Pack Meeting Ideas

BSA is no longer providing suggested monthly themes. Here are some ideas for pack meetings. 



Past Themes: (Source: BSA, Baloos's Bugle, Akela's Council)


America Uncle Sam Depends on You Feb 2003
Our National TreasuresOur National Treasures Mar 2017
Our National Treasures  Jul 1999
From Sea to Shining Sea  Jul 2000
American ABC's Jul 2001
Red, White & Baloo Jul 2006
Rockets Red GlareRockets Red Glare Jul 2007
Celebrate Freedom Jul 2010
Scout SaluteScout Salute Jul 2016
Home of the Brave Jul 2018
Stars and Stripes Sep 2014
Cub Scout Salute Nov 2009
Fifty Great StatesFifty Great States  Nov 2012
Stars and Stripes Dec 2014
Stars and Stripes Dec 2012
American ABC'sAmerican ABC's Feb 2009
animals My Animal FriendsMy Animal Friends May 2016
animals - birds Our Feathered Friends Apr 2006
animals - bugs Creepy, CrawlersCreepy CrawlersAnts Oct 2016
Bugs and Things  Apr 2000
Diggin' in the Dirt May 2006
Cubs & Bugs Galore May 2007
Critters, Cubs & Campfires Jun 2002
animals - dogs Man's Best Friend Mar 2001
animals - farm Down on the Farm Oct 2001
Down on the FarmDown On The Farm  Oct 2013
Down on the Farm Oct 2007
animals - pets Pet Pals  Mar 2013
Pet Pals May 2015
Pet Pals Mar 2014
animals - reptiles Roaming Reptile AlertRoaming Reptile Alert Jun 2017
animals - zoo Zoo Adventures Sep 2006
art Works of Art Dec 2001
Works of Art Dec 2009
beach / water Beach themed resources  
Aloha Cub Scouting Feb 2007
Fin Fun Jul 2004
H2Ohhhh! Jul 2008
Under the SeaUnder the Sea  Jul 2015
Splish, Splash!  Aug 1999
Waterways of the USA Apr 2005
Wet and Wild Jun 2001
blue and gold Baloo and Gold  Feb 1999
It's a Scouting Celebration Feb 2005
Happy Birthday, B.S.A. Feb 2010
circus Under the Big Top, Invitation Aug 2014
Circus of Stars Oct 2004
communication Did You Get My Message Jan 2002
Cub Scouts Spread the News Jan 2005
Stop the Presses  Nov 1998
conservation Litter to Glitter  Feb 2012
Litter to Glitter Feb 2015
Litter to Glitter Mar 2008
Forces of Nature Mar 2011
Pollution Solution  Apr 1999
Save It For Us Apr 2001
Forces of Nature Apr 2002
Cubservation Apr 2004
See the Forest for the Trees  May 2000
Leave Nothing but Footprints May 2009
CubservationCubservation Sep 2015
Leaf it to Cubs May 2008
construction Cubstruction Mar 2006
CubstructionCubstruction Mar 2016
dinosaur Jurassic Park Apr 2009
family My Family Tree  Apr 2012
My Family Tree May 2014
My Family Tree Nov 2005
fiesta Fiesta Feb 2004
food Cub Café Apr 2007
Cub CaféCub Café  May 2013
A Picnic With PizzazzA Picnic With Pizzazz May 2017
food - holiday Holiday Food Fare Dec 2004
friends Friends Near and FarFriends Near And Far Feb 2016
New Buddies Sep 2008
future Cubs in the Future  Feb 2006
Time in a Capsule Sep 2004
heroes Heroes of History Jan 2014
Hometown Heroes Nov 2001
Hometown Heroes  Sep 2013
Super Cub!Super Cub! Oct 2015
Hometown Heroes Nov 2001
heroes - detectives Cub Scout Investigators Mar 2018
Kids Against CrimeKids Against Crime Aug 2013
Be a Detective Sep 1998
Kids Against Crime Nov 2002
heroes - firefighters To the Rescue Oct 2005
To the RescueTo The Rescue Sept 2016
history Turn Back the ClockTurn Back the Clock  Feb 2012
Heroes in History Aug 2012
holiday What Do You Do at Holiday Time?  Dec 2000
Let's Celebrate Dec 1998
Holiday Magic  Dec 1999
Winter Wonderland Dec 2002
A Cub Scout Gives Goodwill Dec 2003
Holiday Food Fare Dec 2004
Faith, Hope and Charity Dec 2005
Holiday Lights Dec 2008
Celebrations around the World Dec 2007
Holiday LightsHoliday Lights Dec 2012
A Cub Scout Gives Goodwill Nov 2014
Winter WonderlandWinter Wonderland Dec 2015
CelebrateCelebrate Dec 2016
jungle It's a Jungle of Fun Oct 2002
Jungle of FunJungle of Fun Oct 2012
Jungle Safari Oct 2009
knights Cubs in Shining ArmorCubs in Shining Armor Jul 2013
Cubs in Shining Armor Nov 2006
Cubs in Shining ArmorCubs In Shining Armor Nov 2016
magic Magic themed resources  
AbracadabraAbracadabra  Jan 2012
Abracadabra! Feb 2018
Abracadabra Apr 2008
Abracadabra May 2002
money Dollars & Sense Mar 2002
Dollars and Sense Sep 2014
music Strike Up the Band Jan 2003
Music Magic Jan 2006
Strike Up the BandStrike Up The Band Apr 2016
Native American Our Native Peoples Feb 2002
Indian Nations Nov 2007
outdoor Spring Into Action Apr 2010
A Hiking We Will Go Jul 2003
Backyard FunBackyard Fun  May 2015
outdoor - campfire Campfire Tales and Traditions Aug 2005
Critters, Cubs & Campfires Jun 2002
outdoor - camping A Campin' We Will Go Jun 2009
A-Camping We Will GoA-Camping We Will Go, A-Camping We Will Go  Oct 2017
outdoor - parks Destination Parks May 2013
Destination: Parks Jun 2005
Destination: Parks April 2014
Destination Parks Aug 2018
past Turn Back the Clock Jan 2000
Pinewood Derby The Great raceThe Great Race Jan 2016
safety Home Alone Jan 2004
science / energy Invention ConventionInvention Convention  Feb 2013
Why Does It Do That? Mar 2003
Invention Convention Mar 2005
Invent a Reason to Celebrate Jun 2006
Turn on the Power  Nov 2000
Power Up Jan 2010
Power Up!Power Up! Apr 2017
space / sky Baloo Skies Mar 2007
Space: The New Frontier (Space derby)  Jun 2000
The New FrontierThe New Frontier Jul 2013
Blast Off Sep 2002
Cub Scout Stars Dec 2006
sports / games Be a Sport Jul 2009
Let the Games BeginLet The Games Begin Jul 2017
Amazing GamesAmazing Games  Sep 2012
Toughen Up  Aug 2000
A-MAZE-ing Games Jan 2009
Amazing Games, Amazing Games  Sep 2013
Go for the Gold Jun 2008
Sports Extravaganza Aug 2002
Play BallPlay Ball Aug 2015
Go for the GoldGo for the Gold June 2015
sports - baseball It's a HitIt's A Hit Jun 2016
Play Ball Jul 2005
summer / camping Backyard FunBackyard Fun May 2015
Fun in the Sun Jun 2003
Fun in the Sun Sep 2007
Summer Songfest Aug 2001
S'more Summer Fun Aug 2008
S'More Cub Scout FunS'More Cub Scout Fun Aug 2016
Texas, rodeo Head West, Young ManHead West, Young Man Jun 2013
How the West Was Fun Sep 2017
My Home State May 2004
Thanksgiving Cubs Give Thanks Nov 2017
Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock Nov 2003
Cub Scouts Give ThanksCub Scouts Give Thanks  Mar 2013
train All Aboard! Sep 2001
Cub Scout Express Sep 2007
transportation Take Flight Mar 2010
Wheel Into Summer Jun2007
Wheel Into Summer Jun 2018
Soaring the SkiesSoaring the Skies  Apr 2015
Car Show Jan 2008
Soaring To New Heights Sep 2003
When I Grow Up When I Grow Up  Jan 2001
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Jan 2018
When I Grow Up Mar 2009
Cubs in the Future Apr 2018
winter Winter Wonderland Dec 2002
world Poles Apart Jan 2007
Land of the Pharaohs Apr 2003
Passports to Other Lands Feb 2001
Chinese New Year Feb 2008
Passport to Other LandsPassport To Other Lands Feb 2017
Celebrations Around the World Dec 2007
Passport to Other LandsPassport to Other Lands  Dec 2013
Miscellaneous A Century of Scouting Aug 2007
Adventures in Books Oct 2008
Be Aware and Care Mar 2015
California Gold Rush  Oct 1999
Circle the Wagons Aug 2003
Collections Nov 2004
Cub Rocks July 2004
Cub Scout City CouncilCub Scout City Council Jan 2017
Cub Scout Pockets Sep 2009
Cub Scout Roundup Sep 2005
Cub Scout Ship Builders Oct 2006
Cubs in ActionCubs In Action Nov 2015
Discover Our Heritage  Nov 1999
Does Not Compute  Jan 2000
Fun in the Sun Aug 2009
Gives Goodwill  Nov 2013
Happy Trails May 2001
Hey, Look Us Over  Sep 1999
Hoop-De-Doo Jun 2010
In the Spotlight May 2010
Inside Out and Backwards Jul 2002
Lights, Cameras, Action May 2003
Lights! Camera! Action!Lights! Camera! Action! Jan 2013
Once Upon A Time Oct 2003
Our Gifts and Talents  Oct 2000
Over the HorizonOver the Horizon Mar 2014
Paying It Forward Dec 2017
Planting Seeds of KindnessPlanting Seeds of Kindness Mar 2012
Scouting it Out Aug 2006
Scouting the Midway Aug 2004
Seeds of Kindness Nov 2008
The New Frontier Feb 2014
Treasure Hunters May 2018
Turn Back the Clock  Feb 2000
Walk in My Shoes Mar 2004
Yes I CanYes I Can!  Jan 2013
Your Vote CountsYour Vote Counts  Nov 2013


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