ($10 parking) and you do not need to register.  Bring your entire family, a camera and comfortable walking shoes.


The Sam Houston Area Council offers many camping opportunities for Cub Scouts.   Packs and districts offer additional camping opportunities.

Day Camp (summer) is hosted by districts in your area. Scouts earn rank advancements, shoot BB guns and archery, learn Scout skills, play sports and games and make crafts. Individual Scouts can register for this awesome opportunity.  Day camps are held in June for four to five days and are held at various times during the day. You can attend a camp hosted by any district so find a camp that is convenient to your summer schedule.

Adventure Camp (year round) is a weekend campout for packs, dens and families. Admission includes three meals in the dining hall. Camp staff help parents lead activities such as BB guns, archery, water park and one or two program areas. Check with your pack leadership for more information.

Family Camping opportunities are available for Webelos dens and packs to camp at council camps. Packs organize their own activities. Check with your pack leadership for more information.

Resident Camp is a three-night summer campout where Scouts earn rank advancements and participate in many activities, including the water park, BB guns, archery, crafts and games. Individual Scouts and their parent can register for this event.


A cornerstone of BSA programs is training, and a variety of convenient training is available for every parent volunteer and leader. Some of these training courses are conducted by different districts, and some by the council; others are available online. There are also opportunities available to youth at various levels to further develop. See the Training Schedule for a list of district and council trainings. As a new leader, you can learn all about Scouting and the wonderful adventure your son is about to experience.

Youth Protection Training. Youth safety is of paramount importance to Scouting. All registered leaders are required to take YPT and every parent is highly encouraged to take YPT training online. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires all adults attending day camp or resident camp to also complete Classroom Facilitated YPT.

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training is offered for den leaders, Webelos leaders, Cubmasters and pack committee members. Take this training online or find a course near you.

Cub Scout Pow Wow (November) is a day of workshops for parents and leaders to help you make sure your son gets the most out of the Cub Scout program! Basic training, BALOO and over 80 specialty courses are offered.

University of Scouting (February) has over 100 classes to inspire leaders and volunteers in your Cub Scouting adventure!


The pack is a group of 1st - 5th grade dens. Each pack has several volunteers who can help and answer questions. The cubmaster is a volunteer who provides leadership, emcees the monthly pack meeting and plans and carries out the pack program. The pack committee chair is a volunteer who presides over the monthly pack committee meetings and recruits adults to perform administrative functions of the pack.

The district is a division of the council that helps bring Scouting to your local area. Districts focus on membership, unit support, fundraising, training, district activities and promoting advancement and camping. There are a variety of volunteers on the district committee who can help including the district training chair, district advancement chair, district activities chair, and district finance chair. Commissioners are volunteers who help Scout units succeed and can be a valuable resource. Each district has a district executive who is a Scouting professional available to answer your questions and can help explain BSA polices. A good place to meet district volunteers and other leaders in your area is at the district monthly roundtable meeting.