W.L. Davis District

The W.L. Davis District serves Scouting units located in select schools in the Houston school district (south region): inner city of Houston, Third Ward, Sunnyside, and Hiram Clarke areas. All Scouts leaders are invited to the monthly Roundtable meeting on the second Thursday of the month at the Buffalo Soldiers Museum (3816 Caroline St., Houston 77004) at 7:00 pm. 

The Boy Scouts of America have a rich 100 year history and today continue to instill the values of leadership, citizenship and service in youth of south Houston.  W.L. Davis was an outstanding community leader who believed in the educational, moral, and leadership development of African-American youth thereby earning the respect and admiration of all people,  He introduced Scouting values to inner-city youth.  W.L. Davis was a true pioneer of the Scouting movement of the Sam Houston Area Council.

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