Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend

Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend has a variety of programs including a range with eight rifle shooting stations and two shotgun shooting stations, horse riding, and numerous hiking trails. Horseshoe Bend has an exciting program that Scouts and leaders won't forget.

Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend is located a half mile inside the main gate of El Rancho Cima. At Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend, life is a little more laid back, as in the days of the Old West. Transportation is a little different from city life, with over 40 horses from which to choose. Scouts may encounter may cowboys who will always greet you with a friendly "Howdy."

During summer camp, Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend has a variety of unique programs that include horseback riding, rodeo, trips to the meadow, and of course, the spectacular hike to Sentinel Peak. The merit badge program includes shooting sports, ecology, conservation, aquatics (pool only), handicrafts and much more. Visit the online Trading Post to purchase camp hats, shirts and more. Troops, teams, crews, and ships can camp on weekends at Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend. Cub Scout camping and non-BSA camping is not offered at this camp.

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Walter Scout Camp at Horseshoe Bend

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