Camping Survey due August 1, 2019

Posted by Darlene Scheffler Wednesday, June 12, 2019 6:48:00 AM

Due August 1, 2019

Unit Leaders: In order for the unit, district and council to receive the correct points for the Journey to Excellence scorecard, please assign one unit leader to complete the annual camping survey. 

Information is needed about unit camping programs between September 2018 through August 2019.

The council already has some of the needed data (e.g., day camp, resident camp, adventure campNYLT); however, additional information from each unit is needed in order to correctly award all points.

Please complete the survey, even if your unit didn't go camping. A special prize will be given to two units who complete the survey.


Information is needed on how many youth and adults attended family overnight camping events.

Pack Survey   

Troops, Crews and Ships

Information is needed about how many youth and adults attended long-term camps (e.g., summer camp, winter camp, fall camp), high adventure camps, national high adventure bases and NAYLE and how many served on camp staff

    Troop, Ship, Crew Survey




Jennifer Ausmus
 (713) 756-3398

Brendan Cronin, Program Director
 (713) 756-3308