Copperhead District


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About Copperhead District

The Copperhead District serves Scouting units in the southwest side of the Cypress-Fairbanks school district, south of West Road and west of Eldridge Parkway.

Copperhead District Activities

Copperhead District offers a variety of activity in which packs, troops, teams, crews and ships are invited to participate including the camp-o-ree, district dinner, pushmobile, Tiger Day, troop fair, World of Webelos, and camporee.

Copperhead District Packs


Location of Meetings

Pack 2 Birkes Elementary School
Pack 4 Tipps Elementary School
Pack 9 Duryea Elementary School
Pack 168 Robinson Elementary School
Pack 179 McFee Elementary School
Pack 421 Fiest Elementary School
Pack 433 Copeland Elementary School
Pack 445 Fiest Elementary School
Pack 787 Horne Elementary School
Pack 834 Postma Elementary School
Pack 1035 Walker Elementary School
Pack 1135 Wilson Elementary School
Pack 1150 Sheridan Elementary School
Pack 1187 Owens Elementary School
Pack 1283 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Pack 1445 Lowery Elementary School
Pack 1465 Holmsley Elementary School

Copperhead District Troops


Location of Meetings

Troop 3 Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center
Troop 61 Peace Community Church
Troop 120 Wilson Elementary School
Troop 202 Copperfield Church
Troop 229  
Troop 421 Thorton Middle School
Troop 838 Crossbridge Christian Church
Troop 898 Bear Creek LDS Church
Troop 996 Longenbaugh LDS Church
Troop 1283 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
Troop 1296 Labay Middle School
Troop 1865 Autumn Creek Baptist Church
Troop 1910  

Copperhead District Teams

Team Location of Meetings
Team 996 LDS - Copperfield Ward - Katy Stake

Copperhead District Venturing Crews


Location of Meetings

Crew 996 LDS - Copperfield Ward - Katy Stake
1910 LDS - Bear Creek 2nd Ward - Houston West (SP) Stake
1999 Dynamic Possibilies Day Hab Center

Copperhead District Ships


Location of Meetings

Ship 1996 Peace Community Church