Eagle Scout Class Namesake

Each Year the Council selects one honoree for whom that Eagle Class is named. This individual is recognized as namesake and mentor to the whole Class at the annual New Eagle Scout Reception.
2014     Stan C. Stanley
2013     Harold S. Hook
2012     C. Travis Traylor, Jr.
2011     Rev. William A. Lawson
2010     Marvin Keil
2009     Orville Gaither
2008     Ed Vickery
2007     Harry Bovay
2006     Larry Kellner
2005     J. Downey Bridgwater
2004     George Fleming
2003     A. T. "Gus" Blackshear
2002     Gasper Mir
2001     David Garrison, Jr.
2000     Nelson Block
1999     Judge David Hittner
1998     Howard Tellepsen