W.L. Davis District


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About W.L. Davis District

The W.L. Davis District serves Scouting units located in select schools in the Houston school district (south region): inner city of Houston, Third Ward, Sunnyside, and Hiram Clarke areas. 

W.L. Davis District Activities

W.L. Davis District offers a variety of activity in which packs, troops, teams, crews and ships are invited to participate including the cub-o-ree, camp-o-ree, first aid meet, pinewood derby, fishing tournament, awards banquet, camporee and cuboree.

W.L. Davis District Packs


Location of Meetings

Pack 1 Redeemer Evangelical Church
Pack 7  Immaculate Heart of Mary
Pack 118  Immaculate Conception
Pack 185  Greater Rosehill Baptist Church
Pack 242  Wheeler Avenue
Pack 426  Windsor Village
Pack 434  Blueridge United Methodist
Pack 522  Crespo Elementary
Pack 586  Burnet Elementary
Pack 686  Lilly Groove
Pack 702  DeZavala Elementary
Pack 916  Resurrection Church
Pack 1442  Cross Roads
Pack 1500  Brentwood Baptist
Pack 3601  

W.L. Davis District Troops


Location of Meetings

Troop 4  Redeemer Evangelical Church
Troop 7 Immaculate Heart of Mary
Troop 118 Immaculate Conception
Troop 169 New Beginings
Troop 185 Greater Rosehill Baptist Church
Troop 212 St. James Espiscopal
Troop 216 Gloryland Church
Troop 242 Wheeler Avenue
Troop 333 Mt. Corinth
Troop 426 Windsor Village
Troop 434 Blueridge United Methodist
Troop 500 Brentwood Baptist
Troop 601 New Faith
Troop 613 St. John's United
Troop 686 Lilly Groove
Troop 1848 Trinity United Christian

W.L. Davis District Venturing Crews


Location of Meetings

Crew 118 Immaculate Conception
Crew 523 Mt. Carmel

W.L. Davis District Ships


Location of Meetings

Ship 17 Austin High School