Second Century Society

Membership begins with an outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more, to the Sam Houston Area Council for operating, capital, or endowment. All individual gifts to endowment from $500 to a lifetime cumulative maximum of $25,000 from The Cockrell Foundation Matching Gift Program.

  • $25,000+ Member Level: Certificate & Pin
  • $100,000+ Member Level
  • $500,000+ Member Level
  • $1,000,000+ Member Level

Donors making outright gifts of $100,000 or more are designated as "Members with Distinction." Donors making deferred gifts of $500,000 or more are designated as "Legacy Member." Members in these categories receive special recognition and opportunities provided by the Sam Houston Area Council & the BSA Foundation.

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President's Leadership Council

Recognition program for gifts of $1,000,000, $5,000,000, or $10,000,000 made to or through the BSA National Foundation payable over five years, as part of an advised fund, designated fund, trust, or other Foundation fund structure. Gifts may be designated to benefit the Sam Houston Area Council.


Endowment Stewardship & Investment Fund Spending Policy

Stewardship of the investments made by our donors are very important to us. Our investment committee meets regularly to review how the funds are invested and if they are performing properly. Below are the last three years of reports including investment fund performance and results. More



If you would like additional information on the Second Century Society, Presidents Leadership Council or the Endowment, please contact:

Jim Rees
Director of Development
(713) 756-3315