National Order of the Arrow Conference

August 3 - 8, 2015
Michigan State University

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is the premier event of the Order of the Arrow, and is Scouting's second-largest national event. Over 10,000 Arrowmen from across our nation gather for an inspirational and unforgettable experience full of fellowship, training, adventure, and fun!


During NOAC, Arrowmen will participate in a six-day conference which includes top notch training sessions, cool recreational opportunities, evening shows full of theatrics and special effects, and exciting programs.

The 2015 NOAC will be held from August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen can travel to NOAC with a contingent from their lodge, or as a staff member supporting the thousands of Arrowmen attending in the conference.

Arrowmen attending the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference will get a once in a lifetime souvenir, a special edition red sash. These sashes will differ from those currently worn in that the colors will be reversed, with a white arrow emblazoned on a red sash. The rarity of the sash is noteworthy, as only those present at NOAC 2015 will receive them. Any extras produced will not be sold. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Don't miss out on NOAC in 2015, because the next one won't be until 2018!

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The contingent fee for Colonneh Lodge members attending NOAC 2015 will be $650 plus the cost of travel. The anticipated cost of travel is $350 per person for a total fee of $1000 per person, however we are not requiring that you arrange your travel through the contingent. The actual cost of transportation will be determined in the fall of 2014.

Travel Options 

If you would prefer to a) travel via a different method than the contingent or b) use frequent flyer miles to pay for your airline ticket, you will not need to pay for the transportation fee. If you decide to provide your own transportation then you will need to meet the contingent at either Michigan State University when we are scheduled to arrive or at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) when we are scheduled to leave on the shuttle to MSU. All BSA travel policies, as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting, must be adhered to regardless of travel method.

Payment Plan

The payment plan will work on an installment basis. A $100 deposit will be required at the time of registration and there will be 15 monthly payments beginning April 1, 2014 with the final payment due on June 1, 2015. Anyone registering after April 1, 2014 will have to pay the deposit and all past due monthly payments at the time of registration. Failure to keep the payment schedule may result in the forfeiture of your contingent spot. Any refunds will be subject to the SHAC refund policy

Required Paperwork: 

All contingent members will be required to submit the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record as well as any other forms required by the NOAC leadership, including the participant code of conduct. In years past, the NOAC registration team has offered an "express check-in" to those lodges who submit all of the required forms for each member prior to arriving at NOAC, therefore we will require all forms to be signed and turned in at the NOAC contingent meeting. The tentative date for this meeting is Sunday, July 5, 2015. An exact date will be announced in the spring of 2015. Any contingent member who is unable to attend the meeting will need to submit all paperwork prior to this date and send a representative to the meeting to receive information and materials that will be distributed.