Century of Service

During 2014, the Sam Houston Area Council is celebrating 100 years of serving youth. For a century, Scouts have embraced "Do A Good Turn Daily" and "A Scout is Helpful."

Celebrating a Century of Service Patches

Help celebrate a century of service by purchasing limited edition 100th anniversary council shoulder patches (CSP) for $7.50 and activity patches for $1.00, while supplies last. Don't miss your chance to own these keepsakes that will be cherished for a lifetime. Segments can be earned for Camp Participation and participating in Community Service / Land Stewardship Day. Patches can be ordered online, or purchased at the Cockrell Scout Center (2225 N Loop W, Houston, Texas 77008-1311) or one of the five Houston area Scout Shops.

Order Patches!

Radio Commercials

As part of the 100th anniversary of SHAC, we are highlighting Scouts and leaders by featuring them in a series of radio commercials airing on News 92.1FM radio, from now through November. We are looking for Scouts and Scouters who would like to participate in the program and hear yourself on the radio, along with other Scouts and Scouters who make Scouting great in Houston.

As part of the Century of Service program, SHAC, with generous funding from Hart Energy and production assistance by UHY LLP Certified Public Accountants, is producing a radio campaign airing on News 92.1FM. The radio segments feature interviews with area Scouts, Scouters, SHAC leadership, and community leaders, all talking about how Scouting in Houston has improved their lives, their families, or our community. You can participate in the program and hear yourself on the radio later this year. 

  1. Select one of the interview questions listed below.
  2. Call the SHAC-News92 Hotline at 713-407-3204. Speak slowly and clearly and leave your name, troop or patrol, rank or role, and your age (for Scouts), and your email address. Answer the question of your choice. Feel free to simply tell us about an interesting aspect of your Scouting experience. If you don’t like your answer, call back and leave a new message.
  3. The producers from News92 will select appropriate participants, and edit their comments into a commercial to be aired later this year.
  4. SHAC will send you a notice of when your spot will air, and provide you with a digital copy of your segment.

Listen to a sample of a radio spots:

  • Troop 1631 Scout Tom Ralph talks about how Scouting is teaching him to be a better teacher and leader during an interview captured on a recent campout to Goose Island State Park.
  • Scout leader David Van Kleek has devoted his life to service to others. Listen to how his Scouting experience led to a successful career in the military and in business.

All entries may not be used; calling the line and leaving a message for this program is your approval for SHAC and News92 to use your name and recording of your voice. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Program Manager Bill Penczak.

Scout Questions

  1. Why did you join Scouts?
  2. How has Scouting made you a better student?
  3. How do you balance Scouting with other activities like sports or band?
  4. What have you learned about leadership during your experience in Scouting?
  5. What was your Eagle project and what impact did it make on the community?
  6. Who have been role models for you in Scouting?
  7. How are you different as a person since you’ve been in Scouting?
  8. What impact has Scouting had on your family life?
  9. What’s the most fun thing you’ve done in Scouting?
  10. Tell us about the best camping trip you’ve been on as a Scout

Scouter Questions

  1. Why do you volunteer as a Scout leader?
  2. How have you seen Scouting improve young men’s lives?
  3. How does Scouting help single moms and their families?
  4. Who are some positive role models you’ve experienced in Scouting?
  5. Why should parents encourage their sons to be in Scouting?
  6. What do boys learn besides outdoor skills in their Scouting experience?
  7. What’s the importance of troops being “boy led”?
  8. Tell us about some community service projects your troop has done?
  9. If you are an Eagle Scout, what impact has that had on your career?
  10. How has SHAC made a difference in the Houston community?     

SHAC Seeks your Photographic Memories of Scouting

Sam Houston Area Council is producing a coffee table book in celebration of the 100th anniversary, and we need your help. We are searching for photographs for this keepsake book within these categories:

  • Historical scenes of Scouting from the past 100 years
  • Multi-generations of Scouting families
  • Interesting community service programs
  • High adventure Scouting experiences

Send your historical memories (with the highest possible resolution of digital copies of photograph) to Bill Penczak , along with descriptions of the people, the activity, the year and place. We will let you know if your memories will be included in this fun and sentimental keepsake of SHAC's first century of service to the Houston community.    

One of the earliest troops in SHAC on a troop hike near the ship channel. The Scouts were seated on mounds made from dirt cast up from the digging near the turn basin. 


Camp Participation Segment Patch

Camping has always been a very important part of Scouting. It is both an enjoyable and educational experience in one. For those in the Scouting movement, it allows them to bring a variety of skills they have been taught and put them into practice. In addition, the Scouts learn important 'life' skills such as leadership, self discipline, responsibility, hygiene and much more. As Scouts celebrate their centennial, Scouts will encouraged to participate in this important cornerstone of the Scouting movement. To earn the camp participation patch, choose from one of these awesome camp opportunities:

  • The Venturing Summit is the end-of-the-summer activity for all Venturers, Sea Scouts and your friends who are thinking about joining the program.  Make it a full weekend, just a day, or a night and a day activity. Venturers can camp, or just enjoy a long summer day.
  • Winter Camp is held each year at Camp Strake between Christmas and New Year's, and is a wonderful opportunity for troops to camp and for Scouts to earn merit badges. Merit badge classes are taught by adult Scouters with actual real-life experiences in the field. Registration is due by October 31.

Community Service / Land Stewardship Segment Patch

Community Service Day is an opportunity for units to perform a community service project, conservation project, project for their chartered organization, or participate in an Eagle Scout project. Instilling the value of service to others helps to make our world a better place and leaves a lasting legacy with our youth. Community service, conservation and environmental education have always been deeply woven into the philosophy and programs of the Boy Scouts of America. On November 15, 2014, each unit is encourage to conduct a community service or land stewardship project to benefit their local community. Through this council-wide effort, 100,000 hours of service will mark our 100th anniversary.

Community Leaders: Please submit projects that you would like to be considered for Community Service Day. We will distribute the project requests to each of our 27 districts, and you will be contacted by an interested local Scout unit.