Aquila District Leadership

District Committee

Title Name Phone Number
District Chairman Mark Dieckmann 832-303-0014
District Vice-Chairman Ted Butler 832-289-8561
District Commissioner Jarrod Aden 832-715-8424
Boy Scout Roundtable Gordon Start 713-349-0542
Cub Scout Roundtable    
Nominating Chairman Jeff Brown  
Nominating Member Chuck Jacobus 713-501-1234
Nominating Member Lettie Harrell  
District Executive Mary Welch 713-756-3338 office; 713-817-0415 cell

Program Committee

Position Chairperson Phone Number
Program Chairman James Watson 832-577-4118
Camping Chairman Walter Hyde 713-683-6500
OA Chapter Advisor Carol Clarkston 713-385-6535
Camporee Carol Clarkston 713-385-6535
Webelos Woods Troop 222  
Training Chairman Todd Thrash 713-668-0101
Cub Scout Leader Training Vacant  
Boy Scout Leader Training Vacant  
Venturing Leader Training Vacant  
Advancement Chairman Bill Folts 281-543-2464
Activities Chairman Vacant  
Scouting for Food Walter Hyde 713-683-6500
Twilight Camp Director Allan Sutton 713-459-0363
Cub Scout Fun Day Anna Acosta 832-282-7412
Media Chairman Vacant  
Enterprise Risk Management Clay Burns 713-665-7018
First Aid Meet Clay Burns 713-665-7018
Religious Emblems Chairman David Falloure 713-392-3565

Membership Committee

Position Chairperson Phone Number
Membership Chairman Sherry Dieckmann 713-302-5399
New Unit Chairman Vacant  
Webelos to Scouts Pam Ferguson 713-434-2731
Fall Recruitment Chairman Paula Burns 713-665-7018
Spring Recruitment Chairman Vacant  
Venturing Chairman Vacant  
Dropped Scout Chairman Vacant  

Finance Committee

Position Chairperson Phone Number
Finance Chairman Chuck Jacobus 713-501-1234
Popcorn Chairman Lisa Sutton 832-526-2249
Distribution Chairman Richard Smith 713-551-9507
Participation Chairman Vacant  
Scout Fair Chairman Vacant  
Scout Fair Coupon Chairman Vacant  
Participation Chairman Vacant  
Friends of Scouting John Curry 713-665-2577
Community FOS Chairman Vacant  
Family FOS Chairman Vacant  

Members At Large

Member Status Member Phone
At Large David Barnes  
At Large David Clarkston 713-995-8678
At Large Joan Englander 713-221-1240
At Large Mary Farley 713-664-1138
At Large Gene Feigelson  
At Large Farrell Gerbode 713-661-2790
At Large Timothy Gerbode  
At Large Milton Gugenheim  
At Large Charles Lillja 281-492-0550
At Large Fritz Maxwell 281-238-4438
At Large Jack Metcalfe 713-721-7062
At Large Vincent Sanders 713-995-5079
At Large Dale Sawyer 713-348-5397
At Large Kyle Shannon 832-250-9436
At Large Stephanie Ward 713-721-9192

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