Cockrell River Camp

Cockrell River Camp has 14 campsites shaded by 75-year old native pecan and black walnut trees. The Blanco River provides campers with 1.5 miles of unique swimming, canoeing, rowing, and fishing opportunities. A state-of-the-art .22 rifle and five-stand shotgun range, and 40 foot climbing and rappelling tower, make for an unforgettable experience.

Cockrell River Camp is located in El Rancho Cima, just two miles from the main gate. The breath-taking views are endless, as you make your way down towards your campsite on the Blanco River. Each campsite has its own spectacular view of the river. The Blanco River provides unique swimming, canoeing, rowing, and kayaking opportunities. On a hot summer's day, relief is just steps away as you submerge yourself in the 68 degree year-round Blanco River.

The rifle, shotgun, and archery range will provide any novice shooter a chance to learn and become an expert marksman and gives experienced shooters a new challenge. Visit the online Trading Post to purchase camp hats, shirts and more.

Troops, teams, crews, and ships can camp at Cockrell River Camp. Cub Scout camping and non-BSA camping is not offered at this camp.

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