United Way Support

We are pleased to announce our continued strong partnerships with the following United Way agencies:

  • United Way of Greater Houston
  • Montgomery County United Way
  • United Way of Baytown & Chambers County

For donors who want to designate their United Way gifts directly to Sam Houston Area Council, you still have that option.

Combined Federal Campaign

For donors who donate to the Combined Federal Campaign and want to designate their gifts to Sam Houston Area Council, you may do so by using the 5-digit code 74680.

Scouting Aims

Scouting aims to improve youth, their family, community, state and nation – one Scout at a time. Children who are successful in early school years are successful in middle and high school years. Scouting “Provides quality out-of school opportunities that reinforce and enhance social and emotional learning.”
Some of the outcomes are:

  • Scouts gain social competencies skills.
  • Scouts gain a commitment to learning.
  • Scouts are successful in school.

The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for youth applies to Scouting in strong fashion.  Under the external assets category of Constructive Use of Time, Scouts are involved in creative activities, youth programs, the religious community and time at home.  Under the internal assets category of Social Competencies, Scouts learn planning and decision making, interpersonal competence, cultural competence, resistance skills and peaceful conflict resolution.  By supporting these Search Institute building blocks of healthy development, Scouting helps youth grow up healthy, caring and responsible – in Scouting terminology, that is personal fitness, good citizenship and character.