Scouting is for Families Like Mine

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Monday, August 21, 2017 7:10:00 AM
Scouting promotes amazing character development. With the guidance provided by Scout leaders and volunteers, the Scouting program teaches vital life skills that help young people grow into the future leaders of our nation.

And if you’re a Scouting parent, you know Scouting also brings families together, helping moms and dads make the most of the time they have with their kids.

Between juggling full-time careers and raising kids, time is a single parent’s – or any parent’s – most precious commodity. Scouting makes the most of the little time parents have with their children. 

“Scouting is Like Family”

A single mom with two jobs, a daughter and one adventure-seeking Cub Scout, Becky, definitely has her hands full. But one change in her family’s dynamic has made all the difference – Scouting.

Becky enrolled her son in a Spanish-speaking Cub Scout program, and now as he transitions into Boy Scouts, she shares the remarkable impact Scouting has made on not just her son but her whole family. Watch the video below to hear Becky’s touching testimonial and find out why she believes Scouting “is not just a club, it’s a family.”