Hundreds of thousands of dollars go back to the Scouting program in the Sam Houston Area Council as a result of the annual popcorn sale. 70% of all dollars collected during the sale support local Scouting. The popcorn sale is a way for a Scout to support his or her way through the various activities during the year. There are three options to sell popcorn: traditional take order sales, sell online to friends and family out of town and show-n-sell. For more information, contact your district popcorn kernel or district executive.

The council is using a new vendor for popcorn the year, Camp masters.

Sign up to sell popcorn       Popcorn Training Power Point

Why Sell?

• Increase your unit and council income – 70% stays in the local area.
• Scouts pay for their way for various Scouting programs and activities.
• Scouts learn life lessons by earning their own way.
• There are loads of incentives to motivate Scouts: cool prizes, $600 club, $1800 club. 

Ways to Sell Popcorn

There are three options to sell popcorn: traditional take order sales, sell online to friends and family out of town and show-and-sell:

1. Take Order Sales 

Take order sales are the most traditional way to sell popcorn. Scouts go door-to-door with the take order form received from your leader after unit kick off on August 16, 2016, through November 1, 2016. Customers choose the product(s) he or she wishes to buy and writes the order on the order form. Scouts should collect the money when the popcorn is ordered (checks should be made out to the unit). Popcorn will be picked up by units on November 19, 2016.

Sign up to sell popcorn                 2016 Popcorn Kernel Guide

2. Show-n-Sell

Show-n-sell is similar to take order sales, except Scouts have the popcorn in hand to sell to customers. All units are eligible to participate if they agree to the terms stated in the commitment order form. Dens, packs, or troops can request permission to sell in front of a retail store or chartered organization. Units must agree to use show-and-sell to grow and not replace traditional take order sales. The product bundle includes: 72 Caramel Popcorn Tins, 32 14-packs of microwavable roasted summer corn, 24 mauve sea salt tins, 24 Supreme Caramel Corn Tins, 8 bags of Trail Mix, 12 22-packs of Movie Theater Extra Butter Microwave, and 2 3-Way Cheesy Tins. Unsold popcorn is rolled into traditional sales

Unit leaders must attend a sales training to register for show-n-sell.

  • July 21, 2016, at the Cockrell Scout Center at 7PM
  • July 23, 2016, at the Cockrell Scout Center at 10AM 
  • July 23, 2016, at Foundry United Methodist Church at 2P      

Show-n-sell popcorn is picked up on August 20, 2016, at location TBD. Pick up times: TBD. The show-n-sell campaign runs from August 20 - October 1, 2016Commitment forms are due by August 1, 2016.

3. Online Popcorn Sales 

Selling online is the best way to sell to friends and family who live far away. Online sales count toward Scout rewards including the $650 club, $1800 club and scholarship program. Participants can send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase products online. The email includes a link allowing them to begin shopping right away. Customers can pay with a credit card, and the products are shipped directly to the customer. The advantages of online sales is that the Scout doesn't have to collect money or deliver products. Online sales run from August 1 - November 19, 2016.

The unit popcorn kernel will set up a ten digit key code for each Scout. Scouts give their ten digit key code to give to friends and family members who can order popcorn at www.popcornordering.com using the code. Contact your unit's popcorn kernel or unit leader for more information. 

Popcorn Blitz Day

Blitz day is a designated day where units are encouraged to sell popcorn during take order as a group by canvasing areas in their neighborhood. Scouts that meet the items sold count indicated by each date will qualify for entry in the drawing for one of three GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition.

  • October 1, 2016 – Sell total 20 items by this date
  • October 15, 2016 – Sell total 40 items by this date
  • October 29, 2016 – Sell total 40 items by this date

To enter into drawing, email screen shot (from your cell phone) of the Scout’s sales form(s) showing the total number of qualifying items sold by 7:00 pm on the designated Blitz dates and email a picture of the forms to popcorn@shac.org. Please be sure to indicate Scout’s name, unit type and number and contact phone number to contact in case they win. The winner will be drawn and announced on Facebook the following Monday. 

Note: Scouts are not required to participate in Blitz Day to enter drawing. If the required number of items are sold and met by the Blitz Day deadline, a Scout may submit an entry for the drawing.

Popcorn Distribution Sites

November 18-19, 2016 - Times vary by District

 For more information, contact your district popcorn kernel

District Location
George Strake, Tall Timbers  


Big Cypress, Copperhead,  Soaring Eagle  
Iron Horse  
Flaming Arrow, Aldine Pathfinder


Raven, San Jacinto  

Mustang, Skyline, Aquila, Twin Bayou


Thunderwolf, Brazos, North Star, Tatanka


Texas Skies


W.L. Davis







Chocolate Treasures Tin $55
3- Way Premium Tin $45
3- Way Cheesy Tin $35
Mauve Variety Tin $30
22 pack Movie Theater Butter $25
Supreme Caramel with Almonds and Pecans $25
Chocolatey Drizzled Caramel with Nuts $25
Trail Mix $20
Cinnamon Crunch Tin $20
14 pack Extra Buttery Roasted Summer Corn $15
Mauve Sea Salt Tin $15
12 pack Kettle Corn $15
Gourmet Mauve Popping Corn Jar $10
Caramel Corn Tin $10

Military Donation

The Military Donation allows customers to support the military and Scouting at the same time. Customers can choose to donate $40 or $25 worth of Camp Masters products to men and women in the military, their families and veterans' organizations. There are no shipping and handling charges associated with Military Donations. Over 2,000 tons of popcorn treats have been shipped to hundreds of locations around the world! Military donations count toward Scout rewards.

Since customers who purchase a military donation don't receive actual product in exchange for payment, the purchase should be 100% tax deductible. As always, recommend that the customer double check this with their tax professional, as tax laws often change. 


Scout Prizes

Did you know that units that utilize the council prize program sell an average of 6% more than units that go with the cash option? Boys are motivated by prizes and the ability to work towards a goal. The 2016 prize selection is sure to have something for every boy in your unit. 

Prizes                 High Achiever Prize Order Form

Top Sellers Recognitions

The council's top three sellers will be recognized with a trophy and an Amazon gift card ($600 for first place, $400 for second place, $200 for third place). The top three sellers in the council and all $1800 club members are invited to attend the council's Top Seller Bash on January 7, 2017.


Important 2016 Dates

August 1 - November 19,  2016 Online popcorn sales period
August 1, 2016 Show-n-sell orders due
August 16, 2016 Popcorn kickoff for unit popcorn kernel
After unit kick off through November 19, 2016 Traditional take-order popcorn sales period
August 20, 2016 Show-n-sell unit popcorn pick up and distribution 
August 20 - October 1, 2016 Show-n-sell sales period
October TBD, 2016 Show-n-sell postdated check cashed
October 1, 2016 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 20 items total)
October 15, 2016 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 40 items total)
October 29,, 2016 Popcorn Blitz Day (goal: sell 60 items total)
November 1, 2016 Unit orders due online by 4:00 pm
November 19 2016 Popcorn distribution (see district website for location)
November 19, 2016 Unit top sellers form due to district (at distribution center)
November 19, 2016 Unit payments due to district (at distribution center)
November 19, 2016  $1800 club membership form due 
January 7, 2017 Top Seller's BASH (for council top three sellers and $1800 club members)
February 15, 2017 Online commissions issued and mailed to the committee chair on file for the unit

For Questions Contact

For more information, contact your district popcorn kernel or district executive.

Popcorn Project Coordinator
 (713) 756-3374

Tony Hensdill
Field Development Director
 (713) 756-3374