April 26, 2018

Westside Sporting Grounds
10120 Pattison Rd, Katy, TX

Sporting clays is a shotgun shooting game in which clay pigeons are presented to the gunner in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds, or occasionally rabbits, in their natural habitats. Sporting clays is exciting and challenging. The shooting grounds are laid out in stations (also called stands) with each station representing one type of bird or a combination of game: a rabbit and a grouse.

Join us for the annual sporting clays tournament to support the Sam Houston Area Council, Boy Scouts of America's Scouting programs for at-risk youth. Schlumberger is the title sponsor. Based on demand, we have expanded to include 100 teams.


Register by March 1, 2017 to be eligible for the early bird prize drawing! Every member of the team who wins the early bird prize gets a new shotgun!! The early bird promotion is sponsored by Leyh, Payne & Mallia, PLLC.

Mail-in Registration/Sponsor    Online Registration/Sponsor

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The Sam Houston Area Council is grateful for the continued partnership with Aguila Ammunition. They have renewed their support as our Ammunition Sponsor.

Diego Duarte, PSCA Pro Shooter, will serve as the guest professional shooter at this year's event. 

  • 2014 Friday Prelim Seminole Cup Champion
  • 2014 PanAmerican Sporting Clays Main Event Champion
  • 2014 Carribean Classic Main Event Champion
  • 2013 Caribbean Cup Fitasc champion
  • 2010 Fitasc national champion
  • 2010 Miller lite champion
  • 2006 Zone 5 champion
  • 2004 and 2008 Olympian
  • Issf World Cup champion Lonato 2003
  • Pan-am Games bronze medallist

Team Levels

The tournament uses a four person team format. Teams can be made up of male, female, youth, adult, pro class shooters, beginner shooters, or a combination.

Bronze Sponsor $10,000 Two four-person teams, golf carts, full-page ad in program booklet, website listing, banner on the course and one four-person team in the Fall Top Gun Shoot.
Eagle Team  $5,000 One four-person team, golf cart, ½ page ad in program booklet, website listing, banner on the course and one four-person team in the Fall Top Gun Shoot.
Gift-In-Kind Sponsorship $5,000-$7,500 One four-person team, golf cart, ½ page ad in program booklet, website listing, banner placed with sponsored item (e.g., lunch, dinner, ammunition, golf carts) and one four-person team in the Fall Top Gun Shoot.
Life Team  $3,500 One four-person team, golf cart, ¼ page ad in the event program, website listing, station sponsor sign and two shooters in the Fall Top Gun Shoot.
Star Team  $2,000 One four-person team, golf cart, company name in the event program.
First Class Shooter $500 One individual shooter.

*All shooters will receive a lunch, refreshments, dinner, recognition item, and the opportunity to participate in shooting games and the live and silent auction.

Non-shooting Sponsorships

Course Sponsor $2,000 Recognition in the event program; banner placed on course; logo on all course score cards.
Gun Sponsor $1,500 Recognition in the event program; banner placed at pavilion. A specific gun will be included in the raffle with your name noted as the underwriter/sponsor
Prize Sponsor $1,000 Recognition in the event program; banner placed at pavilion
Event Sponsor $500 Banner with name or logo placed on course
Station Sponsor $250 Station sign with name or logo placed at one of the shooting stations
Contribution only   For those who wish to contribute, but can't participate

Shooting Rules

  1. All guns remain unloaded at all times, until in the shooting cage and pointed downrange.  Load only when station is clear and safe.
  2. Treat all guns as though they are loaded, never pointing at anything you do not wish to destroy.
  3. Actions open or the breech cracked to show the gun is unloaded, until you are ready to use it.
  4. Never load more than two shells at a time for Sporting Clays Tournament or other shotgun games.
  5. Be aware of what’s beyond the target. If there’s any doubt, don’t shoot.
  6. After shooting all your targets make sure your action is open BEFORE you turn around to step out of the cage.
  7. Shot sizes larger than 7½, 8 or 9 are not allowed. No dram equivalent of more than three drams, or more than 1½ ounce of shot will be allowed.
  8. Use the proper gauge ammunition in your gun. Don’t improvise or carry shells of different gauges together.
  9. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol will be allowed on the course, including spectators.
  10. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone on the course, including spectators.
  11. No unsupervised children on the range.
  12. No unleashed dogs on the range.
  13. Never load or touch the trap machines for any reason.
  14. Personal carts, gators, rhinos, mules, and other modes of transportation such as those listed are welcome. Four wheelers and motorcycles are not allowed on, or around the course.
  15. Stay on the pathways both in vehicles and walking.
  16. Any activity deemed unsafe will not be tolerated.


Tournament organizers will use the Lewis class system for scoring the event.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place for the following classes: A, B and C.

Team and individual team member awards will be given for 1st and 2nd place in each of these classes.


Tentative Schedule

Every shooter will be provided one flight and 100 clays. During the event, a delicious lunch and light dinner will be provided. A silent and live auction will be held after dinner.

9:30 am Registration and shooting games open
10:00 am Silent auction opens
11:30 am Lunch service starts
12:15 pm Shooting games close
12:30 pm Safety talk and instructions
12:45 pm Shooting event starts
4:00 pm Reception starts (15 minutes after last shooter finishes)
5:00 pm Silent auction closes
5:15 pm Live auction
6:00 pm Awards presentation 




Live And Silent Auction

There are large live and silent auctions at the event. Around $75,000.00 worth of merchandise will be auctioned off. In the past, items in the auction included golf outings, hunting trips to local lodges, a week at a Colorado condo with airfare, a week in Napa Valley and the California Redwoods with airfare, a dove hunting trip to Argentina with airfare, and much more. It is truly an auction that you will not want to miss.

Raffle Packages: $100 and $250 raffle packages are available; raffle items typically include guns (of all types), art work, golf certificates, restaurant gift certificates, and much more. Come prepared to participate in a top flight raffle and you may go home with a new shotgun of your dreams!

 Auction Donation Form


Where does the money go?

Funds raised from the annual Sam Houston Area Council BSA Sporting Clays Tournament go to support the Scouting program in the greater Houston Area. Scouting teaches self-reliance, strength of purpose and conviction of character. These are the values that have guided the Sam Houston Area Council over the years. While there are many youth organizations, including sports, service clubs, fitness and educational programs that help young people, Scouting goes above and beyond by providing activities that:

  • Allows boys to try new things
  • Features a learn-by doing approach
  • Provides service to others
  • Reinforces ethical standards
  • Builds self-confidence and leadership
  • Scouting is filled with fun, adventure and values that last a lifetime.  Men who were Scouts for five or more years as boys are more likely than men with no Scouting to:

- Graduate from college (35% versus 19%)
- Earn higher annual household incomes ($80,000 versus $61,000)
- Have lifelong friendships (89% versus 74%)
- Attend religious services (87% versus 77%)
- Believe helping other should come before one’s own self interest (92% versus 83%)
- Over the past 16 years this event has raised close to $2 million dollars to support the Scouting program in the Greater Houston area.
- Graduate from high school (91% versus 87%)

TV Segment

Modern Shooter, which airs on the Sportsman Channel, featured the Sam Houston Area Council Sporting Clays Tournament. 

Committee Members


Mike Kasecky – Schlumberger
Steve Leyh – Leyh, Payne & Mallia, PLLC


Rick Benavides - SKB Shotguns
Michael Blake
Dan Bowen – Haworth
Greg Carter - Global Drilling
Stephen Carter - Amegy Bank
Greg Christmann – Green Bank
Harold Christmann – Christmann & Company
John Crafton – Mobilease
Mark DeVaney – Amegy Bank
Cletus Dodd – Greenbriar Partners
Kristi Drawe – TxAT/Aguila Ammunition
Jeff Early - Northern Trust Bank
Don Fernbach – Forney Construction
Ken Fickes – Harris County
Jim Goolsby – Tauber Oil Company

Shad  Higdon – Deloitte & Touche LLP
Jim Huguenard - Fisher, Boyd, Johnson & Huguenard
Gary Jones – Knight Oil Tools
Harry Leach – Capital Certified Development Corp.
Miles Milton - Whitney Bank
Ryan Murphy - Cobalt International
Margarita Posadas
Bob Roy, CenterPoint Energey
Steve Ryan - Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Wendel Skolaski - Cadence Bank
Steve Slezak – Schlumberger
Delvis Story – Remedy Roofing
Richard Tauber – Tauber Oil Company
Karen Tellepsen
Dave Weaver – Petrolink


Council Contact

Kimberly Davis
Sr. Development Director 


2017 Sporting Clays Tournament Sponsors

Title Sponsor

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Ammunition Sponsor

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Ann Stanislaw

Cynthia & Hershell Cavin 

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Franklin Meyers

Northern Trust





Kimberly Davis
Sr. Development Director