Beach Theme

Put on your sunglasses and screen, jump in and make a BIG splash with fun activities that explore water and waves with a pack beach party (no beach required). Dive right in and learn about water, our most precious resource. There is an adventure waiting in one of Earth's final frontiers, the depths of the ocean floors. Creatures never imagined before can be found there. What kinds of animals live there? What does the ocean floor look like? What makes a boat float, learn about different sea vessels, and make boats. Top it off with a raingutter regatta. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach water safety and practice the buddy system. 

Beach Theme (.pdf)   .doc version coming soon

Beach-themed placemats can be to used as a gathering activity to help promote day camp. Before printing the placemat: insert the date, time, location and web page of your district day camp on page 2.

Beach Placemat   

  Visit our beach themed Pinterest boards on the council's Pinterest page for additional ideas.